Tuesday, March 29, 2011

23/3 Nice pleasant commute 68min 50min KB class Had fun playing with the 24kg 24/3 No riding no training 26/3 Got a chance to get out for 60min on the single speed, so I headed out & did a quick loop of Han's track. First time for this bike on this track & it's been about 8weeks since I rode it last. Was very surprised to see that I was only 25sec slower than the Anthem & that was with time lost putting a foot down on one of the switch back climbs. I'm looking forward to racing it next weekend with Gavin at "the Duael" 27/3 Down to the Oval for tonight's session Battling ropes Tsunami 4 x 50 Jump Lunge x-over 4 x 15es Snake 4 x 50 50m Tyre dragging Superman Arms to shoulders Arms behind Backwards walking Chest press walk Squat/row/walk Nothing left after this, I smashed myself

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