Monday, August 25, 2008

25/8 Took 2 45min Kettlebell classes at the gym today. Played with the 20kg in the first & the 16kg in the second.

1:00pm warm-up followed by 15reps every 60sec for 30min

5:30pm warm-up, 45sec work, 15sec recovery 10min of each, Snatches, Cleans, Jerks & 1 Arm swings

Did an easy 90min ride

26/8 70min easy ride & a 45min KB class with 16kg

Sunday, August 24, 2008

20/8 70min Ride
deck squats 20
Jerks 2 x 16kg 3 x 2min, 1min recovery 20, 20, 20

21/8 Ride 70min
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Snatch 20kg 4 x 3min 1:30 rest 28L, 28R, 26L, 26R, 25L, 25R, 26L, 26R. Was trying to ave 24rpm but was easier going faster. 210repsGS Jump squats 53kg, 3 x 100. Taking about 90sec with no rest

23/8 Spin on the trainer to sharpen up for tomorrows race. 30min, 3 x 3min race pace

24/8 Rocky Riders 6hr enduro at Castlemaine. Has to be one of the best tracks around. Did Mixed team of 2 with Jen. She hasn't been off road for 1 year so found the going tough, but rode really well. We started alternating Laps & after 4 laps Jen decide she wanted to do doubles, to get more rest, (seemed to forget that it means that you spend longer on the bike). It was great fun & we ended up 6th.

Monday, August 18, 2008

18 - 19/8 Training

18/8 Ride 70min
1:00pm KB class, used 16kg
3 x 20 2A swings
3 x 10 Snatch
3 x 10 Rack lunge
3 x 10 clean
3 x 10 OA swing

5:45pm KB class almost the same as earlier class except we did 3 x 20 cleans

19/8 Nice easy recovery day with just 90min on the bike. On the home front, Riley is starting to get his next set of teeth, which is making him a bit moody.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

14 - 17/8/08 Training

14/8 70min ride
2 x 12kg Rack hold, OH lockout, Rack hold, OH lockout, Rack hold 1min each
20 deck squats
6min OALCCJ 24kg 30L, 30R 1 hand change
24kg 2A swings 2 x 20
BB jump squats 43kg 3 x 100
20kg Aqua bag OH jump lunge 10es
20 Snatch 20L, 20R

15/8 70min Ride

16/8 2 x 16kg jerks 1min, 3min, 2min, 1min 10rpm with 1min recovery

17/8 2 x 16kg jerks 10
2 x 24kg jerks 4 x 5
30 deck squats
worked out with 32kg kettlebell & hands survived, no tears & no blisters.
Snatch 3 x 10
Cleans 3 x 10
Rack lunge 3 x 10es
OA Swings 3 x 10
Renegade row/push-ups 3 x 5es

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13/8 easy 70min commute. Did some Overhead lockout holds & rack holds 2 x 12kg. 2 x 1min each.
PM 10 deck squats followed with 5min snatching with 20kg, 40L, 40R. Trying to keep 16rpm & will build up to 10min, then drop back to 4min at 20rpm & build up again.
Riley was feeling strong & wanted to play with the 48kg. Great straight legs & back.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

KB's 10/8

Sometimes it's all just a bit to hard.

PM. Ride home from work as a warm-up for Sunday night's training. Good turn out tonight with 10 of us training. People complaining about being cold so it was straight into it.

Did full workout with the 24kg

2 arm swings 2 x 25

OALCCJ 10min 40L, 40R 1 hand change

12 reps every 60sec 3 x's through except last 2 sets of Snatches

1 Arm swings


1 Arm cleans


1 Arm/Leg deadlift


Ann-Michel & Emily really enjoying doing the snatches

Saturday, August 9, 2008


8/8/08 Ride out the back of Eltham in the undulating hills for 1:30hr with 1010m climbing. Great ride out through these back roads with very little traffic

Good to see 1 other person out for a ride
10/8 Up at early for a ride before work with Tim. As per usual Tim was late so only had time for 1:20hr around Kew Boulevard & a quick Coffee. I road my 8 speed Giant CRX City to get a harder workout, as Tim at 110kg & doesn't seem to like going up hill.

Some Kettlebells

Riley Hungry After a hard workout
I need Longer legs
7/7 Easy 70min commute to work
AM 2 x 12kg OH Lockout 1min, Rack hold 1min x 2
Hang from bar 1min, 30sec recovery x 3

PM Training with Jim, Neil & Riley
2 x 20 deck squats
OALCCJ 24kg 10min, 40L, 40R first time with one hand change. Usually change every 5reps. 1 hand change dropped reps by 26.
GS jumps squats 43kg bar 3 x 100, Jim worked with me & keep resting which gave me extra rest, which ment I could go harder so he got less rest. It's fun hurting others.
20kg KB, Clean jump lunge 2 x 10es
Russian twists with Riley 3 x 20es
Neil when well after a 2yr break from the shed

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Easy ride to work 35min

Easy day with the KB's
2 x 12kg 1min OH lockout, 1min Rack hold x 2
KB snatch 2min each side. 36L, 36R. Aim to build up to 200reps in 10min.
Hang from Bar 3 x 1min with 30sec rest.

Riley Hung out with me while I was training, enjoy's biteing the Barbell. Took him for a ride on his trike when I finishes.

Trained Emily & Ann-Michel. Both are getting ready for the KB world Champs in London in November