Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23/2 Leg were a little tired on the ride into work today so took it easy, commute 66min
KB class 50min. So what do I do when I'm feeling this flat, why smash everyone of course.
Circuit going from 1-10 reps on each exercise & without any rest then going 10-1 reps for a total of 660reps
1A Swing
1A cleans
Rack Lunge
Then to loosen those shoulders up
KB High swing row 20
1A snatch 60es
So 850reps with 16kg = 13600kg

Ann-Michele you can let Ben know he lifted about the same amount of weight as on Sunday, but had to do an extra 400reps as the weight was lighter.

As for Neil's suggestion that he tries a session with the 28kg KB. He hasn't completed a full session with the 24kg yet, so he's going to be looking at a world of pain. Oooooo so much fun yet to come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

22/2 77min commute on the single speed. The ride home was great with a big tail wind & after taking 3 classes at work today I needed the help.

Class 1. Took my first AquaBag class today at lunch time. Class went well just working on basics
Deadlifts, Cleans, Clean & press, Squats & Snatches. 45min

Class 2. KB's worked with 60sec work, 30sec recovery & played with the 16kg. 45min.

Class 3. The same Aquabag class as at lunch time, 45min.

I'm a little tired now, I may have to lay down.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

18/2 A Cruise commute on the single speed 66min
PM As the boys were competing at the Otways more of a bodyweight power session tonight
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Box Jumps 3 x 30
Explosive step-up/Lunge 3 x 10es
Bulgarian Jump Split squat with rear foot in ring 3 x 10es
Indo Board Squats 76 with 25kg slosh ball
Indo Board switch lunge 3 x 5es

19/2 Still finding time for the long swing set
400 x 20kg & 50 push-ups 13min

21/2 No ride today as Carolyn wasn't feeling the best, so it was a day playing with the kids
PM Heavy session mainly done with 28kg
2A Swings 3 x 30
1A Swings 3 x 15es
1A Cleans 3 x 15es
1A Jerks 2x 15es 24kg, 1 x 10es 28kg
1 Leg Deadlift 3 x 15es 2 x 28kg
14600kg lifted & the hand new about it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15/2 Did some extra hills on the commute today without adding much time 75min
45min KB class Just played with the 16kg

16/2 Went a little further today for 95min on the single speed
50min KB class with 16kg. Had fun tonight as all rests B/W sets was in Prone brace position, I don't know why they all were complaining, they got to spend about 20min resting.

17/2 Easy commute 65min, a bit flat on the way home
KB class 2 x 16kg & resting in prone brace again. For some reason it felt a bit harder today, I just don't know why.
After the KB class we did another 45min session with the AquaBags as we have a program for new members starting next week. I really didn't need to be doing extra today so I picked up the 20kg bag to make it harder.

Monday, February 15, 2010

14/2 Had to go into work early today for a few hours, so planned to get up early to get some extra time in on the bike only to wake up to the sound of heavy rain so decide to get an extra 45min sleep instead. By the time I got up & was ready the rain had stopped, so it was wet roads but a dry body. After work I took a detour ride home through the Yarra B & along the Yarra track out towards Eltham & through the hills back to home. A couple of the hills were not pretty on the single speed with Cadence dropping to about 25rpm. 1:50hr

PM Deck Squats 20
Played tonight with the 24kg & managed to mess up my hands again
1A Swings 3 x 20es
Snatches 3 x 10es
1ALCCJ 50, 30, 20
1 Arm/Leg Deadlift 3 x 15es
KB Dips 3 x 20 with some L-sits at the end
I know we did something else, but I'm having a N.R. day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

11/2 Was going to lengthen the commute on the way home, but as the roads turned to rivers I decided not to. 65min

PM Deck Squats 2 x 20
Prisoner Step-up Lunge 50es 5min
Tabata SloshBall Cleans 25kg & BW Squats. rep count 13/19, 15/21, 16/22, 17/23. As I loosened up from the Step-up lunge I felt much better
Bongo Board. Squats 106, Switch Lunges 10es, Swings 20es, Figure 8's 10es, Snatches 10es.

12/3 I felt great after yesterdays work out going a bit easier, as the boys have got the Otways next weekend, I don't so I decided to do something about this I fell great thing.
1A Swings 300 20kg changing hands every 10, no rest, then straight into 50 push-ups for a total time of 9:22min. Now I don't fell quite so good. Job done. Couple of photo's from Queensland

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

9/2 85min commute with a couple of detours
50min KB Class 16kg
Did a similar work-out to yesterday but did the Swing rest time 1 push-up set the other way around going 20 to 1reps es. This was easier than going 1 to 20 as I expected, but was harder to keep count & I realised that I doubled up on 10's & 8's. Doing 10's & 8's twice didn't mean that I could skip out on 9's & 7's. It was my mistake so the extras don't get counted.
After that we did a Tabata set going Jerk L 16, Jerk R 16, Squat L 17, Squat R 17, twice through & smashed each set. It was good hard set but I need to make it harder.
Then so other playing around

10/2 66min commute. Felt crap on the way home after the lunch time KB Class
Played with the 24kg today
6 x 10es 1A swings
5 x 10es 1A Jerks
4 x 15 1A Cleans
3 x 5 1A Snatches
Got through it all fine until we hit the snatches & found the grip really struggling

Monday, February 8, 2010

8/2 Commute 65min, still 30 C on the way home at 8:30pm
45min KB class
Tried a new work-out tonight & I was glade I was just using the 16kg
Started with 1A Swings & did a ladder going from 1 - 20reps in b/w each rung we dropped down to do 1 push-up, jump back up & straight back into next set of swings. Ended up being 420 swings & 20 push-ups, which translated to 17min continuous work.
Then did some jerks & snatches.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4/2 Commuted today on the single speed & did a little extra on the way home in the rain 95min

PM Went a bit hard tonight than last week.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Step-up Lunge OSBB 2 x 15es
KB Rack Squats 3 x 30 2 x 12kg
Bulgarian Split squat 3 x 25es 25kg Sloshball. The extra balance required using the sloshball really destroyed the legs.
KB Snatch 50es 16kg
Box Jumps 50, Alt step-ups 50, Bulgarian Split Lunge 50 bodyweight Hammered this out as fast as possible.

7/2 Out on the MTB this morning for a fun ride around the trails. Headed out to Sugarloaf reservoir for the great trails out that way & back to Eltham for a late breakfast with the family & the Claxtons. Use to do these rides with John, but as he's giving riding a break at the moment he just showed up for the food.

PM 20kg KB. Still trying to toughen up these hands again
2A Swings 50, 40, 30
1A Swings 30es, 25es, 20es
1A Cleans 30es, 25es, 20es
1A Jerks 10es, 20es, 15es

Only 10,200kgs moved

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2/2/10 First day back at work after a big break, had a little extra spare time with Carolyn now having to drop Flynn to School & the Riley to 2yr old Montessori. Made use to this time to extend the commute a bit. Will need to make more use of these times with our 3rd child due on the 28th March
Commute 1:35hr
Back to KB classes as well so 45min class 16kg
1A swings 200
6min Cleans
6min Jerks
6min Snatch & Lunge

3/2 1:15hr commute on MTB with a small bit of off road
KB Class 45min 2 x 12kg. Keeping it light, just getting the hand back in condition. This was enough weight at the moment
1A Swings 200
Spartan 300 work-out
100 Snatches
100 2KB Swings
100 2KB Cleans
Then to finish off Turkish Get-ups 2 x 5es
After this I had a 60min break & then we tested our new class that we are going to start soon, the AquaBag Class 40min 16kg. The work-out was 60sec on 30sec rest
Deadlifts x 3
Cleans x 2
Clean & Press x 2
Snatch x 2
Front Squat
Back Squat
Clean & Press
Front Squat
Clean & Press
Back Squat.
This ended up being a good work-out, with all the cleans done from ground & with full squat