Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ann-Michel having way to much fun

Monday, August 30, 2010

26/8 Nice commute with 3 extra hill repeats for more fun on the way home 80min.

PM Deck Squats 2 x 20
Box Jumps 4 x 20
Rack Squats 10 x 24kg, 5 x 32kg, 5 x 40kg, 3 x 5 x 48kg
1 Leg deadlifts 3 x 5 x 64kg
Renegade row/push-ups 2 x 5 x 80kg

28/8 Busy moving stuff down from upstairs & ripping up carpet, so lots of extra trips up & down stairs, but I did manage to get out for a 15min run.

29/9 Very quick ride today on the MTB only 35min as we took the Kids out for a trip on a Steam train for the day. They had a great time & were very tired when we got home.
PM Nice fun play in the alley way.
Warm-up carry all the equipment to alley way
Truck tyre drags 8 x 50m
Tyre flipping & Sledge hammer hitting 20min
Then drag everything back

30/9 New Carpet went in today, so dragged the rest of the stuff down stairs in the early AM & back upstairs in the PM. Had the day off & had a bit of spare time so got out on the MTB & headed out to do 3 laps of Han's Loop. Great fun track, managed to ride laps consistently with 6sec being the difference between fastest & slowest. 2:03hrs 680m climbing. Legs have felt better, maybe it was that truck tyre.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25/8 Easy day with a tail wind both ways. Feeling a little flat so just enjoyed the spin 67min
45min KB class, went easy again do technique with a beginner.
When I got home I went for a quick 1.5km run. Need to do some short runs, just to be ready for the start of the 24hr. Barney one of our dogs wasn't happy that I made him come with me, he's enjoying being inside to much this winter.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

23/8 Added some hill repeats to the ride home tonight, which were so much fun on the SS. 1:35hrs. Will have to do lots of these over the next month & a half.
45min KB class, had fun doing lots of reps, 760 to be exact

24/8 Wet & cold & busy = no extras 67min
50min KB class, worked with a newbie so an easy session for me but not the main group who did 1 - 20reps es of 1A Swings & rack lunges

Sunday, August 22, 2010

19/8 Easy commute 68min

PM. The last play session at the Scout Hall tonight as the work are finished at home
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Then we did lots of hip mobility drills
Cossack Lunges 3 x 5es + 10kg
Then it was time to try out an idea. I've been looking at Prowlers, but I don't really have the space for one. The rings had been taken down at home during the reno's, so I attached them to a 4x4 tyre & added a 20kg bulgarian bag inside the tyre & we did 6 sets of sprints.
Did it work? yes
Did it hurt? yes
Does it rip your Lungs out? yes
Is it fun? yes
Are people going to hate/Love doing it? yes
Then to finish off played with 15kg Bulgarian bag

22/8 24hr Worlds Solo champs training starts now, 7 weeks out
I've finally got that entry to the worlds, so I better do some riding
Headed out to Kinglake through Diamond creek. So much nicer going this way, with less traffic & more hills. Nobody to play with so it was a 7:ooam start. Crusied out and only passed a few riders on the way out. Haven't ridden this climb since before the fires Feb 2009. It's still got a lot of growing for the forest up there, as it's still very exposed since the fire. On the way back down the hill passed lots of riders heading up. Saw Alex Randell heading up so did a quick U-turn & joint him for 2-3km before turning back around & heading home. Felt pretty good for the lack of miles, but need to get out & do some longer rides. 3:08hrs

PM A play in the Alley way.
Had people working in pairs working with tyres & the rope. I was left by myself so I did a bit of a different session from the others
Farmers walks 2 x 24kg 500m
Farmers Carries 2 x 12kg alt over head lockout & rack position (this was easier & harder than the 2 x 24kg, as it was hard to breath)
Walking Lunge 15kg 130m
4x4 tyre 36kg sprints, Sprint up incline 60m & walk back 20min, no idea how many.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18/8 Cruised on the bike today, just giving the body some easy bike time before the hard work begins. 68min

45min KB Class 20kg. Had 2 newbies today out of 9 regulars, so I set the regulars a nasty 2 KB work-out & did lots of technique work with the newbies. The 20 felt light & easy today, which is a good sign.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

16/8 Rode easy today after throwing around the 2 x 24kg & 2 x 28kg yesterday. Upper body a bit fatigued which made the steeper climb a little harder on the SS. 70min
45min KB Class. Was going to go a little easier today until Vick asked if we could have an easier session than last week & it all changed 16kg
Around body pass 2 x 40
OA Swings 1 x 100
Snatch 1 x 100
Cleans 1 x 100
Jerks 1 x 100
Lunges 1 x 100
1 Arm/leg deadlift 1 x 100
Felt better after this

17/8 Just a easy commute 68min.
45min KB Class. Had a newbie so a good solid technique session

Sunday, August 15, 2010

12/8 Woke up to a great storm this morning & it was onto the bike straight into the wind & rain. I mean wind as there were branches down & one tree down around the corner from home. No problems with being blown off the bike as the wind was straight in my face for the whole ride. Hit a max speed on the way in of 31kph pedaling flat out down a hill, taht I usually hit 50kph+ just coasting. Took 8min longer than usual to get to work & my legs were destroyed. Lucky I had a tail wind home, but it was not as good as the morning wind 73min commute.

Deck Squats 2 x 20
Walking Lunge 4 x 30m 37kg bag
Board Jumps 6 X 30m, 1set x 12kg, 1 x 15kg, 4 x 20kg
Hop 6 x 30m 1set x 10kg, 1 x 12kg, 4 x 15kg
Duck Walk 4 x 30m 15kg
Push-up bag drag 2 x 30m 15kg

15/6 Too much cleaning up to do due to renovations, so just a quick run in the morning 22min
KB 2A Swings 1 x 30, 1 x 50, 1 x 100 24kg
KB Jerks 3 x 5, 2 x 24kgOALCCJ 60 24kg
1 leg Deadlift 3 x 15es 2 x 24kg
KB Cleans 3 x 10 2 x 28kg

& a mixture of tyre drags & farmers walks

Cam playing with the Old School D/B's

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10/8Lovely commute today, wet straight into a head wind. What more could I ask for in a ride. 70min commute
45min Kb Class. Did timed sets tonight of 2min on 1min recovery

11/8 Another day getting wet on the bike 68min
45min Kb class playing with 2 x 16kg
Around body pass 2 x 25ew
Jerks 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 20
Cleans 13, 15, 17
Alt Clean from rack 8es, 9es, 10es
Renegade Row Push-ups 5, 7, 10
good fun was had.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some people just need that extra bit of motivation (Neil).

8/8 With renovations still going on at home & a 3rd child I still seem to be a little time poor for the bike so only time for a short ride today 1:25hrs, so made the most of it & took the commuter out for the harder work-out.

PM Bulgarian bag fun 15kg
Swing to back & squat 3 x 30
Spins 3 x 15ew
Walking Lunges 200m
Press 3 x 15
Clean & Squat 3 x 30
High pull 3 x 30
Squats 100

9/10 Looks like I'm dropping the kids off to school more often on Monday & Tuesday, which will cut down on any extra riding during my commute, so just an easy 66min today

PM 45min KB class. Set a target before the class of 650reps & then we hit it. Took us 36min to complete or 18rpm. 10,400 kg lifted using the 16kg & I have even more fun planned for tomorrow.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

5/8 Nice ride today, the leg are finally starting to work again properly after Sunday, just in time to smash them tonight. 66min commute.

PM 2 x 20 Deck Squats
20kg Bulgarian Bag
Walking lunge 2 x 60min
Duck Walk 2 x 60m
Board Jumps 2 x 60m
Walking Reverse Lunge 2 x 60m
10kg Bulgarian Bag
One leg hops 2 x 30m each leg
15kg Push-up position Bag drag 60m Really cleaned the floors well before we started, which made it better for all the exercises except this one. Dirty floor = bag slides easy, Clean floor = lots of grip. Well harder is better.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3/8 The legs a feeling a little better today. but still quite flat, so the commute was nice and slow 70min
45min KB class. Barb said she wnated a cardio session & to show that I can listen, I've gave them one. 8 diferent exercises done with 40sec on each arm, once all completed through once they got 40sec rest. 4.5 x's through. See nice & cardio, only 2min rest given. I can listen.

4/8 Another easy commute 68min. 45min KB class 2 x 16. Fun play session for me.

Monday, August 2, 2010

29/7 Commute 65min nice pleasant ride
PM Back at the Scout hall
3rd session here & time to pick it up a bit
Deck Squats 2 x 20
20kg Bulgarian Bag
180m Walking Lunges
90m, 60m, 30m Board Jumps
150m Duck walks
All of this was hard, but the board jumps pushed the HR through the roof
15kg Bag
OA Swings 3 x 15es
Clean to Back 3 x 30
Spins 3 x 15ew
High Knee Sprints 3 x 50es (was a lot easier than Sunday, will need to adjust)
30m Push-up position bag drag

Get better at this, muscle pulled up good, so mustn't be going hard enough.

1/8 Did an all day Tai Chi work-shop, 8:30 -6:30pm. Learnt program 3-4 today, so learnt as much as last time in 5hrs less time. We didn't really stop & was getting a little tired by the end of the day.

2/8 S#%t there was nothing in the legs on the commute in today. Struggled to keep the legs turning over. No soreness just an empty tank. Even when I've been sore after training I've had some power, but with this if there had been a head wind I'd have had to walk. Did a little extra to see if they would get better, they didn't. 1:25hr
45min KB class. No leg work in this class for this puppy.