Sunday, November 14, 2010

9/11Just the commute today as I finished work early as Carolyn had to go to a meeting 66min.

10/11 Still finding it had to get motivated to do any extra on the bike at the moment & with the Jeep 24hr 2.5 weeks away I'll need to work out a new challenge after that. 65min commute,
45min KB class was time to have some fun with 2 x 24kg bells
5 x 5 Swings
5 x 5 Cleans
3 x 3 & 2 x 5 Jerks
5 x 5 LCCJ
5 x 5 One Leg deadlift

11/11 64min commute
PM Fun
Deck Squats 2 x 20
4 x 5 @ 41kg 3 pause squats Supersetted with
4 x 5ES explosive step ups to squat then box jump

4 x 5 @ 41kg 3 pause squats Supersetted with
4 x 5ES @ 10kg explosive step ups to squat (these completely trashed my legs, must do more)

3 x 5ES @ 40kg KB Renegade Rows and pushup
1 x 10ES @ 40kg KB Renegade Rows and pushup

The supersets were extremely fatigueing, which was great.

12/11 Took Flynn & Riley swimming at MCB, while Carolyn took Milly to visit some people. End result 2 very tired boys & a nice recovery session for me.

14/11 Couldn't be bothered getting on the bike, but Flynn wanted to go for a ride on his. So on with the VFF & down to the Yarra bike path with Riley in the pram for a 29min chase Flynn on bike.
PM session was down the oval. Spent most of my time setting up & directing others, so a bit of an easy session for me. All I got to do was
15m Battling rope up & down 8 sets to failure
Sledge rope pull in & run back with Rings 15m ew 77kg, 54kg, 31kg approx.
The others did
15 - 20kg MB throws across oval
Tyre flipping & Sledge hammer
Tyre Drags
Tractor tyre carries

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