Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31/3 Still no baby yet, 4 days overdue date & still going

Commute 65min & then get home to Riley going Scoot Scoot, so out for 30min of Scooter time with Flynn tagging along on his bike.
KB Class 50min 24kg. Having yesterday off gave the hands that extra rest so I could handle the 24kg easy. Lots of fun

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

29/3 65min Commute.
50min KB class working with the 16kg. The 32kg from yesterday had destroyed my grip so we went a little easy as I didn't want to leave the best parts of my hands stuck to the KB handle.

30/3 Just time playing with the boys on the scooters as Carolyn was having check-ups to see how Baby onboard is going. Tai Chi practice 15min which I've been doing most days now.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

24/3 Cruised into work today nice easy 65min commute
KB Class was easy again for me with more technique for 3 beginners

25/3 63min commute

Deck Squats 2 x 20
GS Jump Squats 39kg 1000reps Had to give the shoulders a break at 500 & 800reps
Deadlift 60cm OSBB 42kg 100reps. This bar is a menace to the grip.
SloshBall Cleans 25kg 150reps = 70 & then 80reps
Then had to sit back & control Riley as mums getting tired.

28/3 Due date for baby but nothing happening yet. So staying close to home so limited riding time
KB Work-out 32kg
2A Swings 3 x 20
1A Swings 3 x 15es
1A Cleans 4 x 10es
1A Jerks 3 x 5es
Renegade Row/Push-ups 3 x 5
Been a while since I've played hard with the 32kg so took it a little easy.

The Monkey boys

Riley, stating that he doesn't have time to take his helmet off as he needs to get back on his bike fast

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

James Williamson Passes Away

Fellow Giant Rider James Williamson passed away in Ceres, South Africa on Tuesday morning. The former World Solo 24 Hour mountain bike champion had been competing in the Argus Cape Epic Mountain bike race.
According to South African newspaper Cape Argus, the 26-year-old Australian was taken to hospital after his teammate, Sean Lewis, had been unable to wake him on Tuesday morning. He was transported to Ceres Private Hospital where he died a short time later.

James was a nice guy who will be missed. All our best wishes go out to his family & friends.
21/3 Started doing a Tai Chi workshop today & of course I rode there so 1:35hrs commute
Today was 8hrs in which we did about 5:30hrs of practical. Talk about information overload. Master Ming drilled us hard all day, making us repeating the Qi Gong, Tai Chi Basics &Tai Chi forms again & again & again. The hardest part to come to grips with was the transitions from one form to the next. Watching us perform compared to him was a great laugh. So practice, practice, practice, posture, posture, posture.

22/3 Back for the second day of Tai Chi with fatigued glutes & lower back. Nice commute to get me going & recovery 1:35hrs
Today was a little easier with only 6:30hrs with 4hrs of practical. So today we learnt the end of the full routine & put it together. We were filled with huge amounts of info which will probably take a month or 2 to come to grips with. In the end I'll end up with the tools to run a 20 weeks beginners session. This was the best workshop I've every done & a lot of hard work. Time for more practice.

23/3 Back to work today 65min commute.
50min KB Class 16kg
main set today was the good old 500 1A swings, then a mix of Snatches & Jerks. Lots of Fun

Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy few days so time to catch up.

17/3 Easy commute feeling a lot better today 61min
Had beginners again for the KB classes so an easy technique session for me 50min

18/3 Easy commute 62min
PM Fun session. Just a small group tonight of Ann-Michel, Neil & myself.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Super Set
GS Jump Squats 500, 400, 300, OSBB 39kg.
SloshBall Same leg Step-up 3 x 25es. 25kg
Well this was fun until half way through the second set of Jump Squats when I went was that 250 or 350 reps & as you no if you aren't sure the lower number wins. So at my count of 395 Neil stops, so I know I've stuffed up & done extras. It didn't kill me so it must make me stronger.
More fun with the rope tonight, but this time tied to a pole so 1 length.
6 x 40 reps & 3 x 30reps

20/3 As I've got a Tai Chi course for the next 2 days not much chance to do a lot of training, but I slipped this quick session in
300 1A Swings 24kg changing hands every 10 & 50 Push-ups 9:25min. Hands were a bit slippery for the last 120 swings. More chalk next time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

15/3 Got out early & did a little extra on my commute on the MTB 1:40hr. Nice and easy on a beautiful morning.
50min KB class. Thought I was pretty good after yesterdays smash session until I started lifting only to find nothing in the tank. I had no DOMS but I've never been this flat after a session before. Must have been a great session yesterday.

16/3 Still flat today so I kept the commute short 62min
50min KB class. Did a technique session today as we had 3 beginners & it gave me some more recovery. Should feel better after this for tomorrows session.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14/3 Was up early to get a bit of extra time in on the MTB before work 2:05hrs. The trails are in great condition after last weeks rain, but I did manage to run into one tree that had come down in the storms.

PM Fun with the Rope & Sloshballs again
well there where 5 of us, so you got 1 station break every 5 rounds. Timer was set for 40sec work & 10sec rest/change over time. On the sloshball all stations was 20 cleans, if you got it done quicker you got extra rest, if not bad luck. Lets go 40 rounds. 1st round Sloshball & next round on the rope for me.

With the Rope we changed exercise every 10 rounds
Double arm up & down
Double Alt arm
Double arm & jump
Single length alt jump lunge.

In the end everyone was smashed. I completed my 32 rounds with 8 breaks in a time of 33:30min which was 16:30min faster than the 34 rounds done last week (these were also 5sec shorter last week). This may have been why the jump lunges really slowed down towards the end. Well it needed to be hard as I wont be training next Sunday as such as I've got a 2 day Tai Chi course to do if the baby doesn't come early.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

11/3 Felt great on the commute today 61min
PM Fun session
Box Jumps 2 x 60 2 x 8kg superseted with GS Jump Squats 2 x 300 40kg
Sandbag Alt lunge 2 x 20es
Rope & Sloshball supersets
Rope doubled up
2 x Up/Down 50, Sloshball Cleans 20
2 x Alt arms 50es, Sloshball Shouldering 10es
Rope 1 length
2 x Alt jump Lunges. Sloshball press-up & Cleans

Felt so much better on the rope this week, even though they are still destroying me. I'm now using more than just my arm to keep the rope going. It looks like we may have another guest appearance from someone who hasn't trained with us for a while this Sunday. We will just have to wait and see if they show.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10/3 65min Commute
Took 2 classes today. 50min KB class good hard session with 2 x 16kg, followed by a 20min break & then a 45min AquaBack class

Here's Riley rugged up & ready to go for a ride

Sundays session. You can see Emily getting her workout giving Riley Aeroplane rides

Cyndy Have fun
And how much does Peter love exercise not.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9/3 Did a quick KB Swing session this morning
24kg 240 OA Swings 50 push-ups 7:45min. Using the 24 for 240 reps was harder than the 20 for 400reps
Singlespeed commute 65min
55min KB class. Had some beginners today, so I took it easy with them.
Hand were borderline after this due to this mornings session.

Monday, March 8, 2010

4/3 Easy commute 65min
PM Time for some extra fun tonight. Worked in 3's so there was a little extra rest
Super Set 4 x SloshBall cleans 20 with Band sprints 10
Step-up 3 x 20es OSBB
Then we Superseted 4 x 50 Rope work, 2 hands, alternating hands, alternating lunges, jumping & 4 x 100 43kg GS jump squats.
Forearms arms getting better working with the rope & the jump squats were easy.

5/3 Quick session with the 24kg KB
200 1A swings & 50 Push-ups 6:35min

7/3 Had time for a ride mid morning & then Riley saw me changed in to the bike gear & went crazy, Me come! Me come! Me come!. So it was change of plans & 1 bike seat on the back of the single speed, for a ride with the beast on the back. Every time I slowed down to much, he'd start pushing my butt to make me go faster & when we turned around to head home he wasn't happy, yelling for me to go the other way. A very entertaining ride with him yelling hello to everyone.

PM Rope & SloshBall session
Alt between Rope & Ball for the whole session. Worked in Pairs so both on the rope at the same time. 25kg SloshBall
2 x 2 Arm up & Down, Cleans
2 x Jump Lunge, Shouldering
2 x Alt arms, Push-up Cleans
2 x Jump Squat, Push-up Cleans Alt Lunge
2 x 2 Arm up & down, Cleans
Took the rope out to 1 length of 15m for the rest of the session
2 x Up down Jump, Shouldering
2 x Jump Lunge, Clean
2 x Left Middle Right side, Clean & press
1 x Up Down, Clean & press

Not much left in the tank after this. Tooooooo much fun.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2/3 Got out to get some more extras for the commute so it was out & around the trails again. On the way home I hit some of the trails again in the dark. It's been a while since I've needed the lights, but I'm going to need a lot more practice with night riding before October. 100min.

50min KB class. Nice play with the 16kg. Also had a small 5min play with the rope in the morning. My grip is still destroyed from Sundays session.

3/3 Just time for the normal commute on the single speed today 65min

50min KB class 16kg 510reps. To much fun

Monday, March 1, 2010

24/2 Cruised today an easy 64min commute.
KB class 45min made the class go heavy & I just played with the 16kg

25/2 Commute 65min
PM Was running a bit late getting back from a hair cut for Flynn & Riley. Lucky I had the equipment already set up for the session. I was all about survival tonight.
6 x 20 Sloshball Cleans superseted with 10 x Double band sprints. Working with Neil with this was fun, because I'm about 28kg lighter so I can't go as far on the band runs & I get dragged back faster, so I finish the set faster = less rest for Neil = Everyone wins.
3 x 15es Step-up/Lunge 39kg OSBB. Legs were smashed before we started & the didn't get any better. the only up side was that Neil's legs were also smashed, so generally he'd beat me by 3 - 4 reps, but today I managed to keep it to 1 rep. The lunge part of the movement sucked. (I wonder if that had anything to do with Tuesday's KB class? No Probably just soft)
10es Shouldering 35kg sloshball
50 Sloshball Push-ups/Cleans

27/2 Picked up a 15m Power Rope from Australian Kettlebells. It's a 2 inch rope that they were sent to try & the trainers there didn't like it so I took it. It's heavier & tighter woven that the normal ropes, which make it a lot harder to use. I've been trying some Tabata sessions lately & haven't found anything that hurts everything anywhere near as much as a session with this. I struggled to make the 4min. I'm going to have lots of fun with this.

28/2 Went of a fun ride on the Yarra Trails. Great morning with no one else on the trails 1:55hrs

PM Session down the park. Did quite a bit of instruction with the use of the rope so didn't get through as much as the others tonight.
Pairs rope work 10 x 35sec of holding on for dear life & trying to make life as difficult as possible for the person on the other end of the rope.
Double Jump swing
Alt Swings
Jump Lunge swings
Side middle side swings
Side to side
200 16kg OA Swings
10 x Tyre Flips 10 / Sledge hammer hits 10es
Grip was smashed after this session

1/3 Took a long commute on the MTB today 1:55hrs
KB Class. Did some lunge 6min sets tonight with the 16kg. Grip was still an issue today which meant lots of Jerks & LCCJ. Body was a little tired from yesterday.