Wednesday, January 28, 2009

27/1 The hot weather is here so had an easy MTB ride of 95min
Tried something diferent in todays KB class & did 15sec work with 15sec recovery for 60 sets in 30min. Everyone got through it well & didn't realise how hard they worked until they stopped. Worked well as it was 37degrees

28/1 Still to hot to go hard at 43degrees on the ride home from work. 70min easy today.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thurs 22/1 Easy 70min ride
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Pistols 3 x 5 with 12kg
2 x 12kg Step -ups 4 x 12es
Fast squats 150, 200, 200
Aqua Bag Hang Cleans & 20kg MB snatch 3 x 30/20
Had to take is easy with the jumping as I've a pinched nerve in my foot. Neil decided to try Box jumps with 2 x 16kg today & found out that it completely destroyed him for the session. I forgot to mention to him that a 8kg increase in weight converts to about 56kg in the jump up & about 72kg on the jump down. The faster the weight is moved the greater the load. It can be seen with the change to step-ups today for me. The same amount of work is performed with 1 box jump Vs 1 step-up, but the step-up is a lot slower going up & coming down. 20 box jumps give me a HR of around 170bpm, while 24 step-ups only gave me a HR of 130bpm. It may have destroyed Neil but it will make him faster, & now he's picked the extra up there's no going back. Ha Ha.

23-25/1 Well it was Flynn's big 6th birthday so there's been lots to do so I had a few days off to play with the kids.

26/1 Well it was a Dadies ride again with John & Myself heading out at 5am to hit the small hill ot the back of Eltham. It's an interesting ride with an altitude change of only 196m for the whole 3:15hr ride, but we made the most of this with 11 small climbs & 1800m of climbing. Was a great ride for me & not so great for John as he broke a rear spoke on the way back & had to ring Kate to come pick him up as the tyre was rubbing on the frame.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

19/1 2hr MTB ride on the Yarra trails
Did 2 x KB classes today with the 16kg. The first was 60sec work with 30sec recovery for 30sets & the second was 15rep per 60sec for 36sets

20/1 1:50hr MTB ride
45min KB class with 20kg 50sec work 20sec recovery for 30sets

21/1 Easy 70min on the bike & we did a trial Circuit class at work today & wore my HR monitor. Doing standard gym exercises I only managed to get my HR to a max of 118bpm with 45sec work & 15sec recovery. This is around 50bpm lower than my Thursday gym sessions & is lower than my average HR on this day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trike Cam

This is Riley's Trike Cam, Pity the battery died on the camera half way around the big block. Done on 18/1

15/1 easy 70min ride

Deck squats 2 x 20

Pistols 12kg 3 x 5es

Box jumps 1 x 30, 2 x 12kg 3 x 20

GS Jump squats 3 x 200 53kg

Aqua bag hang cleans & 20kg M/B slams 3 x 30/20

18/1 6am MTB ride out to Westifolds 2:30hr & 50km.

2 x 20 deck squats

Sandbag Snatch 25kg 3 x 30

Box Jumps 1 x 30, 2 x 12kg 2 x 15 & 1 x 20

GS Jump Squats 2 x 150, 1 x 200

Renegade Man Maker 2 x 16kg 1 x 8, 2 x 20kg 1 x 8.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well the forearms are still a bit stiff today so it's made the KB classes a bit hard the last couple of days, but the legs have been great & have held up well to the increase of volume.

12/1/09 Did 2hr on the MTB around the Yarra trails & 2 x 45min KB classes with the 16kg

13/1 Did 1:50hr around the Yarra trails again & tried some flat bars on the new Anthem 0 & the drop of 10mm makes it easier on the climbs. I love the feel of the RaceFace Low rise bars that come on the bike but for climbing I need to get the front just that bit lower. Also did 1 x 45min KB class

14/1 Easy day today with an easy 70min ride on the road.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

6/1 70min ride & 45min KB class went easy 16kg

7/1 70min ride

8/1 70min ride
Tonight it was time to step up the intensity with the weights. There were a lot of very sore bodies after this session
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Pistols 3 x 5es
Box Jumps 1 x 30 body weight & then 2 x 12kg KB's 4 x 15 with full extension on the box
GS Jump squats 53kg 150, 200, 250 "as Neil got slower I just had to do more"
Aqua Bag Hang cleans 18kg alt with MB Slams 20kg 3 x 30/20

10/1 With legs in pain from Thursday it was time for the Dad's ride with John, Jason, Bellie & myself. This involves Leave home at 4am to meet Jason & Bellie at the Ringwood Clock Tower before 5am & then heading into the Dandenong ranges for the next 4hrs. This means we did 4hrs riding before Jim's MTB group started their ride out at Smiths Gully. I ended up with 2600m climbing over 158km in 5:39hrs. Then ate for the rest of the day.

11/1 Did a session at the Oval & paired up with Neil for 45min of Sledge Hammer & Tractor tyre flipping. Great for the Hamstrings & forarms. Now just have to wait for the skin to grow back on the fingers. 480 sledge hammer hits & 240 tyre flips.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boxing Day it was out for a 2hr ride out the back of Eltham. This is the decent at Kangaroo Ground.

Riley playing with Emma & Kate.
Christmas is over & managed to get some riding done Start on Boxing Day with just over 2hrs. It was amazing as I almost say as many bikes on the road as cars.
28/12 went out for 90min on the mountain bike out to Westifolds at 6am, felt great today.
Did weights in the P.M. & went hard with the jump squats 43kg 2 x 200 1 x 300
29/12 drove to Bright for a few days of playing with the Claxtons.
30/12 On the Mtb's at 6am & out into the rain for a ride up Mt Hotham off road or that was what the aim was. John's plan didn't pan out as the fog rolled in & with visibility reduced to 50m & lots of steep lose climbs (which more & more became unrideable) & descents then we pop out onto the rode with 10km still to go to get to the top of Hotham we decided to call it a day being wet & cold 3hrs 1800m climbing.
31/12 The way to start New Years Eve is with a nice pleasant 6am MTB ride in the hills around Harrietville. We started with a 3omin climb up to the ridge line (this took us 3min to come down on the way back), which was very undulating with gradients reaching over 33% in places. My Granny rings have never been used so much in one ride ever. In our 3:35hrs riding time we covered 51.2km & climbed 2100m. We both managed to flat on the same decent which I suppose is better than getting flats at different times. John's wouldn't have happened if he had some sealent left in his tyres, it was just a small hole, while mine was a slash due to hitting a rock at about 65kph & having the tyre cut by the rim, the tubeless pinch flat.
1/1 Well we were up early again to welcome in the new year with a quick road ride up MT Hotham. Now on the third day of climbing just couldn't get the heart rate up, so just rolled the climb up in 1:45min & way mighty glade I wore long finger gloves for the decent. So about 2:3ohr ride with 1600m climbing.
4/1 Went out for an easy ride, was meant to be 3hrs, but my gut have been a bit upset for the last couple of days so cut the ride short 1:20hrs, Did an easy weight session in the evening with 16kg
2 x 20 Deck Squats
1A swings 3 x 20es
1ALCCJ 3 x 20es

5/1 Back to work so easy 70min commute
2 x KB classes went easy with 16kg

Flynn & Mitch playing on their walk bikes
John & Myself both fixing rear wheel flats at the same time

65kph & rocks = 6 dents in rim when you flat

Some of the pinches were over 30%

Looking From Mt Hotham to Mt Buffalo

John at Mt hotham

Riley doesn't like to watch