Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28/4 Easy day 70min ride

29/4 65min ride hard as I slept in & 45min KB class, easy with 16kg

30/4 Don't you just love it when they decide to do some street digging & start at 8pm & finish at 5am outside the kids bedroom. Flynn will sleep through anything, but not Riley who decided that he'd had enough by 3am & cracked it. So much for a good nights sleep.

Monday, April 27, 2009

26/4 Up early & out for a MTB ride with John on the Yara trails for 2:45hrs. With the rain we had last night, the trails were in excellent condition, tacky & fast. It's amazing what a little bit of cold weather does as we only saw 2 other riders for the whole ride.

PM Did circuit again for 51min of smash each other hard time
Wall Ball
AquaBag Hang cleans
KB Snatch 20kg
MB Slams 20kg
KB Cleans 20kg
MB Thrusters 11.5kg
Step-up / Lunge 8kg
Ring Push-up

27/4 easy 70min ride.
KB class 45min 16kg
Did 10min of snatches in the class tonight. It's the first time I've done this, this year.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

23/4 1:20hr MTB rideNeil Vs Band 2Jim Vs Band
Good hit out at training tonight
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Agility Band Sprints 3 x 10
Box Jumps 2 x 50 2 x 10kg. Near miss on last set & had to ditch the weights on one of the jumps.
Aqua Bag hang cleans 1 x 50
Step-up lunge 1 x 20es 2 x 10kg
Ring Lunge 2 x 20es 2 x 8kg
AirRoller jackknives 2 x 50
Rings Jackknives 1 x 50

Ring Lunges, to much fun.
Neil having fun completing his 50 JackKnives

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A bit of recovery

20/4 Easy day with just a 70min commuite

21/4 Easy 70min MTB & 45min KB class with lots of lunges

22/4 Legs feeling better so had a bit of a hit out 1:25hr on the MTB
Took the KB class today & went very easy. When I got home my back was a little tight so I did some deck Squats, next thing I know Riley is beside me, walking backwards & falling on his bum, trying to copy Dad. So with a bit of a helping hand he did about 15 deck squats.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

BMC 100

16/4 Easy 70min ride

Easy turn-up session tonight
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Agility band Sprints 3 x 10 (Didn't go full out, unlike Neil who is now aiming to reach the road)
Indo Board switch lunges 3 x 5es
Indo board 1A swings 3 x 10es
Indo Board Figure 8's 3 x 10ew
BW Explosive jump squats 3 x 15

18/4 Got my MT bike back from John & had to fix the set-up for tomorrows race & went out for a 25min ride with 3 x 2min at race pace just to open everything up.

19/4 Up early 4am for the 7am start at Woodend. Got there with plenty of time, all organised and ready to go only to have the start delayed by 30min, because of all the late arrivals & the traffic jam getting into the parking area. The sart was interesting with the guy on the grid next to me going down within 5m taking out about 20 other riders, so now there was a split & the chasing began. Legs just felt OK & not great so I just got into a rhythm & down to business. Matt who raced the Kona24hr with me caught up to me at the 1:15hr mark so we started riding together. We managed to take a wrong turn as a left pointing arrow meant left of the tree not the hard left that we took & that was the start of a few things going wrong. The wrong turn looped us around & back onto the track with about a 5min loss of time, about 5min later at the bottom of a fast descent I managed a rear wheel puncture. Quick fix & I was off only to flat again on the rear around 5min later. Lucky I always carry 2 spares but the mental blow is hard & I took ages to get the mind back on the job. At about 2:30hrs the legs started to feel good & I picked up the pace & was going well with a small bit of lower back pain. This was how it went Until the 4hr mark & then the back pain started to get bad. During the rest of the ride I just kept getting slower, having to stretch out the back as much as possible & stand on the climbs & grind. Ended up doing 5:56hrs which I'm happy with but was aiming for sub 5:30hr. When I got home I checked out my set-up again & realised that the nose off my saddle was about 1.5% too high so adjusted that & hopped on the bike & felt fine. Shouldn't have rushed the bike set-up & would have been at least 20min faster. Out of the others who raced from training Justin came 2nd in the Single speed class, Neil came 4th in the Open class & managed to ride off a 2m high bridge, Alex hand mechanical problems & didn't finish & Jim, well Neil said it best is soft.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

14/4 Easy day today with 70min ride & 45min KB class of lots of 1A swings

15/4 1:20hr on the bike today with a couple of surges. Body fells a bit flat & with the last week being easy I'm back up to 63kg from 61kg, so but Sunday I should be ready to race hard at the BMC 100. Looks like it's going to be big with over 900 racing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

School Holiday time

2/4 Easy ride today 70min

PM Training with Neil & Alex lots of fun
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Agility band sprints 3 x 30
Box jumps 2 x 50, 2 x 10kg
Step-up Lunge 2 x 20es, 2 x 10kg
GS Jump squats 2 x 300

5/4 Down at Apollo Bay for a few days, so it was time to do a couple of rides. Today was a nice 3hr ride that I had planned. As it turned out after the 15min climb up the hill out of Marengo, the Rd that was shown on the map could not be found. I found out later that the Rd is on private property & not open to the public. So it was try & find a way through. Went down one likely Rd only to find that it was a dead end, with a good granny gear climb out. So it was further up the main Rd for a track that I know will get me across to where I want to go. On the way there I find another trail off the side of the Rd & head down it. Well it was great going down until I reached the bottom & it just stopped, so another good climb back up to the Rd & further along to the trail I know exists. Great single track descent for 8min down to the start of the climb. My Detours took 1:05hr to get to this point, if I'd come straight here it would have been 15min or 20min if I could have taken that private Rd, so with limited time I decided to head up the climb & see how time was going at the top. The climb started out solid for 12min followed by a 1min descent 6min solid climb, 1min descent, 6min climb, 1min descent & then went into an easy big ring climb for 30min to the top. As the rain set in I decided to head back the way I came.

6/4 Just an easy ride around Marengo & some of the local single track 60min.

7/4 2hrs today up the 57min climb & looped back via the main rd. Was going to go for longer, but the trails I was planning on riding up top were a greasy mess with 5 days of rain.

9/4 Just weights today with Neil & Alex
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Agility Band sprints 3 x 10
Box Jumps 2 x 50 2 x 10kg
Step-up Lunge 2 x 20 2 x 10kg
GS Jump squats 53kg 3 x 150 superset with Aqua Bag Hang cleans 3 x 20

10/4 60min of intervals on the trainer

11/4 60min Rd ride with attach's on every hill

12/4 Circuit time. Get as much work done as possible in 45min. Fun & pain for all

13/4 Went for a 60min ride & it was meant to be hard hills, after yesterdays weights it ended up being soft up the hills & slowly building into it & being able to max out in the last couple. Great day at 26C.