Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30/3 Went for an easy MTB ride around the yarra today 90min. The tracks are in great condition at the moment, you just need to be careful with some fallen trees.
KB class in the evening was easy as I had a newbie, so time for lots of technique work.

31/3 Went a bit harder today with 1:50hrs on the MTB.
More newbies in tonight's class with 4 out of 10 never having lifted a KB before. Started with technique & finished with a circuit for 55min

1/4 Great day for a ride with 30c so cruised for 90min
No Newbies for the class today, so we smashes it with sets of 2min with 20sec recovery, lots of fun. Now Neil, smashing others or smashing yourself are both classed as fun, just different levels of fun.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

25/3 easy day today 70min ride

26/3 pushed hard 65minride

PM 2 x 20 deck squats
Agility band 3 x 10
Decide to really push the intensity today, by pushing the reps up & watching the Heart rate explode
Box Jumps 2 x 12kg 2 x 50
Step-up/Lunge 2 x 8kg 2 x 20es. All reps are done on one side then the other. Step-up right then left, step-down right & lunge back on left. Thanks to T-nation for this exercise.
GS Jump squats 53kg 1 x 500. This was so much fun!

27/3 Had a massage from Phillip, who attached my shoulder, taking it's time to get better.

29/3 Up early as had to be home by 10am to go out for brunch, so on the bike at 5:10am for a nice 4:45hr MTB ride out to Smiths Gully. Look like most of the tracks have been untouched by the fires. I've worked out how to cut most of the road Km's out of this ride. It's turn out to look like a great ride.
PM 50min circuit in pairs, 4min per ststion
10 ring push-ups
5 chin-ups
Wall ball 6kg 20
Aqua bag Hang Cleans 20
KB Snatch 10es 20kg
MB Slams 20kg 20
KB Clean & Lunge 20kg 10es
MB Thruster 15kg 10
Step-up/Lunge 10es
9 off us had lots of fun trying to destroy your partner

Monday, March 23, 2009

Neil Vs the band

19/3 Up early today to do some night riding (4:20am) on the MTB on the way into work. A nice play on the bike of 1:50hr today.

  1. PM Deck Squats 2 x 20
  2. Agility band 3 x 10 sprints
  3. One leg step-ups 3 x 20es 2 x 20kg
  4. GS Jump Squats 3 x 150
  5. Aqua Bag cleans 50

21/3 Mucking around today, managed to sprain my ankle, which was the last thing I needed to do before tomorrows race.

22/3 Mt Beauty 6hr. Well things didn't go as planned. Should have had a short hit out yesterday but seemed to run out of time. Today the legs just didn't want to go. Could feel the ankle the whole time, even with it strapped up. After 2:30hrs my injured shoulder started to cause neck pain & at just over 3hrs it was time to stop. Went around & talked to some people, a couple of people took the Giant Anthem OX for a test ride, had some food & I realised that my neck was feeling better, so I decided I'd go out & see how it felt on course. So after a 1:50 break I was back on course, neck & shoulder felt fine & legs all of a sudden felt like they had some snap that had been missing earlier on, so I did a couple off laps & was happy. then it was into the car for the 4hr drive home.

23/3 ride 90min & 45min KB class

24/4 Ride 1:40hr MTB ride & 45min KB class

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17/3 2:30hr MTB ride
45 Kb class

19/3 Was up early this morning out on the MTB at 4:20am for a 85min ride on the trails into work. Had an off due to a new tree that had fallen down & went to myself "don't land on that shoulder" so flipped myself around & beat up my lower legs instead. Lost of fun.

Monday, March 16, 2009

15/3 Had to work, so only a short ride 90min

PM Did a circuit tonight of chin-ups, Wall balls, Aqua bag cleans, KB snatches, MB thrusters, MB Slams, Step-ups & Push-ups, for 50min

16/3 Hills 90min
Did 45min KB class & tried something different. 30min straight work, no rests. Lots of fun

Saturday, March 14, 2009

12/3 Ride 70min
PM 2 x 20 deck squats
Pistols 10kg 3 x 5
Agility band sprints 3 x 10
Box Jumps 1 x 30, 2 x 10kg 1 x 20, 2 x 12kg 2 x 20.
Step-ups 2 x 20kg 2 x 20es
wasn't sure how the shoulder was going to hold up with the jarring from the box jumps, but it was fine.

14/3 Short hard Interval session on the trainer 45min

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5/3 Carolyn had a seminar today, so I got to stay home & look after Riley, so when he had his morning nap I jumped on the trainer & did 70min of the spinerval work-out “Have Mercy” great session.

PM. Picked up a 2m Agility band from Australian Kettlebells today & tonight's session was time to give it ago. Tied the band to the truck tyre, filled the tyre with sandbags so it wouldn’t move, looped the other end into a weight belt & then sprinted away until the band stopped you, then dragged you back. Heart rate went through the roof.

Agility Band sprints 4 x 10
Step-ups 2 x 20kg 3 x 20
GS Jump Squats 53kg 200, 220, 300
2A cleans 3 x 20 2 x 20kg 1 x 24kg

7/3 45min Intervals Have Mercy

8/3 4:30am ride with John up into the Dandenong's for 5:10hrs for 136km & 2500m of climbing.

Olinda at 6:15am
Back through Olinda 1:30hrs later, after 3 more climbs.
After the ride we meet our wife's at Eltham for brunch & then had a play at the park. Here's Riley trying to pat the Ducks

John's catch whatever rest he can on the little Train ride.

Agility band sprints 3 x 10
1A cleans 24kg 340reps or 8160kg moved

10/3 It’s strange as the body is use to riding on Mondays, so with a day off yesterday it was really hard to get going. 65min easy ride
45min KB class 16kg 2min work 1min rest

11/3 70min ride & 45min KB class

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jim in Kenya

Here's Jim doing some Dueling on the MTB in Kenya. Looks like the road are tough with lots of corrigation & sand, but at least the locals have stopped stoneing the riders.

2/3 back to work today with an easy 70min ride & 45min KB class. Did 3 x 10min sets with the 16kg

3/3 60min ride as I had good tail winds both ways. 45min kb class 40sec work 20 sec recovery

4/3 70min easy ride & 45min KB class 5 x 6min sets with 1min recovery

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catching up after Holidays

Been a couple of busy weeks with the Hard Day & Otway Odyssey & 9 days away at Apollo Bay. This is what I’ve been up to. Rode well at the Hard Day but didn’t want to push it to hard before next week so stopped at 5:52hr & 101km for 2nd place.

18/2 Drove to Apollo bay & went out to recon the start of the race. 50min ride up Wild Dog Rd. The start of this race was going to be hard with 20km of climbing in the first 30km. Went for a swim in the surf.

19/2 down time with the family. 30min sharpen up ride

20/2 40min ride with 3 x 3min efforts

21/2 Up early for the 6:30am head down to the start to get a good position. 7:15am & we are off. Road the first section really well not allowing myself to go over threshold & get caught up in other peoples races. This worked great for the first 25km as was already catching people going backwards, & then everything went Pear shaped. First on some fast double track I managed to hit a broken culvert at over 50kph & punctured my rear tyre & cut the side wall at the rim. A quick change & I was off again not losing to much time. 3km later coming down a steep decent I punctured the rear tyre again. In with the last tube & my gas inflate explodes. Should have keep the back up pump on the bike, will do this next time. Next thing I know there is a big crash 20m back up the hill. So up the hill to see if everything is OK & to see if I can get a loan of a pump, only to find I’m there for first aid as he had broken his Collar Bone. Put a sling on & check him out. A couple of minutes later a friend comes along & says that he will look after him & gives me a pump which took about 400 stroke to get any air in the tyre. Back on the bike I’ve only lost another 15min, not to bad. 2km later & coming to the bottom of a super fast decent & the guy in front face plants, take evasive action, put front wheel into a rut & ripped the tyre off the rim & down I go hard. Get up quick move the bike off the track & go to check on the other guy with someone else. He has concussion & the guy helping me move him has a broken rib. Time to check them out a bit of first aid. The guy with the concussion Gives me a spare tube & decides to ride to the next check point. The Guy with the rib decides to join him & they both limp away. Another 400+ stroke of the pump & I’m away with a bit of a sore shoulder & hip. Catch the other 2 quick check on them & keep going. 10min later I realise that my Polar CS600 is missing, so I turn around & head back to the crash site. Takes about 25min to get back against the traffic & after 10min of searching I give up having found someone else’s cheep computer. Now I’ve lost over 1:15hrs & am stuck in slow traffic. Would have stopped as it was a bad day but pushed on & enjoyed the ride for a time of 7:05.

22 – 23/2 rest & recovery with sore shoulder

24/2 easy 50min of hills

25/2 90min out the back of Apollo bay in the hills.

1/3 Up early for a 5:00am ride with John in the Dandenong’s. A nice 3:40hr ride off ?km as my cycle computer is still on holiday & doesn’t seem like it’s going to come home.
Weights in the PM
2 x 20 deck squats
Step-ups 3 x 25el 2 x 16kg doing 25on one side before switching sides
4 x 20es cleans 20kg just going easy on the shoulder
Rack lunges 3 x 5es 20kg

2/3 Easy ride 70min
45min KB class 16kg
3 x 20 2A swings
3 x 10es 1A swings
10min 1A cleans
4 x 12 Rack Lunge
3 x 12 1Arm/Leg deadlift