Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cristmas Break time

Well it's time for the Christmas break, which for me starts tomorrow. So with the family catch you with Carolyn's family on Christmas Day & catching up with my visiting cousins on boxing day the next few days will be days off the bike. I'll try & squesse a short weights session in on Boxing day. Then it's a bit of a holiday until 5th Jan. Will try to get some long rides in & am going to catch up with John up at Bright for a couple of days of solid riding in the hills. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.
Ride 70min
Deck squats 2 x 20
Trained with the 20kg today
3 x 4min OALCCJ
3 x 20 2A Swings
3 x 10 1A Swings
3 x 10 Snatch
2 x 10es Russian twist

22/12 Ride 70min
2 x KB classes today used 28 & 20kg

23/12 Ride 70min
KB class mainly used 20kg but did some 1A Jerks with 32kg for fun

24/12 ride 80min

Saturday, December 20, 2008

16/12 Ride 70min
45min KB class, went easy with 16kg
17/12 ride 70min
18/12 ride 70min
2 x 20 Deck Squats
OALCCJ 3 x 4min 24kg
GS Jump Squats 3 x 150 53kg
Renegade Man make + 2 x 10 2 x 16kg made this harder by adding a full rack squat to the movement.
19/12 was going to do an early ride in the hills, but with the rain coming in I decided to sleep in.
20/12 To make up for yesterdays slackness went & did the Hell ride with John & 200+ of our friends. Bike day with 4:41hr riding & 151.8km traveled. Caught up with Mitch Docker who's been busy getting himself ready for next season with Skill Shimano. Then it's home to take the boy's to the park for a play, then Flynn to Gymnastics, & then a walk down to the cafe. No time to rest after a long ride, too many family things to do.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy couple of weeks

Riley really enjoying himself at a wedding last Saturday night.

Well just had a 2 week break off the bike, with family visiting & birthdays. Still did some lifting, but went a bit easier so it's now time to get back into training for the Otway Odyssey on 21/2 & then the Australian Marathon champs a month later. Had a bit of good luck on Sunday as I brought a raffle in May at one of the races run by Geelong mountain bike club to raise money for toilet facilities at the You Yangs & managed to win myself a Custom made Baum frame. I now have the difficult decision to make about what I'm to do.

11/12 Deck squats 2 x 30

20kg 1ALCCJ 4 x 20+es

Jump squats 53kg 4 x 100

Renegade man makes 16kg 10, 9, 7es

14/12 Long cycle work-out with 24kg

Deck squats 2 x 20

1ALCCJ 15es, 20es, 15es, 10es, 5es

Rack lung 4 x 10es

15/12 Took 2 KB classes 45min each. First with 24kg & second with 16kg.

Will need to get out & do some serious riding over the next 13 weeks

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kona 24hr

Well the Kona 24hr is done for another year, & was a great race to finish the year off with.
Matt & myself had a good win in the pairs with a total of 28 laps & just missed on going out for another by 21sec. So the records looking good at the Kona with 4 wins, 1 2nd & 1 5th. Matt was happy as he finally got to win a race after 6 2nd places in adventure races. The courses were great, but I'm unsure of who's idea it was to put the hardest, most technical & longest lap as the second day course. At just before 6am in the morning decided to stop & talk to the guys who were going to make the lap change to the day courses (could afford to do this as we were 2hrs ahead) & waited around to be first on the new course, which they said was shorter & faster, teach me to listen to others, ended up being slower & harder, but Matt couldn't have been happier to have the extra rest.
28 56:31 15.92 Jeff Williams
27 01:00:39 14.84 Matt Tait
26 58:38 15.35 Jeff Williams
25 01:03:53 14.09 Matt Tait
24 01:04:05 14.04 Jeff Williams
23 01:20:28 11.18 Jeff Williams
22 54:41 16.46 Matt Tait
21 49:29 18.19 0 Jeff Williams
20 57:02 15.78 Matt Tait
19 49:44 18.10 0 Jeff Williams
18 53:54 16.70 Matt Tait
17 49:43 18.10 Jeff Williams
16 51:23 17.52 Matt Tait
15 49:38 18.13 Jeff Williams
14 50:39 17.77 Matt Tait
13 48:30 18.56 Jeff Williams
12 48:44 18.47 Matt Tait
11 45:02 19.99 Jeff Williams
10 48:41 18.49 Matt Tait
9 54:28 16.52 Matt Tait
8 44:22 20.29 Jeff Williams
7 43:33 20.67 Jeff Williams
6 43:48 20.55 Matt Tait
5 43:06 20.88 Jeff Williams
4 42:19 21.27 Matt Tait
3 42:39 21.10 Jeff Williams
2 41:30 21.69 Matt Tait
1 43:12 20.83 Jeff Williams

Family time after the race, down at Apollo Bay out on the rocks.