Sunday, January 31, 2010

31/1 After a hot night I got up early to head out into the hills for a long ride. After 100m I new the ride I'd planned wasn't going to happen as my legs felt like thy had nothing in them, so I took an alt route through the hills out the back of Eltham. Instead of going hard like planned I just cruised around taking it easy for 1:56min which is about 15min slower than it took me last time to do this loop.
Just Ann-Michel & Jen turned up for training tonight after a hot day of 37 degree. Both have injuries at the moment so we went easy & then did some other rehab work, to replace some of the exercises.
2A Swings 3 x 30 24kg
1A Swings 3 x 20 20kg
Snatch 15es 20kg
OALCCJ 20kg 15es, 10es, 10es
2A High Swing Row 3 x 10
After not using a KB for almost 3weeks, the hands felt soft & showed the wear of this easy session.

1/2 Ran home from Flynn's school this morning. This is the longest run I've done in about 10yrs. 9.9km in 55min. Is mainly down hill, with some steep sections which tore my quads apart by the 22min mark, so it was just turn the legs over easy. I know I'll feel this for days.
As soon as I got home I did some 1A Swings 100 3:14min & 50 Push-ups. I'm going to do some extra 1A swing training, with the aim of getting to 500 straight with the 24kg changing hands every 10reps.

Friday, January 29, 2010

15/1 On Holiday in Queensland & went for a quick spin in the hill's near Mum & dad's place. Every year we come up here there are more & more cyclists, but as soon as you trun off the flat they all seem to disapear, maybe it's the 10min climbing at 18% that keeps them away. 59min

17/1 Loaded up the car & sent Carolyn & the boy's on there way up to Noosa. I then hopped on the bike & followed them up the coast. Great ride except for the head wind all the way up. Some great views of the beach that i'll post next week 1:56hrs

19/1 Out for an early morning ride inland from Noosa. Lot's off riders on the road again, until I make the turn into the hills & they all disapear again. Found some great dead roads with 21% pinch climbs. Great MTB training
PM did a quick 15min workout with the SloshBall loaded at 25kg
Cleans 3 x 30
Shouldering 3 x 15es
Squats 30, 40, 50

21/1 Did a different loop today, heading up the coast before heading inland. As seem's to be the case lot's of riders on the flat & they disapeared as soon as the hills started. Came back along the Noosa Triathlon course which is very smooth & fast with speeds of 84kph on the 1.2km decent. 2:01hrs
PM Sloshball session
Clean 1 x 100
Shouldering 3 x 15es

24/1 Did the other days loop in reverse 2:06hrs, a bit slower as the wind came up during the second half of the ride, so a great head wind on the way back. It was good to see some other riders away from the flat today.
Sloshball Shouldering 3 x 25es

25/1 Headed back to the parent's today along the coast 1:40hrs, 16min quicker on the way back without that headwind.

28/1 Back home & not much time this morning just time for a quick run 18min
PM Weights I know this is going to hurt after 2 weeks easy training & a new medium Sloshball to be released on the group
Deck Squats 2 x 20
1:30 work 45sec rest 2 sets at each station
Step-up Lunge 39kg
Box Squats 35kg
AquaBag Clean & Press
Medium SloshBall Shouldering 25kg
Sloshball Cleans 35kg
The Bear 24kg

Then time for an extra set of 60sec work, 30sec rest
Changed the Step-up lunges to Alt Step-up

To finish everything off we did a Sloshball 1 Arm Dynamic prone brace 20es. These are always fun.

29/1 Woke up a little tight so went out for a lossen up ride on the MTB did 1:23hr around the Yarra trails & out to Han's Loop. Felt a little slugish but had fun.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

13/1 Been a bit quite the last 2 days getting ready for the Holiday & to hot to do much, so with the cool change & a flight this afternoon I only had time for a quick run 24min in the hills around home. The legs fell so much better after doing something. I've room in the bike box so I'll take the Sloshball for a couple of holiday play sessions. It's great as empty it's only about 2kg.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

6/1 Easy ride 70min
50min KB class, seen as I'm keeping it light did a 2KB session 2 x 12kg. 10reps each 4 sets
2kb Swings
2kb Snatch
2kb Alt press
2kb Jerks
2kb Squats
2kb cleans
2kb push-ups
2kb Dips

7/1 65min commute then test time
2 x 20 deck Squats
Alt Step-ups 100
SloshBall Cleans 25, 25
Chin-ups 10, 10, 10 Hard to hold on with finger
Box Squats 50
1A swings 130, 70 this took HR through the roof
Push-ups 15, 15, 10
Aquabag Cleans 50
Time 26:24min

Was happy with this. Next time I want sub 25min.
I Thought Neil did a fantastic effort at 31:45min until it came out that he had only done 100 1A swings, so the time spent thinking he had finished, was classed as rest time so it counted 37:55min. With Alex the push-ups & chin-up weren't his friend's 44min.

9/1 easy run with the dogs 24min

10/1 Out for a road ride before it got hot, out the back off Eltham in the hills 2:05hrs.

PM 2 x 20 deck squats
3 x 20 1A swings 24kg
3 x 20 Cleans 20kg Little finger not liking the 24kg
3 x 20 Clean & lunge 20kg
3 x 20 Aquabag clean & Press
MB Slams 50 8kg.
Was showing Claire through some training so was different from what the others did.

Well I'm on holiday for the next few weeks, so don't know when I'll get time to update the blog. I'm taking the road bike, so hopefully I'm get a few good rides in.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thursday Nights Plans

It looks like it's test time to see where people are at.

Alt Step-up 39kg 100reps
AquaBag Clean & Press 16kg 50reps
SloshBall Cleans 32kg 50reps
Box Squats 39kg 50reps
Push-ups BW 50reps
Chin-ups BW 30reps
1A Swings change on 10's 20kg 200reps

This is a time based test. The faster you can do it, the better. There is no scaling for BW as the lighter people (me) lift a higher % of their BW in weight movements but we don't have as much BW to move on the BW exercises. Do exercises in any order, but you can't start the next exercise until all reps are completed on the previous exercise. Neil-ups can be used on Push-ups & chin-up but will be recorded. For Ann-Michel when see does this there will be some scaling, but it will still be nasty. I'm looking forward to this.
5/1/2009 Had a bit of a play on the MTB on the way home. The new bike really rides nice & even if the XT wheels are heavier, they make up for it in being so much stiffer.
Had an easy play with the 12kg in the KB class. It's hard going easy to look after this finger.
Here's a shot of Riley, who's made himself comfortable for a good night's sleep.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's a short clip from Monday's ride at the You Yangs, crusing with a broken finger.

31/12/2009 Did another stupid thing today & was cleaning up in the shed (in bear feet) & knocked a 6kg Power club over which managed to land on my big toe *#%&@.

2/1/2010 was going to go out early for a road ride, but as I was told nobody would show if it was raining I put it off until 12pm & went out into the hills for 1:40hrs. Big toe brused & sore. Little finger pain free but dosen't work properly.

3/1 PM weights session. My big toe limited what I could do so I didn't do as much as the others.

Deck Squats 2 x 20

Sloshball Cleans 2 x 20

Aquabag Clean & Press 40

Sloshball Shouldering 2 x 10es

OSBB Squats 2 x 50

4/1/2010 Commute on MTB 66min

50min KB class. Due to little finger went very easy with 12kg