Tuesday, November 30, 2010


27/11 Headed down early to the start of the Jeep24hr. The weather was ominous with shower & some heavy rain for most of the 2hr drive. When I reached Foret it was just a light drizzle. Stan had set up out Marquees in a great spot the night before as him & Harry racing as a pair were going to share with me.

The Race started & I put myself in a good position in the top 30 & just worked hard enough to hold this position. I went out on the Race King 2.2 tyres as the track should still be in ok condition & to see how they rode in the soft stuff. They gripped better than they should have & were better than lots of other riders choices as I passed them walking on the slippery trails. Just tried to keep things together & rode this set-up for the first 4 laps. At the start of lap 4 the heavens opened up & the tracks were destroyed, so time to swap to the other bike with the Mountain King 2.2 on. These were great & just carved through the mud & rode this to the end except for 1 lap, when Stan cleaned this bike. The conditions made this so much harder than even last years race when it rained, because this year there was rain or drizzly for 23hrs of racing.
I sat in second for virtualy the whole race until Rod exploded & had to stop. I also wanted to stop at 9am, but with Jano hanging shit on my choice of socks, I had to keep going to prove that they were a good choice.
Over night I had the best Light set up from Alistair at Nightlightning Australia with 2 iBlaast II's to blast away the night & make the riding so much easier.
Best way to sum up the race is that i rode hard for 3 laps out of the 22. 1st lap to put myself in a good position & Lap 20 & 21 to show those who were still chasing that I could still go faster.
Thanks to all those who supported me & kept me going out there. My tent buddies & family for helping out & keeping an eye on me. Jano from Bicycles Inc for coming down & supporting us & to Giant for helping out with fantastic bikes, that just kept on going. Next time reminded me that doing some training on the bike & not just commuting is properly a good idea, because this hurt more than anything I've ever done before, because it's the hardest 24hr I've ever done.
For those who didn't show because they might get a bit muddy (Neil, Jim) you are no longer soft, but pink Candyfloss.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nice slack day with just the 66min commute, but I did have a nasty head wind on the way home.

25/11 Commute will be around 65min in the rain & tonight's session will be a nice tune up session for me with some balance work on the Indo Board.

I've got a busy day tomorrow getting ready for the Jeep24hr & looks like I'm going to need to make a change of tyre choice for the race. Off with the Race Kings & on with the Mountain Kings as it's going to rain a lot. There are 16 in my cat so it should be fun

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22/10 Just cruising on the bike taking it easy 65min
Easy week with the KB classes as I'm racing this weekend so I'm only going to play with the 12kg Bell maybe. 45min Class

23/10 Same as yesterday except I picked up the 16kg KB for a couple of sets.

So I'm racing the Jeep24hr this weekend in the Solo 40+ class. After the disappointment of the worlds I thought it would be good to see how I'd be healthy, so I entered. I didn't set any goal, which lead to no real training, just 1 ride over 60min continuous since the worlds, which is very slack. I don't know who I'm racing against & I don't really care. My worst result at this race is a 5th place & that was the only time I haven't been on the podium in the last 7 years. I've been on the top step 5 times so I want to make it 6. I think I'm over this solo bug so I want to make a change next year & get back on the single speed & do some fun team riding for a change & maybe some shorter races. The Weather looks as bad as last year which is one good thing in racing solo as there's no hanging around wet & cold, waiting for riders to come in.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

18/11 Commute 63min

PM Neil asked to go easier as he was racing twice on the weekend, so I said yes & then we had some fun.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
41kg 3 pause squats supersetted with 3 x 20ES Explosive step ups to squat
5 x 5ES 48kg Bulgarian split Squats
3 x 10ES Jumping bulgarian split Squats
3 x 5ES 40kg KBs Renegade Rows and pushup
Glutes felt mighty fine on Friday

21/11 I've spent most of the weekend doing fitness testing with the Australian indoor lacrosse Team, so more about hurting others than hurting myself, but did get a training session in on Sunday night.

3 x 15m Sled pull in & run back with 46kg on sled
3 x 15m Sled pull in & run back with 46kg & then 23kg
1 x 15m Sled pull in & run back with 46kg, 23kg, 46kg & then 23kg
Battling ropes Alt Arms 2 x 50, 2 Arms 1 x 50.

Feel better now

Where to get the sled from

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Toys from Australian Kettlebells. Will be using these this weekend with the Australian Indoor Lacrosse team fitness testing
Milly is making everyone feel bad about their choice of weight to train with

News Flash "Girl eats man's lower leg & starts on hand"

17/11 Nice commute with a pleasant ride home 63min & then straight on with the VFF for a 10min run.

KB class today was easy for me working with a newbie.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15/11 OK so I did a little extra on the commute today in the hills around the back Streets of Ivanhoe, & it was fun (Hurt) 90min
45min KB class 20kg
Did 9 x 3min sets with 1min rest b/w changing hands every 10 reps

16/11 Slack on the commute again today, but I did feel a lot better than yesterday, which showed on the commute time 61min
50min KB class easy with 16kg
Mixed up the rest time today, switching b/w Prone brace or Isometric Squat for all rest periods & we had 16 off those. By the time we were reaching the end, people were looking forward to the set more than the rest period.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

9/11Just the commute today as I finished work early as Carolyn had to go to a meeting 66min.

10/11 Still finding it had to get motivated to do any extra on the bike at the moment & with the Jeep 24hr 2.5 weeks away I'll need to work out a new challenge after that. 65min commute,
45min KB class was time to have some fun with 2 x 24kg bells
5 x 5 Swings
5 x 5 Cleans
3 x 3 & 2 x 5 Jerks
5 x 5 LCCJ
5 x 5 One Leg deadlift

11/11 64min commute
PM Fun
Deck Squats 2 x 20
4 x 5 @ 41kg 3 pause squats Supersetted with
4 x 5ES explosive step ups to squat then box jump

4 x 5 @ 41kg 3 pause squats Supersetted with
4 x 5ES @ 10kg explosive step ups to squat (these completely trashed my legs, must do more)

3 x 5ES @ 40kg KB Renegade Rows and pushup
1 x 10ES @ 40kg KB Renegade Rows and pushup

The supersets were extremely fatigueing, which was great.

12/11 Took Flynn & Riley swimming at MCB, while Carolyn took Milly to visit some people. End result 2 very tired boys & a nice recovery session for me.

14/11 Couldn't be bothered getting on the bike, but Flynn wanted to go for a ride on his. So on with the VFF & down to the Yarra bike path with Riley in the pram for a 29min chase Flynn on bike.
PM session was down the oval. Spent most of my time setting up & directing others, so a bit of an easy session for me. All I got to do was
15m Battling rope up & down 8 sets to failure
Sledge rope pull in & run back with Rings 15m ew 77kg, 54kg, 31kg approx.
The others did
15 - 20kg MB throws across oval
Tyre flipping & Sledge hammer
Tyre Drags
Tractor tyre carries

Monday, November 8, 2010

8/11 For some strange reason the legs don't feel like they have much zip today, I must have one to easy on Sunday. Commute 68min.

45min KTB class. Had lots of fun with the 20kg, but stayed away from the leg work today. All rest was spent in Prone brace, which lead to lots of complaining, which I took no notice of.
Your pain isn't special!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jano's bike is more fun than your bike dad!

With this sort of thing, being ligher dosen't seem to help much.
4/11 Felling good on today's commute 63min
PM Play time
Deck Squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squat pause for 3 sec at 45degrees, parallel & rock bottom Supersetted with explosive step-up landing in full squat back on the ground 5 x 5 / 10es 40kg OSBB
5 x Tyre pulls/ Tyre drags 15m ew

7/11 Got out on the road bike. Not a flash ride as I still seem to be felling Thursdays session a bit, but it was still a great morning for a ride. 1:53hrs 870m climbing
Hit the alley way tonight for partner work on 3 stations. Time per station was dictated by how long it took the pair to do 10 x 60m sprints each towing 35kg tyre

Tyre drag & push 6 times
56kg Truck tyre drag. 10 x 35m with last set done backwards, just to blow the quads apart
60m Tyre sprints x 10
55min to get through all this & legs are destroyed

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3/11 Still just doing the commute on the SS bike 65min, may try to get out for a bit of a longer ride on Sunday & may even get on the that other bike with the funny bars for a change.

45min KTB class, time to play with the 32kg.
Around body pass 3 x 12ew
Snatch 2, 3, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2es
Jerk 5, 4, 3, 2, 1es
Rack Lunge 3 x 5es
Cleans 5, 5, 10es. On the last set went very close to leaving half a palm on the kettlebell handle
OA swings 3 x 5es
Need to spend a bit more time with this weight.

Been thinking about Thursday nights session & like what I've been thinking

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers

I Brought myself a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) about 3 months ago, as I've been wanting to try them out for a while & ran into a problem straight away. I couldn't get my 2 shorter toe on both feet into the toes of the shoes, no matter how hard I tried. To much time spent jammed in shoes. I came up with the answer off getting some toe stretchers to help separate those toes. 2 weeks ago I finally managed to get my toes into the VFF and this is helping me to separate them even further, seemingly each time I wear them. I'm feeling more stable & the feet are definitely stronger already. Weight training is great & I even went out & did a 14min run in them yesterday & feel fine today. I'll need to do quite a bit more work on my running style to adapt to the VFF, but it felt good not to run with all that excess padding in runners. I'll let you know how they go as the training progresses

1/11 Easy 65min commute on the SS for my birthday

KTB class, fun play 16kg

100 around body pass

400 1A swings

200 1A cleans

100 Jerks

60 Rack lunges