Monday, November 30, 2009

kona 24hr

26/11 Easy session tonight just to keep things ticking over
2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 15es explosive step-ups
3 x 15ES @ 12kg Balance board swings
3 x 5ES Balance board lunges (alternating)
3 x 10ES @ 12kg Balance board squats

28/11 Kona 24hr
Started setting up my camp site yesterday, so I could get a good site in Pit Lane. Arrived at 9:40am to finish setting up & to be joined by Stan & Harry riding as a pair for their first 24hr ever & helping me out for the long ride.
At 12:00pm was sitting mid pack for an easy start & just rolled around the start loop & out onto the track. the track was in good condition considering the storm that came through the night before. Not to much to say early on as I was just trying to ride an easy tempo & just taking it as a long ride.
Then the rain's came down & the track turned to a bog in lots of places. It was good to see that they made some changes as sections of track were starting to get completely destroyed. But I just tried to keep to my tempo. At about 5pm Ryan from Baum passed me on his single speed & we proceeded to ride together or pass each other for the next 15hrs. Some sections he was faster & other sections I was faster.
At 8pm when we went to the new course & it was faster until the rain's came down again. Stan & Harry (Bicycles Inc) were in 6th place & enjoying themselves. At 2am they gave me my first cat update & I was leading by 1.5 laps. At 5am I'd extended it to 2.5 laps & so I took a break of 1:20hrs from the mud & went & had a nice warm shower & got into a nice clean dry kit. At 6am with the change to the Day2 track, it was out for a fun roll around some dryer trails, only to start riding with Ryan again. Lap 19 I caught Brad who was coming 3rd in elite & rode with him for my last to laps to keep him company. I ended up doing 21laps, 304km, 11 000cals, 4400m climbing carrying 5kg of mud. Good ride, lots of talking & thanks to Bicycle Inc, Giant, Stan & Harry & family for your help. Will I do the World's in Canberra I'm still thinking.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23/11 Easy commute 90min just turning the legs over
50min KB Class easy with 16kg

24/11 Easy commute 75min. Didn't lift in Kb class today just instructed

25/11 Easy commute 70min. Just instructed again in KB class. I finding this week hard as I want to lift in the classes, but with 24hrs of fun this weekend I'm trying to take it easy.
BW 62.1kg
Photo's From Officer race

Sunday, November 22, 2009

22/11 Commute on singlespeed 65min

Pm Fun session tonight with the 28kg KB, 60sec work 30sec recovery,
2A Swings
1A Swings
1A Cleans
1A Snatch
1A Cleans
1A Cleans
1A Leg Deadlift
1A Cleans
1A Snatch
1A Cleans
1A Leg Deadlift
1A Cleans
1A Snatch
1A Cleans
1A Leg Deadlift
2A Swings
For a total of 32sets. Was very happy to get through all this with the 28kg. Didn't add in any lunges or squats, as it was meant to be an easy session leading into next weekends 24hr

Saturday, November 21, 2009

19/11 commute 70min on MTB
PM after yesterday I went easy as I've got the Kona 24hr in just over a week
2 x 20 deck Squats
1 Leg box jumps 1 x 30es 2 x 10es 1st set was done on a 35cm box & other 2 on the 44cm box

20/11 Doing some stretching I've managed to stir my Rt Knee up, luckily it feels fine on the bike. 70min on single speed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

16/11 1:30hr commute on the MTB
45min KB class, went easy with 16kg
17/11 1:25hr commute on MTB easy
18/11 Big day today 1:45hrs on the single speed, getting to work then 5hr KB workshop with the Guru Steve Cotter. Steve put us through our paces & after the stories I've heard about the sessions he's taken in the past I decided to start out easy. After a 35min warm-up, it was time to pick up a KB. He said go easy so I grabbed a 16kg only to find the only 16kg left had a rough handle & an E on it. I wonder who's that could be (Emily). This was perfect with the handle prepped already. Steve started out with swings, & has changed his style to keep the KB in closer at the top, which saves the hands & moves the KB like in the snatch arch. Then we moved onto 1A swings. Next came cleans & I was felling good with more rest than I'm use to so I stepped up to the 24kg. Nice new shiney handle that was horrible to use. Then to presses (20kg), push presses, jerks, & Snatches (24kg). Then Double KB Squats & OH Squats (16kg). The OH squats were by far my worst movement, therefore I need to do more of them. That wrapped up the 5hrs. I was happy with how the session went & out of 21 participants was the only one to use the 24kg, the rest of the guys were struggling with the 12's & 16's, & 2 of the guy who tried 20kg, put them back after 1 set. To keep you happy Neil Bw 61.9kg. The interesting thing was the ride home, legs felt crap, I just don't know why.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

12/11 Still took it easy today 65min commute

Check out how the Mow's going for Movember


2 x 20 Deck Squats

2 Agility Band Sprints 3 x 15

Next we Superseted Box jumps with Step-up/Lunges 3 x 30(16kg), 5es(39kg)

Explosive Step-ups 3 x 10es OSBB

15/11 Officer Enduro. Well my partner Matt, for the Kona has decided not to race pairs, so it looks like I'm doing Solo, so I decided to tackle this race differently. I went out easy & tried to ride slow, at a nice 24hr pace & just enjoy myself. It was hard doing this as I felt pretty good but the idea was to do as little as posible, not win. I also played around with my nutrition, seeing how much I could eat. An increace of 50cals per hour pushed me over that limit & made me feel crap in the stomach which made me ride slower, but that wasn't the aim with the nutrition, so it's back to 270cals per hour for the race. I decided to stop at 5:30hr as this would allow be to get home & take the family for a swim, & that was a better idea than another lap. Ended up 4th in 40+ solo & 3rd in the series. Now 13day to the Kona 24hr

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11 Nice lazy day with just the 65min commute. It's amazing how quickly I'm getting use to the heat. Didn't even realise it was 35c on the ride home. Temp felt not to bad, I suppose after doing KB class on the Sun deck at work, having any breeze is going to fell good.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9/11 MTB commute 1:22hr
45min KB Class. Temp 35c. Still hot so trained with the 24kg & keep reps low.
After using the 32kg yesterday my core was smashed today, which made for a challenging class with the 24kg.

10/11 MTB Commute 65min easy
45min KB class. Temp 34c. Went easy with 16kg

Sunday, November 8, 2009

5/11 75min commute on MTB

Deck Squats 2 x 20
Double Agility band Sprints 3 x 15
Box Jumps 3 x 30 2 x 8kg
Step-up Lunge 3 x 10es 39KG OSBB (added an extra 5kg of shot to the bars)
Kneeling Squats 3 x 20 OSBB
Tabata Jump Squats OSBB 20sec work 10sec rest for 4min, bar stayed on back

Legs didn't seem to work to well after all this, I just don't know why.

7/11 easy 30min Spin on the trainer

8/11 Went out for a 1:30hr MTB ride in the middle off the day at 34C it's the hottest day so far this year, & with some big races coming up I need to get use to the heat.

PM Still 34C so went heavy with low reps . Worked out with the 32kg KB
2A Swings 3 x 10
1A Swings 3 x 5es
Snatch 4 x 5es
Jerks 3 x 5es
OALCCJ 3 x 5es

Ann-Michel had a goal to snatch the 32kg. She did it tonight & managed 1es. Great work

Good riding Neil for 4th at the Gravity in the Pairs on the Single Speed, & to Justin who came 2nd in the Solo field on a Single speed.

Emily won the Long Cycle comp in Vegas with 70/68 for CMS. well done

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4/11 1:15hr commute on MTB with a couple of extra steep climbs.

45min KB class. Had a nasty one set out today & wasn't able to join in the fun as I had a newbie. So I worked on technique with them & destroyed the others. Will have to make up for it on Thursday night.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2/11 MTB commute 1:30hr around Yarra Trails
45min KB Class. Used Tabata principles for tonight's work-out 20sec work 10sec rest for 4min.
Rack Squats
Rack Lunge
Rack Lunge
Russian Twists
Working with 1 KB made it a lot easier so only 1min rest B/W sets.

3/11 Went out for a ride with a group from Bicylesinc.( Headed down to the You Yangs for a cruise around the trails. I did 2:15hr riding 38km with 725m climbing.
Look like this is going to be the new bike. Was going to go for the new Giant Advanced SL kitted out with Sram XX, but as they haven't made an XS frame as yet so looks that I'll have to wait until the end of next year for that. Had a ride on a small & just don't like how they handle as much as the XS.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Training. Nice ride in the mud from last nights Thunder Storm around the Yarra trails 1:30hrs.

PM did a pairs circuit, 2min per station, only rest when your partner is exercising.
Chin-ups sets of 5
Wall Ball 6kg sets of 15
Hang Cleans Aqua Bag 10's
MB Slams 20kg 10's
Push-ups 10's
MB Push Press 15kg 10's
KB Snatch 24kg 5es
LCCJ 2 x 16kg 5's
Jerks OSDB 2 x 18kg 5's

Went through 2 x's + an extra set on chin-ups & Wall ball.

Everyone ready as we head out the door for my birthday dinner

AM vs the tyre for 10 sets up & back. On her 3rd set