Tuesday, December 29, 2009

24/12 67min commute on single speed
Had a play in the evening with the slosh ball
Cleans 2 x 20
Squats 2 x 20
Lunges 2 x 20
Shouldering 2 x 5es

26/12/ run with the dogs 23min
60min easy ride on road bike

27/12 Fun Session in the evening with the slosh ball & had Ann-Michel & Neil to enjoy it with me
1 x 50 Deck Squats
3 x 20 Cleans @ 32kg Sloshball
3 x 5ES Cleans to shoulder @ 32kg Sloshball
1 x 5ES Step up to lunge @ 32kg Sloshball
2 x 10ES Step up to lunge @ 32kg Sloshball
1 x 10 Bench press @ 32kg Sloshball
1 x 30 Squats @ 32kg Sloshball

If you check out Neil's blog, you will see he had no idea what weight we were lifting. The core had a great workout getting through this

28/12 Went for a MTB ride at the You Yangs & managed to do one off those stupid stacks 300m into the ride when you are just playing around. About 10min later, there is something funny going on with my little finger. I stop to wait for the others to catch up & take my glove off to have a look at my finger, only to see the tip is bend at 90 degrees. One of the guys I was riding with was a Dr & he goes "hammer fracture". I had a bit of electrical tape, so we strapped it up & away we went for another 2:30hrs riding. First time I've ever broken anything other than my nose playing Rugby, no pain at all & very little swelling. Just a pain as I've got to keep it in a splint for about the next 4 weeks.

30/12 Short jog in the hills 23min
1 x 100 Squats to parallel OSBB 39kg

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23/12 66min commute with not much fun coming home today as the temp hit 40C. Nice cold shower was the answer to remove the layer of sweat.
50min KB class. As the last class of the year & because it was hot we did a 2 x 16kg KB session
5 x 10 Swings
5 x 10 Snatches
5 x 10 LCCJ
3 x 20 snatches
Lots of rest as people were melting
Here's the Slosh ball. I've got it less than half full & it's 30kg. With all that water moving around it's a great challenge. We are going to have lots of fun with this.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22/12 Well my forearms feel smashed today with the tyre flipping & sledge hammer work on Sunday catching up with me. On the 90min commute today I could feel every bump in the road shoot through them. So what do I do but work them over in the KB class
50min KB class 60sec work, 30sec rest
Lots of Snatches, 1A swings, LCCJ's & Clean/Press/Lunges.
After the initial pain & trouble holding onto the weight today, they started to work again & by half way through the session was pain free. Always find the best thing for me with DOM's is to train hard again. If I rest it seems to take 6 - 7 days to recover, so 1 recovery day followed by a hard session the next day makes me recover faster.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20/12 Nice easy 65min cruise on the Single speed
PM Training session down the park tonight
Tractor tyre & Sledge hammer 10hits over each shoulder & flip Tyre 10 time across Oval & Back
AquaBag OH carry over Oval & Back
4WD Tyre sprints 6 x 30sec on 30sec off
20kg MB 20 Slams & Zetcher Carry cross Oval & back
24kg Sandbag Snatch & OH carry half way across Oval & back
2 x 16kg KB Cleans 50

21/12 Shoulders & Forearms a bit fatigued today, so 90min commute the long cut.
45min KB class, played with the 16kg
Visited Australian Kettlebells this morning on my way to work & picked up a large Slosh Ball. http://www.kettlebells.com.au/store/slosh-balls/ Had a bit off a play with it today Cleans, Squats, Lunges, Shouldering with the ball at 30kg. Lots of fun & will properly take away on holiday mid Jan. This will really get the HR going doing some complexes

Saturday, December 19, 2009

17/12 Still enjoying the recovery riding after the 24hr 66min commute.

PM Time for some fun
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Supersets as below with 20sec b/w exercises/change of sides & 1:40min b/w sets
M/B Slams 1 x 1min 15kg 2 x 1min 20kg
Step-up/Lunge 3 x 1min es OSBB
Aqua Bag Hang cleans 3 x 1min
Step-ups 3 x 1min es OSBB

Renegade Row/Push-ups 2 x 1min 16kg, 1 x 1min 32kg (some people engage mouth, before Brain)
Bulgarian Split squat 3 x 1min es OSBB
This was better this week, with no IMS. (Immediate Muscle Soreness)
19/12 Busy day today, taking the family for a Train trip into the city. Nothing draws attention like a 2 year old screaming, Ready Set Go, as the Train left every station. Had a great day out & 2 very tired boys by the time we got home.
Flynn, practicing his back flips
Flynn looking the part, down by the Yarra

Lunch at South Bank

The boys on the Sky Wheel

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

16/12 Nice easy day as 40C on the way home from work there was no way I was going to do any extra or go hard 66min commute.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15/12 Commute 65min on the single speed. Not doing any extras at the moment, just taking it easy.

45min KB class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with 16kg

Snatch, Jerk, OALCCJ, Bottom's-up cleans, 1 Arm/Leg Deadlift, Rack lunge 36min of continuous work to complete.

This is the inside of the Oakley O-Lab & 1 off the tests on glasses strength.

Monday, December 14, 2009

14/12 easy commute 67min. Great ride as the traffic was really quite on the roads
45min KB class. As I didn't lift KB's last night I went heavier tonight 28kg & made one of the other guy's use the other 28kg, he wasn't that happy, but I had fun & that's what's important.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

10/12 ride 2:45hrs
Deck squats 2 x 20
Step-up/Lunge 2 x 2:30min es 39kg OSBB 18/18, 19/19, 20/20
Alt Step-up 3 x 2:30min OSBB
Bulgarian split squat 3 x 1:30min es OSBB
Jump squats 1 x 30 Should have done time as this felt easy after everything else

13/12 Well I got up & went for a 15min run to try to get rid of these DOMS & it didn't work, so a little later it was on the trainer for a 30min spin trying to keep rpm's over 95. This hurt as the legs only wanted to spin at 70rpm, but it worked & the legs would be ready for the evening session.
Sledge hammer work, Alt using heavy 6.5kg hammer & light 3.5kg hammer 12 x 20 hits over each side.
Tyre drag 7 x 100m, 3 with heavy tyre & 4 with 4wd tyre. HR was way higher with the lighter tyre as I could sprint all the way. Legs were destroyed with the heavy tyre.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

7/12/2009 Commute 70min & KB class 50min

8/12/2009 Commute 70min at 50min KB class. Had fun in the class tonight with all rest done in the push-up prone brace position. Lot's of very tied people at the end of the session

9/12/2009 70min commute & 55min KB class same as yesterday but spent less time in prone brace because we did more reps in exercises

10/12 Morning ride was a ride with a group from http://www.bicyclesinc.com.au/ from the store to St Kilda where we meet the people from Oakley. Then we rode to Blackrock & back where we were shown through the O-Lab truck looking at all the safety feature of the Oakley glasses, watching ball bearings being shot at glasses at 160kph & 1kg steel spikes dropped on glasses. Seeing the results of these tests done on competitors glasses & ten on the Oakley glasses makes me glade I brought the Oakley's. Having problems loading the video, will try again later. Then into work for a late start. Here's some photo's from the morning.

Check out Sam in Lycra. Love those white shorts.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oakley Jawbone review

I've had these glasses now for about 2 months & so how do the rate.

First off you get 2 sets of Len's with the Atomic Orange sunnies, Fire Iridium & Persimmon. The The clarity off these Len's are outstanding. The Fire Iridium Len's are great for those bright days, but for most of my riding on the Mountain bike, I find the Persimmon Len's the best. These are the Len's I started the Kona 24hr last weekend wearing & with the rain coming down & getting dark at 8pm I was still wearing them without lights, while most riders had ditched their glasses & were riding with lights. Other riders had ditched their glasses because of rain, mud & fogging up issues, while I'd worn the Jawbone's for 8hrs straight through the worst of the conditions without needing to clean them once.

The Hydrophobic coating seemed to stop the mud sticking to the Len's & the water just ran off. O.K. I did change to clear Len's Radar's for the night laps, but I don't find the Radar's as versatile as the Jawbone's. I've ridden off-road at night with the Persimmon Len's, but for 10hrs of night riding I thought a clear Len's more appropriate.

This Jawbone model has the vented Len's & it really works. You can feel the extra air flow over the inside of the Len's while riding & once you get use to it you no longer notice it. It works great with no fogging issues at the Kona & if they were every going to have fogging issues it would have been then.

Changing Len's is so easy & secure. The Len's aren't going to fall out like other easy change Len's glasses or leave you feeling that you are going to break your glasses to get the Len's in. The latch & hinge system is easy to use.

These must be the most comfortable sunnies I've ever worn. They just fit my face right & stay in place. Once on there is no need to adjust their position due to pressure points. They seem to hug the face.

So after 2 months of abuse from myself (clumsy) & my 2yr old (who has a thing about destroying my good sunnies) they are still in fantastic condition. After all the mud at the Kona I just took the Len's out & cleaned the frames in warm soapy water & they came up like new.

Conclusion: would I buy these glasses again, definitely yes. Why, because they work great, look great & are so far 2yr old resistant.

1/12 Easy commute on single speed, just turning the legs over 72min

2/12 Another easy commute, 70min

3/12 Did an easy KB session today
2 x 20 deck Squats
2min es Snatch 20kg
6min Rack Holds 2 x 16kg
Cleans 2 x 16kg 3 x 50

5/12 30min spin on the trainer

6/12 10min run easy
2 x 20 deck squats
24kg KB workout
4 x 2min OALCCJ
2 x 2min Snatch
4 x 2min 1Arm/Leg Deadlift
4 x 2min 1A Cleans
2 x 2min Russian Twist
End result 1 ripped finger callus
This is the new ride. The Giant Anthem X1. Full Shimano XT except rear D which is XTR. Trying Frameskins to protect the chainstays. Will let you know how it compares soon.
If anyone is interested in a 2009 XS 14.5inch Anthem X0 at a good price let me know.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photo's from the weekend

Before the rain

Sunday Morning

Neil looking happy on his first lap.
Harry enjoying the ride

Stan on Sunday Morning
Riley & Flynn enjoy an Ice Cream.