Wednesday, May 25, 2011

19/5 commute 66min
PM was down the hall, just did the 30m drills tonight, here are some of the exercises we did
Dragon Lunges
Jump Lunges
Backwards lunges
Board Jumps
Duck Walks
Bear Crawls
Crab walks
Spider Lunge

22/5 In the Alleyway with the Battling rope as my friend 45min

23/5 Commute 64min
45min KB class. I decided that this is Squat & OA swing week. Tonight was a warm-up
2 x 20es OA swings, 19 squats, 18es OA swings, 17 squats........... 1 Squat

24/5 commute 64min
45min KB class
OA Swings 20, 19, 18........1, 20, 25es with 20 squats peformed b/w each set of swings
20 cleans es
20 1 arm/leg deadlift es

25/5 commute 64min
45min KB class
Same as yesterday

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spending to much time with house stuff. Hopefully it is almost over for now.
16/5 Nice commute on the SS 74min
45min KB class, played with the 20kg
10min LCCJ 123reps
8min Snatches 100reps
8min Cleans 160reps
Jerks 3 x 10es

17/5 On the commuter today for a bit of a change in pace. 64min
45min KB class with rests in Squat or lunge for 30sec + 16kg
3 x 20 around body pass
3 x 20 OA swings
3 x 20 Snatch
3 x 20 cleans
3 x 15 Jerks
3 x 15 LCCJ
3 x 20 OA Swings

18/5 On the commuter again today 65min
45min KB class 16kg
Around body pass 50ew
OA Swings 50es
Snatch 50es
Cleans 50es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 50es
OA Swings 50es

Sunday, May 15, 2011

12/5 Just the commute for me today 70min of fun

15/5 No extra's today on the commute 70min
PM in the Alley way for sled work with the rings attached doing 50m drags
Hands to shoulders
Over 1 Shoulder es
Cross body to opp shoulder es.
Side stepping es.
& repeated some of the moves

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11/5 Leg felt really bad on the commute to work, just couldn't get going. By home time they felt a lot better, for some reason. 73mincommute. 5min slower going to work.
KB class 50min Rest today was taken in Prone Brace, Squat, Prone brace, Lunge left & then Lunge Right. Each was an isometric hold for 20 sec.
1A swings 5 x 20es
Cleans 5 x 20es
Jerks 5 x 10es
LCCJ 4 x 10es
Snatch 2 x 10es

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4/5 Nice easy commute 70min
45min KB Class 2 x 16kg
Swings 5 x 10
Snatches 5 x 5
Cleans 5 x 20
Jerks 4 x 5
Lunges 3 x 5es
1 Leg deadlifts 3 x 10es

5/5 Just the commute today 70min

7/5 Took Flynn & Riley to the BMX track & spent 1hr running around the track helping Riley keep up with his big brother

8/5 Could feel that running from yesterday, but as I had to work the commute helped to loosen me up 70min.

PM Battling rope session with rope doubled over
This is some of what we did
Up & Down 2 x 50
Alt arms 2 x 50es
Grappler throws 2 x 30es
Spin outs 2 x 50
Spin In's 2 x 50
Jumps 2 x 50
Jump Lunges 2 x 25es
Back up & down 2 x 50
In & Out 2 x 50
Up & down 2 x 50
Grappler Throws 2 x 30es
Jump 2 x 50
Jump Lunges 2 x 25es
The body will take a few days to get over this

9/5 Commute 67min
45min Kb Class 16kg
2A swings 100
Cleans 3 x 20es no rest
Lunge 5 x 10es no rest
Tabata Rack squats
Tabata Jerks
Tabata snatches

10/5 Legs are a bit flat today with a 72min commute
KB class 16kg. The workout today was 20sec work, 10sec rest for 35min. KB was not to be put down.
Did a mix of
2A swings
1Arm/Leg deadlifts
Shoulders are still suffering from Sunday, what fun.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2/5 Nice commute, as I missed the rain for a change 68min.
60min KB class. Played with the 16kg, doing nothing silly as the hands a still a mess after last Wednesday.

3/5 72min commute & 45min KB class. Had something nasty in mind & then 3 newbies showed up, so they got a reprieve, for now.

Riley, practicing for pit crew duties

Sunday, May 1, 2011

28/4 Still busy with all the house stuff getting ready for open for inspections & then keeping the kids out of the house so they don't destroy it, does limit any chance of doing much training at the moment. All I got time for today was the commute 67min.

30/4 Flynn & Riley wanted to go to the BMX track & race day, so I did get 30min on the bike of play riding & then another 30min+ helping Riley around the whole track.

1/5 Took the Flynn & Riley to a Skate / BMX park. It's amazing how quickly they learn. Riley went from "I'm not sure what to do" to wanting to do the big ramp in 20min. Lucky mum was at home, not watching.

PM Oval session on the Battling ropes for me

Tsunami 3 x 50
Alt Arms 3 x 50es
Grappler throws 3 x 20es
Jump Lunge 7 x 20es
Side to side 3 x 40es
Tsunami 3 x 50
Grappler throws 3 x 20es