Thursday, August 30, 2012

30/8 Nice winy day commute 65min. Managed to miss the storms that came through, which was nice for a change.
Jerks 50. Body feeling a bit beaten up from all these so far. Will have a break form them for a couple of days.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

28/8 Commute today was an easy 53min, a bit on the slow side

45min KB Class
Today's class had 2 options. I took option 2 with the newer people with the 20kg, while most took on option 1

Option 1
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
2KB Jerks  20 x 10

Option 2
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
1KB Jerks 10 x 10es
Cleans 10 x 10es
One Arm/Leg Deadlift 5 x 10es

Lots of complaining went on with option 1.

Still put in 50 Jerks

29/8 Lots done around the house & with the kids
110 Jerks 2 x 16kg

Monday, August 27, 2012

27/8 RDO day, so lots to do around the house & 100 Jerks. Was a little fatigued today, followning yesterday. Didn't have the same snap with the Jerks.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

26/8 Work today so on the bike for part of the commute. 55min
Instead of doing the 45/15 circuit class, i had a little change around & did a TRX class instead. This means that they got to do something different & I got a work-out, win win. Did 45sec work, 15 sec rest for 45min, with no exercise repeated twice. 20min was spent on pure leg work.

Today's Jerks 100reps.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

25/8 Busy day with the kids. Carolyn was out for the day, so it was get the 3 kids to swimming by 8:30. Pack the car as we are off to Melbourne for Gateways for Flynn & I run a Training session at Rosanna Parklands while Flynn is in class. Milly & Riley have a good play while I'm training people. Then Coffee, pick up Flynn & back home. Managed to get in 110 jerks during the day.

So for the first week of Jerks managed 650reps or 20,800kg lifted overhead.
When I add the 2 KB classes I get 26,400kg OH.

Friday, August 24, 2012

24/8 Finished up the day with a nice 32min on the commute home into a nice side head wind again, topped of with 20 Jerks. Body feeling the effects of the last couple of days.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

23/8 Up nice & early. 5:50am outside the Grovedale Hotel for the Thursday bunch ride. Nice size group of around 25riders. Perfect morning, mild without a trace of wind. Was only 4 riders back from the front, but everyone seemed to want long turns on the front today, so didn't make it to the front until we were leaving Torquay on the way back. End up on the front for about 10min of solid work. Nice to see the sunrise over the Ocean. Back home again just after 7:00am for a 1:16hr ride.

Still working on the 2 x 16kg Jerks in sets of 10. Was unsure how I'd be today, after yesterdays effort, but managed 100reps.

24/8 So far today I've done this
10 Jerks before getting on the bike for 32min of the commute into a nice side head wind.

50min KB Class 20kg
Around body pass 2 x 20es
Timer set for 1min work 20sec rest
1 Arm Swing
One arm/leg deadlift
1 Arm Swing

One arm/leg deadlift
1 Arm swing/clean
Clean Snatch
Clean Lunge

All done by 7:00am

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

19/8 Alarm didn't work so I missed out on my Sunday morning ride due to time, so I've started a new challenge instead. Still have the goal of 100 LCC&J with 2 x 16kg in 10min, but am struggling with the jerk part, so extra jerk training. I've put the 2 16's in the middle of the garage & when I walk past them I do 10 jerks. So today 110 jerks.

20/8 30 jerks.
Commute 58min feeling good

21/8 70 Jerks
Commute was ok, a bit on the flat side & shorter 52min
KB Class. Set up a nice program that I was looking forward to doing 7 a newbee showed up so only did about two thirds of the session.
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
Jerks 10, 9, 8......1es
Snatch 10, 9, 8.....1es
Rack Squat 10, 9, 8.......1es
Clean 10, 9, 8......1es
One Arm/Leg Deadlift 10, 9, 8....1es
LCC&J 10, 9, 8.....1es

22/8 200 Jerk. nice way to spend the day at home
You Yangs Stage Race
After Flynn's race it was time to get myself organised.
First up was a short time trial up the outside rd & down bolder. They asked riders to self seed, which required a bit of talking to get a nice start in about 6th position. Had a good start & hit the climb feeling good. Rode hard up the climb & could see that I was catching the rider in front. At the top of the climb it's roll down some rocks & then over the Clam Shell rock. Rolled into the Clam with to much speed to take the easy line, so had to try to rail the inside which almost worked until the real let go two thirds of the way around, which ended up spinning me completely around back at the bottom of the rock. Unclip & run back over the rock & back onto the bike, for time loss wasn't meant to happen. Decided not to do the "I've got to make up time, go silly" thing for a change, rode smart & safe to the finish. Ended up 11th overall.
Stage 2 was a Cross Country. Got a good start & was sitting in third wheel going into the single track. Liam took off on the climb at to high of a pace, so we let him go. As we got further up the climb I was felling good, so I gave it a shove & 2 of us broke away. We spent the next lap & a half attaching each other until he managed to get away on the decent as I wasn't willing to take those risks anymore (Comes with age) so ended up in third.
Stage 3 Crit 10min +3laps. Same as the Cross country, good start in second wheel. Liam managed to get away again & I did most of the chasing. We broke the field with 2 of us chasing taking turns & managed to win that sprint for 2nd.
Overall I came 4th on 16 points, 2 points off 3rd & 8 off 2nd. Bad TT cost me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5/8 Up nice and early for a ride down the beach. A bit warmer today which was nice for a change. Only a couple of car & riders. Nice way to send the early morning & back home early to feed & play with the kids.

6/8Nice 62min commute

7/8 52min Commute
Kb Class
Circuit of Fun
Squat, Reverse Lunge, Jump Lunge, Jump Squat 3 rounds 30, 20 & 10reps
Then Technique work with a newbie

9/0 Just the commute 62min

10/8 Commute 63min
45min KB Class
Around body pass 3 x 20es
OA Swing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25es
Snatch 20, 15, 10, 5es
Clean 20, 15, 10, 5es
Jerk 5, 10, 15es
LCC&J 5, 10, 16es
One Arm/leg Deadlift 2 x 25es

11/8 Busy day with Kid's swimming lessons at 8:30am, then off to Melbourne for Flynn & then catching up with a group to punish them in the park for 75min.
I'm racing Sunday & at 8:00pm Flynn decided that he wanted to come along & do the Kid's race, so lots more to organise as I now needed to get to the race over 1hr earlier for the juniors.

12/8 Up early to get all the troops feed & out the door. The weather wasn't looking the best as the You Yangs was hidden by cloud & rain. Got to the race site with water everywhere, but Flynn was keen, so off to rego to get him signed up. One of Flynn's friends from school was there & he was keen to show Flynn around. The Race started in a nice 3inches of mud. Flynn on his street BMX found it hard to get traction & get moving through the 150m of this mud, with all the others on MTB's with gears riding off. Allan a friend of mine pushed him through the mud while I grabbed my bike to keep an eye on him. They had 4 laps & Flynn did really well, with just a bit of a push to get through that 150m of mud each lap. The good thing was, it's all about participation & all the Kids got some goodies for showing up.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

25/7 Nice day of & time for a quick play.
30 Deck squats
40 LCC&J 2 x 16kg

26/7 Just the Commute today 62min of fun

27/7 Commute 62min
KB Class 45min. An attempt at Tues KB session, but with time restrictions.
Managed to do all the Around body passes & almost completed the 6's. Ended up doing 700 reps with the 20kg in 40min. Was happy with this.

29/7 Had to work, but found it hard getting out of bed for work on a Sunday which meant I was late leaving home, so I had to smash myself getting to the station on time. Ended up 1:07min fast for this part of my ride. Nice way to wake oneself up. Commute 60min.
Bit of time at the end of the day for a quick session
Deck Squats 30
LCC&J 5min 35reps. Wanted to do for time, which meant pacing myself.

30/7 Nice commute 63min
At Lunch time today I decided to change the circuit class to a TRX class that I'm putting together at the moment. Lot's of different exercises & people are still enjoying the benefits 4 days later.

31/7 Short commute with the late finish today 51min
45min KB class
Around body pass 3 x 20ew


OA Swing, Snatch, Clean, Jerk, LCC&J 5, 10, 15, 10, 5es 30sec rest b/w exercises

2/8 Grovedale Hotel 5:50am bunch ride. Got up nice and early to head out for this ride. Just as I was about to leave the house Riley got up. So it was gather him back up, put him back to bed & get him to stay there, then out the door. This put me 2min late to the start of the ride. I'm up, so I chase. I could see the tail lights in the distance & they seemed to be getting closer, so I keep on going. Then they slowly go further away, so I push harder. All this causes to happen is for me to explode. So ease it back & recover slightly & build it back up again. Catch 1 rider who has been spat out the back, but they couldn't help & ended dropping off my wheel after only 500m. Ended up taking a slight short cut to get ahead of the bunch in Torquay & then tried to hold them off on the way back to Geelong. To many bridges burned on the way down & the caught me with about 5km to go. Was nice to sit in for the rest of they way. Need to leave home on time.

3/8 Commute 64min
45min KB class still using the 20kg
Around body pass 20ew
LCC&J 10min, changing hand every 1min
Circuit of fun
20 Squats, 20 Reverse lunge, 20 Jump Lunge & 20 jump squats for 2 sets
Snatch 10, 9, 8, 7........1es
One Arm/Led Deadlift 20es, Cleans 20es x 2sets