Saturday, October 30, 2010

28/10 Nice play on the MTB 65min

PM in the shed
Deck squats 2 x 20

Got this idea from the Diesel Crew
3 Stage Squat pause for 3 sec at 45degrees, parallel & rock bottom Supersetted with explosive step-up landing in full squat back on the ground 6 x 3 / 5es 40kg OSBB

Superman tyre drag sprints 10 x 30m

1 x 5ES Twisted jackknives

1 x 10ES Twisted jackknives
nice fun session

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

26/10 Nice commute today even with the rain on the way home I felt great 65min
45min KB class. Nice play this evening, everyone loved finishing with 50 jump squats

27/10 Bit flat on the way home today. I wonder if it had anything to do with the KTB class. 70min ride.
45min KTB class 32kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
Snatch 3 x 5
OA Jerks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5es
Rack Lunge 3 x 5es
OALCCJ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1es
OA Swings 3 x 10es
Haven't played with the 32kg for a while & it showed. We need to become friends again. This will be fun.

Monday, October 25, 2010

24/10 1:25hr spin on the Mountain bike, just an easy ride on some of the local trails

Decided not to go down the oval but we started with a lap of the big block 950m dragging a tyre or doing farmers walks.

2 x 16kg KB's was my medicine. Made it 500m before my first rest as shoulders were screaming & then another 4 stops to complete the block.

Jim showed up & I'd heard a whisper about how he hated the rope the other week, so guess what we were going to play with.

Rope Up & Down 50 supersetted with Sloshball cleans 20 x 4 sets
Rope Side to side 50es supersetted with Sloshball Burpees 10 x 3 sets
Rope Grappler throws 25es with Shouldering 5es x 3 sets
Rope jump up & downs 30 with Shouldering 5es x 6 with rope 3 with Sloshball
What fun

25/10 Nice commute on MTB 70min. Felt great on the way home
45min KB Class
Around body pass 60ew
1A Swings 50es
Rack Squats 10es
1A Cleans 40es
Rack Squats 10es
Snatch 30es
Rack Squats 10es
1A Jerk 20es
Rack Squat 10es
1ALCCJ 10es
Rack Squat 10es
1A Swings 10es
Rack Squat 10es
1A Cleans 20es
Rack Squats 10es
1Arm/Leg Deadlift 30es
Rack Squats 10es
Nice easy 700reps

Saturday, October 23, 2010

21/10 Still doing that nice easy commute, but on the MTB today so a couple of mins slower 70min.
PM Playtime
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Box Jumps 3 x 100
OSBB 1A Snatch 3 x 10es 24kg
Renegade row/push-ups 3 x 10es
Work-out felt good today & have some nice plans for this Sunday. Hopefully they aren't play cricket at the oval.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A quick run down on training since the worlds
13/10 easy commute 65min. Did 45min KB class with 16kg 700 reps

14/10 easy commute 65min
Deck Squats 2 x 20 very easy session

Batting rope 500 up & down no breaks
4WD tyre sprints 8 x 50m
Tractor Tyre hitting 20es x 2 & flip about 20 times
Truck tyre drag 100m (did 30m dragging backwards to see how this worked, it hurts, so is FUN!!)
Battling ropes, 4WD tyres & Tractor tyre again.

18/10 easy commute 65min
45min KB Class 16kg of fun

19/10 easy 65min on bike
45min KB class & more fun

20/10 65min commute
45min of 16kg KB fun & a new record set of 1000reps
Around body pass 100
1A Swings 100
Snatch 100
Lunge 100
Jerks 100
Squats 100
Cleans 100
1 Arm/Leg Deadlift 100
Around body pass 100
1A Swings 100
Felt good & today was the first day that my stomach isn't feeling upset for 2 weeks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some photo's of late

View from my room at Canberra
Boys from the Bicycle Inc team at Canberra. Stan Harry & myself

Stan pumping his guns

Riley & new friend

24hr Solo worlds

Well I've taken my time getting around to posting about this, just been busy and getting my head around what happened.
7/10 Woke up not feeling that flash but not to bad either, just a slightly funny tummy that Flynn had had for the last couple of days. Got to love what kids pick up on the first week back to school. Onto the plane for the quick flight to Canberra to be meet at the Airport by Danny, who with Sue where my support crew for the event. Off we headed to Stromlo to check out the course. Hocked up with Stan & Harry who also ride for Bicycle Inc. & the 4 of us headed out for a lap. A lot of the same as the A lap from 2 years ago when I did the race with John Claxton in the Pairs cat.
The first climb to the top is really nice & it takes about 8km to climb 250m, so there is nothing demanding about it. Once at the top its a great fun decent over lots of rocks & some fun little drop-offs down to the fire road around the back of the mountain to a tougher climb out the back, back up to the top of the mountain to descend back to the pits. This decent is soooooo much fun, except during the race I only got 1 good run at this due to traffic on the track. 18.7km lap.
Felt ok doing the lap, but on the drive around to Danny & Sue's the body seem to want to shut down, so had an early meal & headed for bed hoping I'd be better on Friday.

8/10 Not well today (gastro), body felt like crap & need to register, set-up pits & go to race briefing all at 3 different venues. Body didn't need this. Another early night.

9-10/10 Race time. Woke up felling a lot better which was pleasing. Took it very easy, just one finial check to make sure everything was working.
Race time & we were off with a 300m run to the bikes, with 300 of my friends, pushing & shoving. The cut out the first bit of single track to give use an extra 2km of fire road to sort the field out, but when we hit the single track it was still a complete stop as riders had completely destroyed themselves to get here up the front & then they couldn't ride 30m without crashing. Took a while to get around all of these seidaoR. Was having what I thought was some issues with my HR monitor as it was reading really high and wouldn't come down. The strange thing is the legs felt fantastic, I was breathing easy & could talk easy, but it was showing 180 - 210bpm. As my max is 185 I thought it was a problem with the belt, but it wasn't & it wasn't until much latter & to late that I worked out what the problem was. I tried to enjoy the lap & have fun as I planned to be out here for a while. Thing started to go wrong on the 3rd lap as my stomach started to not fell the best & drinking and eating wasn't going well. On the 4th lap by the time I was a third of the way through I couldn't eat or drink at all. So I had to stop & try to get the body back on track or it was all over. Danny & saw the first aid & meet a great x-army guy who had an answer. 5 cups of 3 bags of black tea per cup consumed in 60min. The acid from the tea kills the bug. By the way I hate tea unless it's herbal. 3 cups down in 20min, & not felling that hot, so off for a bit of a walk to check out what I had for breakfast. Another cup & then lets check what that looks like again. I do fell better. So with that wastage I down 2 more cups just to make sure. 30min later I'm eating & feeling better, the suns going down so I headed back out. Everything was fine for the next 2 laps & then eating & drinking became a problem & was also cramping a bit, which shouldn't be happening considering how easy I was riding. End of the 3rd lap out I had to stop again as I could no longer eat or drink. Decided the best thing to do was have a lie down & rest. After about 4:30hr I started going to the toilet & had been thinking. I worked out that with the gastro bug & hadn't been absorbing electrolytes & I was properly Hyper hydrated, which may also explain the extreme HR that I'd been experiencing. So lets try mega doses of electrolyte. I 60min I was feeling much better, so it was time to try again. HR was normal, all cramping had stopped & I felt good & was riding well. Was looking like & feeling like I'd be able to do 7 laps before the end of the race at this easy pace. This worked well for 3laps & then I couldn't eat or drink again. So cruised around one final time & called it quits.

How did it all wrap up. I did 11 laps with 13:25hr ride time. The winner of my cat did 21laps. I was aiming for 20laps. I was happy with how I raced due to how the body was. I gave it every chance to recover but it didn't. I learned a lot about my body from this, which has to make me stronger in the future.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5/10 Just turning the legs over & trying to rest up a bit 80min on the Road bike.
KB class just directed action, didn't lift a thing.
Took a 45min Tai Chi session for seniors week which leaves me feeling great

6/10 Another 80min on the Road bike today, nice & easy.
Also another Tai Chi session for Seniors week which involved a nice walk to Carlton gardens to do the session in the Park.
Tomorrow it's off to Canberra for the Worlds solo 24hr. I'm feeling good & have done what I could with such a busy year having Milly join our family & renovations. Now it all comes down to riding my own race & seeing how I go.

BW 61.3kg

Monday, October 4, 2010

3/10 out for a small play on the MTB nice & early to check out how the helmet Light sits on the new helmet. 95min
PM weights only made the others work hard, I did nothing as my taper let me.

4/10 Another roll around the trails & 1 stupid mistake which lead to me lying the bike down in the gravel. The stupid thing is I've done the same thing on this very loose corner twice before. Was having too much fun & just didn't wash off enough speed before a lose, off camber corner. Will I learn, probably not. 1:45hrs
KB Class had fun tossing around the 12kg, didn't even break a light sweat.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

30/9 Commuted on the MTB for a little bit of trail time. Took it pretty easy 75min
PM easy session, I just played around on the Indo Board doing some balance work.