Saturday, October 31, 2009

29/10 Commute on MTB again today for 1:20hr
Deck squats 2 x 20
Step-up/Lunge 34kg OSBB 3 x 20es
Agility band sprints 1band 2 x 15 (not coming all the way back, keeping tension on the band), then Neil started complaining that I was soft so 1 x 30, the Neil was saying it's not like doing 2 bands so I did 2 x 15 with 2 bands. With the 2 bands it didn't seem any harder on the out run even though you can't go as far, but on the way back it's a different story, they try to destroy you.
Then it was into the street for tyre sprints 6 x 30m, next sprint started when the HR dropped to 120bpm.
Leg very fried after this.

31/10 Easy spin on the trainer 60min HR 118 - 124.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28/10 MTB commute 70min
45min KB class Main sets today were done with 2 x 16kg
LCCJ 3 x 3min 23, 24, 27reps
Double Snatch 3 x 1min 13, 14, 17reps
Renegade row Push-up 3 x 1min 8, 9, 10reps
1 Leg deadlift 2min 20es

The doubles are great for getting that HR pumping. With the LCCJ I can push 20 out in about 90sec but when it becomes work for time it just turns into a survival exercise. Tried not to rest in hang but by the last set this was no longer an option, this is why I was able to push out more reps. Need to practice more time in rack.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

26/10 Commute on the MTB today & did some of the Yarra Trails 1:45hr
KB Class 45min easy

27/10 Did some more on the MTB today 1:20hr. No KB class as I finished early to look after the kid's.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

25/9 1:20hr commute
PM Did another session down the park tonight, with a small turn out of 4 of us, so we worked in pairs. Justin & Ann-Michel, & Jen & myself.
We had 2 tyres for flipping & hitting, & 2 tyres for dragging
We started with the Flipping. So 10 hits with the sledge Hammer over each shoulder & 20 flips of the tractor tyre across the oval & back.
After this it was swap over & onto the Tyre drags with an old 4WD tyre with the water tube in it. So much more drag on the grass. So over the oval & back then pick up the 2 x 16kg KB & perform 20 LCCJ, & repeat.
By this time the flipping tyres were back & it was race time.
First round working together Jen & myself flipping the tractor tyre half way across & back & the other dragged the heavy 4WD tyre across the oval & back.
Of course I said go before they were ready & got an early lead before being passed, but with the early lead we were turned around first & I say we won by a good 30cm.
Then we swapped & Justin & AM started before we could get ready, but didn't know where the turn around point was so I added an extra 5m to it when we were asked on the way past, which lead to an easy win. Yes AM I do make up the rules as I go. But as Neil would say a win is a win!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to Advertise in RussiaRiley giving Neil some extra coaching with 2 agility bands. Now lets see how long they last doubled up.

22/4 Easy 65min commute

PM Deck Squats 2 x 20

Step-up Lunge 3 x 10es OSBB

Band Sprints 3 x 10 I only went 1 band, but instead of coming all the way back to the tyre, I only came back to the edge of the carpet, to keep tension on the band.

Bulgarian Split Lunge 3 x 15 OSBB

4WD Tyre sprints 1 x 6 25m

The Bear 3 x 5 OSBB

It's amazing how much easier it is when it's not on the grass & doesn't have a tube with 15kg of water stuffed in it, like the other 4WD tyre.

23-24/10 No training for me as I was helping out at the National Lacrosse League. ALL-STAR SERIES game here in Melbourne. Friday's game was good, but Saturdays game was fantastic & the boy's really put on a show. Not much on the injury front which is aways a good thing & so not to much work for me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21/10 77min commute
45min KB class 24kg & 10kg weight vest.
Decided to make everyone go heavier today & the weight vest just added to the challange. One the weight & two the extra levels of discomfort due to the extra level of sweating that occurs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

19/10 Commute 66min
45min KB Class 16kg

20/10 Extended the commute & add a few extra hills in, which are aways fun pushing a 45 x 18 on the singlespeed 1:46hr with 465m climbing instead of the usual 190m. Need to start making this loop longer on the way home to get some more miles in the legs before the Kona 24hr.
45min KB class with a nice 10min set in the middle for fun.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Riley's New Wheels

15/10 65min commute
PM Work-out
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Bulgarian Split Lunge 3 x 15es 34kg OSBB
Jerks OSBB 3 x 20
Jumps Squats OSBB 3 x 20
Took the Truck tyre for a run up the Street to check out how the new Towing Harness feels. So much nicer that a weight belt.

16/10 Riley's 2nd Birthday, checking out his new wheels

Out for dinner, at our local Greek Restaurant.

18/10 Car getting loaded for the first training session back at the oval.

Bit of fun down at the oval
Truck Tyre tow across & back of Oval about 7min. The tyre moves so muck easier on the road.
25kg Sand bag Snatch 50+ lost count so just kept going
Tractor Tyre Flip & Sledge hammer Hit. Easy Pair up, hit tyre with sledge hammer 10x's over each shoulder & then flip tyre 10x's each across oval & back, 80 flips each.
4WD Tyre sprint, to middle of oval & back. At the time putting a tube in the tyre & putting 15kg of water in it seemed like a good idea. Still at lest I could kind of run with it not like the truck tyre. By being able to run HR was 25 beats higher.
MB Slams 20kg 20. Was having to much fun watching Neil being smashed in a Sprint by Flynn, with Flynn zig zaging in front of him laughing & then leaving Neil in the middle of the oval trying to shove his lungs back down his throat.
Flynn Giving Neil some help with the truck tyre tow

The long walk home, by Neil Robinson.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14/10 commute 65min
45min KB Class 16kg
Snatch 50es
2KB Cleans 50, 30, 10
2KB Snatch 3 x 10
2 KB Squats 2 x 10
2KB 1 Leg deadlift 22 x 10es
Get-up Sit-up 5es
KB Russian Twist 20es

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12/10 1:25hr extended commute to pick up that towing Harness
45minKB Class. Easy session for me today working with 2 beginners.

13/10 65min commute. Got to love tail winds both ways.
50min KB class. Did lots of combination exercises today, Clean Jerk Squat, Swing Clean LCCJ Lunge, etc. Gave them an easier session after the last 2 hard weeks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well we've (Neil's) been destroying a few of the agility bands. So it's time to get the correct equipment for the job. A quick visit to Australian Kettlebells this morning & I come home with this.
Developed in 1998 specifically for strongman contests and proven worldwide in the biggest, most prestigious competitions on the planet, the IronMind Draft Horse Pulling Harness has been the official pulling harness of the World's Strongest Man contest for seven years running, since 2002. So whether you think you're the next Mariusz Pudzianowski (pictured below) or are perfectly content to be a backyard warrior, get a Draft Horse Pulling Harness and pull with the confidence that comes from using the best.
Now how much does our car weigh
8/10 66min commute

Step-up lunge OSBB 34kg 3 x 15es
Explosive step-ups OSBB 3 x 10es
Band Sprints & Bear crawls 3 x 10/5

10/11 Eltham - Kangaroo Ground Loop 1:43hr. Legs felt sore from Thurs night but strong, so managed to take another 3min off this loop. Wish they had been like this 2 weeks ago.

12/11 2KB workout circuit with 2 x 20kg
Swings 10, 20, 10
Snatch 5, 10, 10
Jerk 5, 10, 10
Cleans 10, 20, 20
LCCJ 5, 10, 10
Dips 10, 20, 20
Renegade Row Push-up 3 x 10
1 Leg Deadlift 10es

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

6/10 66min commute

50min KB class
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5,6reps es
It was a 10-1 cricuit but we went back up until the last person reached 1
1A Swings
1A Snatch
1A Clean
1A Jerk

16kg 760reps for 12160kg moved

7/10 1:28hr commute. Just have to love getting a flat a 5:25am.

50min KB Class. bit of a 2KB workout today
2KB cleans 20
2 sets of circuit with 2 x 16kg
Swings 10
Snatch 10
Rack Lunge 10es (2KB's in rack make this so much more fun)
Jerk 10
HR goes about 20 beats higher working with the 2KB's

2 x 24kg 3 sets
Renegade row/Push-up 10es
KB Dips 10
L-Sit 20sec

2 x 24kg
Cleans 1 x 20, 2 x 10.

Monday, October 5, 2009

5/10 After what felt like an easy weights session yesterday I feel the worst case of DOMS I've felt in a long time.
Commute 68min
45min KB class. Main part of the session today was 2 x 10min sets 1min es
OA Jerks
1 Arm/leg deadlift

Sunday, October 4, 2009

4/10 64min Commute & took a cycling class for 2:10hrs

Deck Squats 2 x 20
Renegade man maker 3 x 5. Did 1st & 3rd sets with 18kg OSDB's & 2nd set with 24kg kb's. It was interesting as the OSDB,s were harder at all parts except the pressing over head.
The Bear 1 x 10, 2 x 5 34kg OSBB, This just destroys my grip
Squats 1 x 30, 1 x 50, 34kg OSBB

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1/10 65min commute easy
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Did a timed session tonight 2min on each exercise & 1min break 3 x's through
Aqua Bag Clean & Press
1min Agility band Sprints 1min Agility band Bear Crawls
MB Slams 8kg
Step-up lunge OSBB 34kg
Box jumps 2 x 8kg
got better each round, but the legs still lack that snap.