Wednesday, July 28, 2010

27/7 Ran into a Uni friend on the commute today & it was good to catch up as we were riding. Always get a good workout keeping up on the Singlespeed. 75min
PM Anne-Michel opened her mouth & the fun began
45min KB Class started with the Squat, Reverse Lunge, Jump Lunge, Jump Squat circuit 30reps each for 3 sets. I felt better after this.

28/7 Commute 64min
45min KB Class Played with 2 x 16kg for more fun
Neil the Duck

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

26/7 Did a little longer commute today & felt pretty good on the bike today 1:25hrs
45min KB class. By the time I got around to taking the class tonight the body wasn't feeling quite as good, so I took it easy with the 16kg

News. Mitch Docker has re-signed for 2011 with Skill Shimano.

Monday, July 26, 2010

22/7 Commute nice plesant 64min
At the Scout hall tonight as the works continue at the shed
2 x 20 deck Squats
30m Walking Lunges, Duck Walks & Jumps 2 x 20kg 1 x 30kg
Then more playing with the Bulgarian Bags
Walking spins 30m
Spins 15ew
Swings to Back 30
Cleans 30
Push-up position Bag Drag 30m
Squats 30
Jump Squats 30
Reverse Lunge 30
Jump Lunges 30
Around head pass 15ew
& more, just trying different things tonight

Easy 35min ride, no time in the morning for any more that this as I had more testing to do in Melbourne for the Australian Indoor Lacrosse team. They suffered, so I'm happy.

PM Worked out in the Alley way across the Street from home tonight
Bulgarian Bag 15kg
Shoulder Press 30
Push Ups 20
High Pulls 30
High Knee Sprints 50es
OA Swings 30es
Split Snatch 15es

Up Down 2 x 50
Side to Side 2 x 25es
Grappler Throws 2 x 25es
Up Down Jumps 3 x 50

Bulgarian Bag 20kg
Walking Lunge
Duck Walk
Duck walk
Walking Lunge

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

19/7 Commute today took a little detour on the way in along the Yarra as I was feeling good. Wished I'd had a bit more time 1:25hrs
45min KB class. Played with the 20kg tonight, just focusing on the basic lifts

20/7 Did the same commute as yesterday, was planning to do more but as it was cool, had to drop Riley off at early learners in the car before I could head into work.
45min KB class. Had 3 newbies tonight, so I worked with them playing with the 16kg.

21/7 Short commute 64min.
50min KB class, played with the 24kg. Main set today was 5min Jerk with 1 hand change. Need to do more work on this as I haven't done any timed long sets for a while 28L 28R. Just want to get a number to compare with the Lacrosse players last & this weekend. Last weekend only 1 player managed to do more reps than this & he did 3 more & weighted 39kg more than me.

Monday, July 19, 2010

13/7 easy commute 65min.
Played with the 16kg for the KB class tonight.

Foot was giving me a bit of grief due to the swelling from the shin injury. Seems that I may have cut one of the Lymphatic system ducts that run up the front of the shin, so all this extra fluid & bruising is sitting around the foot and ankle. Looks like I'll have to keep wearing that compression sock a bit longer.

15/7 As the shed is out of action due to renovations, it was down to the Scout hall for a play with the Bulgarian bags

Deck Squats 2 x 20

Circuit x 3 with 20kg bag
Walking Lunges 30m
Duck Walks 30m
Jumps 30m

15kg Bag work
Swing to Back & Squat 3 x 30
Around body Swings 3 x 15ew
Cleans 3 x 30
Legs were nice & fried. Grip was toast

18/7 No real training for me today as it was off to Adelaide to run some fitness testing for those trying out for the Australian 2011 World indoor Lacrosse team.
5min Body weight deadlift test (my Mountain bikers destroyed their effort)
5min One Arm Jerk, Push press, Press test with 24kg KB
Cross shuttle run pick-up test. 3 x 3 with 30sec rest

With 44weeks to get these guys in shape, there is going to need to be some serious pain & suffering. Aaron was a bit of a surprise as he's dropped 28kg since I saw him last (in green).
I've got more testing in Melbourne next Sunday.
What did we learn from the testing this time.
To make next time a lot harder, as we didn't break quite enough of them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

5/7 Commute 65min.
45min KB class, had a nice play with the 20kg

7/7 commute 66min
PM. A week since my little mishap & am still a bit limited in what I can do, as I can feel the stitches pulling if I bend the knee to much so I took it easy,
1 leg Step-ups 3 x 20es 40kg on lower step
then just some bits & pieces for me

11/7 Quite weekend on the training front, as it's the last weekend of the school holidays for Flynn, so doing lots with the kids. Off to the Melbourne Museum today, lots of time spent chasing Riley
PM Battling rope 12 sets of a mix of exercises
Bulgarian bag 9 sets with 15kg
By the end of this session the forearms were destroyed

12/7 Fast commute 62min good to get on the bike
45min KB class, was very surprised how the forearms pulled up today but still used the 16kg to be on the safe side.

Monday, July 5, 2010

5/4 Went easy on the commute, still just testing the leg. The Bruising is really starting to come out now from above the site of impact to the toes. Whole lower leg still swollen, with pain & bruising around upper Tibia - Fibula joint. Must have jarred this on impact.

55min KB class. Tim complained about counting reps or his ability to count period, so out came the GymBoss. 1:10min work with 20sec recovery for 30 sets. He may remember how to count next time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Shin, the morning after
4/7 Took it easy on the commute today seeing how the leg would hold up, was going to ride the racer to go easier but decided to stick to the single speed in the end. Feels tight around the stitches but no pain, which is good. 65min

Took a KB workshop at work this morning, so ended up with 1:30hrs of lifting with the 16kg


Did a circuit tonight working in pairs. 2min per station, 22 stations performed. As one person works the other rests. Whoever is working on a station when the buzzer goes starts on the next station straight away (fun).

KB Jerks 24kg 5es

Step-ups 40kg 5 es

Ring push-ups 10

Chin-ups 5

Wall Ball 6kg 10

KB Snatch 24kg 5es

Bulgarian Bag swing & Squat 16kg 10

Aquabag Clean & Press 19kg 10

MB Slams 20kg 10

Saturday, July 3, 2010

30/6 Commute 68min
45min KB Class played with the 20kg today, felt good

1/7 Commute 66min

PM Started out as a power session with longer rest. Also was meant to be a little easier on the body today for a bit of a recovery week. Well that's what I was hoping to happen.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Heel step-downs 2 x 20es
Box Jumps 2 x 20 @ 65cm, 2 x 10 @ 83cm & 7 @ 83cm & then disaster strikes. Rt Foot caught the front of the box, which caused the foot to slip back & the shin to come smashing down onto the edge of the box. Straight away I looked down to see a nice cut down to the bone. Grabbed it & applied pressure while Gav got a bandage to patch me up & Neil was trying to tell me to get my hands out of the way so he could get a good photo. Sorry Neil, but holding blood inside the body was more of a priority than your photo at the time. Surprisingly there wasn't that much pain. After the session I drove myself up to the hospital for some stitches. They kept wanting to give me pain killers & I kept telling them that it didn't hurt that much, which they didn't seem to want to believe. Thanks to all the staff at the Austin for patching me back up & I don't want to be back soon. In all I spent 1:45hr at the hospital & received 9 stitches. The bandage the first put on wasn't quite big enough as I started leaking again, but the second one was much better.
How do I feel now. Still no real pain, but a fair bit of swelling.
What wen wrong. My right knee doesn't bend as well as my left due to an old knee injury, but basically I didn't jump high enough. Next time jump higher!!!!!