Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, I had a bit of a stack & got to have a good look at Geelong Hospital on Fathers day, much to the displeasure of the family. Was having a great morning MTB ride in the You Yangs. Did all the hard rocky stuff & was playing in the Plantation area & screwed up a jump, which resulted in me going over the bars at 40+ kph. Made a mess of helmet sunnies & face (12 stichers). Good thing that nothing was broken. This has lead to a quiet few weeks. I did manage to do the Amy Ride & caught up with the Guys riding for Baum. It was good to catch up with Neil, Steve, Jim & David. Turns out that not doing anything for 2 weeks & then heading out for a 120km ride is no easy. For the last 40km cramps were waiting to pounce, so I had to ride carefully. Was happy with how I rode considering.

With the move I've been exploring some new areas for riding. Des who I work with spends a lot of time at Torque & was telling me about some of the trails that he runs on around there & a MTB trail network down by Anglesea, so I've been exploring. Looks like I've got a great spot for riding, with lots of different trails which keep adding together. I'll head down there again on Sunday morning a see if I can add it all together to come up with a fun ride