Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29/3 Nice commute 66min KB Class Fun circuit 30 goblet squats 30 backward lunges 30 jump lunges 30 jump squats Around Body passes 2 x 20ew Fun Circuit OA swings 50es Fun Circuit cleans 50es Fun circuit 1 Arm/leg deadlift 2 x 25es 2A swings 50es Missed doing the fun circuit. It's interesting as I seem to get faster with each set.
23/3 Nice pleasant commute 68min 50min KB class Had fun playing with the 24kg 24/3 No riding no training 26/3 Got a chance to get out for 60min on the single speed, so I headed out & did a quick loop of Han's track. First time for this bike on this track & it's been about 8weeks since I rode it last. Was very surprised to see that I was only 25sec slower than the Anthem & that was with time lost putting a foot down on one of the switch back climbs. I'm looking forward to racing it next weekend with Gavin at "the Duael" 27/3 Down to the Oval for tonight's session Battling ropes Tsunami 4 x 50 Jump Lunge x-over 4 x 15es Snake 4 x 50 50m Tyre dragging Superman Arms to shoulders Arms behind Backwards walking Chest press walk Squat/row/walk Nothing left after this, I smashed myself

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21/3 To busy to get any extra time added to the commute 66min
KB class 50min 16kg just a bit of fun

22/3 Still didn't have any extra time today 67min
KB class 55min. Still getting to many people with another 3 newbies showing up. Already had the session planned, just had to move around the exercise order, which dropped the intensity a little bit.
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
OA Swings 50, 40, 30, 20, 10es
Cleans 10, 20, 30, 40es
Lunges 30, 20, 10es
Jerks 10, 20es
Snatch 10es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 20es

Monday, March 21, 2011

20/3 Got up early & did some extras on the way to work, along the Yarra. Had the light on for most of the ride with it getting so much darker. Nobody else to be seen. Nice time of the day 1:45hrs

Deck Squats 2 x 20
Step-up lunge 3 x 10es 2 x 24kg
Rack squat 3 x 10 2 x 24kg
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 10es 2 x 24kg
Plate pass Prone brace 3 x 4ew with 4 x 5kg plates
We did this while Ann-Michel, Gavin & Tim had a battle with the tyres. Was fun to watch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

14/4 Labour day holiday, time to play with the kids.

15/4 Nice commute on the Yarra trails 1:25hrs
PM KB class. This class is pretty much full every week now, so when 4 new people show up, I decided not to take the easy approch to easing them into it. 16kg
3 x 20ew Around body pass
3 x 20 2A swings
3 x 20es OA Swings
3 x 20es Cleans
3 x 20es Rack Lunges
3 x 20es Jerks
3 x 20es One arm/leg deadlifts
I expect to only see 1 of them to come back. Considering 5 of the regulars were away & we were still overbooked, that's a good thing.

16/4 Just a cruise for the commute 68min
KB Class, easy session playing with the 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
2A swings 3 x 20
OA swings 3 x 10es
Cleans 3 x 10es
Jerks 3 x 5es
LCCJ 3 x 5es
One arm/leg deadlifts 3 x 10es

17/4 Nice commute attaching all the climbs, long or short 66min
PM Circuit, moving to next station when the last person finishes the exercise. 21 reps the first time through & 14reps the second time through

SB Weighted bridge 48kg
2 Stage squat 42kg
Single leg step-ups 40kg
Explosive step-up to full Squat
Sandbag Burpee with press 25kg
Sloshball Cleans 35kg
Then to finish off Plate push with 15kg plate & 25kg sandbag 5 x 4m each way.
Good fun punishing session

Monday, March 14, 2011

13/3 Got out on the Yarra trails early today for a short ride on the SS for a nice pleasant 1:35hr.

PM 24kg KB easy session
2A Swings 5 x 20
Rack lunge 5 x 5es
Goblet Squats/Bulgarian goat belly swings 5 x 5/5
X-Over Step-ups 5 x 5es 48kg
Renegade row/push-up 5 x 5
Well it was easy except for the X-over step-ups.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

8/3 Hit the yarra trails on the Single speed again for the commute. Great day, but only time for a little extra. 1:25hrs
PM KB Class
Another fun session with the 16kg. Still getting to many so will have to keep increasing the intensity.
Around body pass 2 x 20ew
Snatch and Jerks 1es, 2es.......10es
swing and clean 1es, 2es........10es
Goblet squat & Bulgarian Goat Belly Swing 1es, 2es......10es
1 Arm/leg Deadlift & Jerk1 Deadlift 1es, 2es..........10es

10/3 Easy commute 70min
Deck squats 40
3 Stage Squats/1 Leg Step-ups 3 x 10/10es OSBB 48kg/2 x 24kg
SwissBall Squat to bridge 3 x 20 OSBB 48kg
1 Leg Deadlifts 3 x 5es OSBB 48kg
Floor Press Floor wipers 2 x 10
The higher reps gave so much more pleasure.

Monday, March 7, 2011

7/3 Got some time to hit the Yarra trails in on the commute today. It's about the best I've seen them so far this year with all the extra rain we've been having. It's fun getting back on the single speed MTB as it's been almost 3 years since this bike was last built up. 1:25hrs
Warm night for the KB class, so I went a little easier
Around body passes 50ew
OA Swings 50es
Snatch 2 x 25es
Rack Lunge 2 x 25es
Jerks 25es
Cleans 50es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 50es
a nice 650reps.
More fun planned for tomorrow night!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

3/3/11 Easy commute, just saving some energy for the fun to come. 70min
Deck Squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squat/1 leg step-up OSBB/2 x 24kg KB's 2 x 5/5es, 6/5es, 7/5es.
Bulgarian Split Squat 2 x 24kg 3 x 10es
Weighted Squat to Bridge on Swissball + TheraTube, OSBB 3 x 10
Floor press/Floor wipers OSBB 2 x 5

The extra reps on the 2 Stage squat really made the step-ups harder
Added TheraTubing around knees for the Weighted Squat to Bridge, to cause great Glute activation.

5/3/11 Finally got the Single speed MTB up and going, so I went out for a quick spin to check it out. 30min. Gavin & I have entered as a Single speed pair for "The Duael" on 3rd April http://flathilldirtcrits.blogspot.com/ so I need to spend some time on this bike.

6/3 Deck Squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squat/Single leg step-up OSBB/2 x 24kg 5/5es, 7/7es & 10/10es
Bulgarian Split Squat 2 x 24kg 10es, 15es & 20es
Weighted Squat to Bridge + TheraTube OSBB 10, 15, 20
Floor Press/Floor wipers OSBB 10reps
The extra reps made it so much more fun.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2/3 Easy commute on the MTB today, just rolled along 70min
KB class 24kg
Another chellange meet today with the 24kg, to do 500 OA swings
OA Swings 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for 550reps, one small tear in hand & one nice big blister on the other hand.
This was harder than the 1000 straight with the 16kg. Now that's a goal for the 24kg.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

28/2 Took the Yarra trail detour on the commute today, even though they are still a mess from all the rain we've been having. I was nice to get off road. 1:25hrs.

PM 16kg KB
Nice easy session tonight, working with a newbie
Around body swings 3 x 20ew
1A swings 3 x 20es
Cleans 3 x 20es
Jerks 3 x 10es
LCCJ 3 x 10es
Snatch 3 x 10es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 25es

1/3 Easy commute 68min

PM 16kg KB the "Jerk + workout
Easy, 10 Jerks each side & then 10 Jerks es b/w every hand change & exercise change
Around body pass 20ew
Snatch 10es
Lunge 10es
Clean 20es
Squat 10es
1A Swings 20es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 20es
2 Arm high swing/row 2 x 20

Ended up doing 340 jerks & lifting over head 400 times. Shoulders feel great.