Saturday, March 19, 2011

14/4 Labour day holiday, time to play with the kids.

15/4 Nice commute on the Yarra trails 1:25hrs
PM KB class. This class is pretty much full every week now, so when 4 new people show up, I decided not to take the easy approch to easing them into it. 16kg
3 x 20ew Around body pass
3 x 20 2A swings
3 x 20es OA Swings
3 x 20es Cleans
3 x 20es Rack Lunges
3 x 20es Jerks
3 x 20es One arm/leg deadlifts
I expect to only see 1 of them to come back. Considering 5 of the regulars were away & we were still overbooked, that's a good thing.

16/4 Just a cruise for the commute 68min
KB Class, easy session playing with the 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
2A swings 3 x 20
OA swings 3 x 10es
Cleans 3 x 10es
Jerks 3 x 5es
LCCJ 3 x 5es
One arm/leg deadlifts 3 x 10es

17/4 Nice commute attaching all the climbs, long or short 66min
PM Circuit, moving to next station when the last person finishes the exercise. 21 reps the first time through & 14reps the second time through

SB Weighted bridge 48kg
2 Stage squat 42kg
Single leg step-ups 40kg
Explosive step-up to full Squat
Sandbag Burpee with press 25kg
Sloshball Cleans 35kg
Then to finish off Plate push with 15kg plate & 25kg sandbag 5 x 4m each way.
Good fun punishing session

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