Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ann-Michel & Flynn doing GS Jump Squats.

23/9 Recovery ride 60min

24/9 Ride 70min

Deck squats 2 x 20

Long cycle 3 mins x 4 with 90 sec rest between sets, 24kg 1st set 13rpm, next 3 at 14rpm

BB jump squats 43kg 2 x 100, felt easy so did 1 x 200

KB clean and jump lunge 16kg 3 x 15 each side

25/9 Road ride 3hrs 1730m climbing, very windy day. Did the hill loop out the back of Eltham with 700m of climbing in the first 1hr. Danny told me about another climb to add to my loop which is a side road out of Hurstbridge & runs most of the way to Kangaroo Ground. Great MTB climb as the grade is always changing. I'll hit this ride again next Friday if I can & see how it goes a bit fresher

28/9 Easy week this week after 16hrs training last week

Ride 1:55hrs MTB offroad around Yarra trails

2 x 20 deck squats

worked out with the 24kg

OA Cleans 8min changed hands on the 1min 13L, 13R, 14L, 14R, 14L, 14R, 15L, 15R

OA Swings 10L, 10R every 1min for 10min

O Arm/leg deadlift 10L, 10R every 1min for 10min

Jerks 1 x 5

29/9 Ride 70min

Only 1 KB class today & took it easy with 16kg 45min

30/9 Ride 90min with bit of a night ride, practice for the Scott24hr

KB class 45min with 34min of lifting, easy with 16kg, cleans 10min, One arm swings 10min & mixed it up for 14min

1/10 Easy day 70min commute

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wed 25/9 Had an easy day & did my commute to work on the road bike which gave me a nice easy 60min.

The new mountain bike is on the way an Anthem X O, thanks to Giant & Bicycles Inc. It's due to arrive early next week. It's lighter, stiffer & has better spec's than last years bike. I've decided to change sizes & go from S to XS as I found the S just a bit to long in the top tube for my riding style. The XS should really give me that twitchy ride that I like. Can't wait to try the new bike out

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sun 21/9

Enjoying an early 6am ride with John & Justian. A nice warm 2 degrees heading off to King Lake, a nice 105km ride in 3:30hrs

Heading out of Yarra Glen, gives you a great view
Riley wanting to go for a swim a Warrendyte in the afternoon. Let me go Mum, & it's unusual to see Flynn with some clothes still on when we visit here

Training in the PM on the street. A mix of medicine ball, Hammer & tyre, Sandbag & Kettlebell circuit. Lots of fun & pain. After the big day the legs didn't seem to be working to well.

Ann-Michel & Ryan doing the Barstard

Mon 22/9 rode 70min & did 2 x 45min KB classes
Tues 23/9 45min KB class & 2hrs on the mountain bike. This is my last big week before I start tappering for the Scott24hr in team of 2 with John

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

15/9 ride 70min easy
Did 2 KB classes. The first with the 20 & second with 16.
Lots off Snatches in the first one.
Class 2
Warm-up 30min of lifting. 10rpm, the rest of the min in rack hold.
No putting KB down
3 x OA swings
3 x Snatch
3 x jerks
2 x rack lunges
2 x cleans
2 x 1 arm/leg deadliftC
ool down
16/9 ride 70min
KB class
40sec work 20 sec rest 40min

17/7 ride 70min

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ended up with a chest infection so have been taking it a bit easier
11/9 ride 70min
deck squats 2 x 20
Kneeling KB press 2 x 12kg 3 x 20
OA kb Press 20kg 3 x 5

12/9Rack squats 2 x 12kg 20, 2 x 16kg 2 x 20

14/9 Road ride 120km in the wind 4:30hrs. went down Beach road for the first time in 9 years with a small group from melbourne city baths. Tim was worried that we would be the only 2 doing the whole ride & that is what happened when the out 2 turned around at Mordiallic. The going had been preety slow to this point, with my average heart rate only being 80bpm from Melbourne, so it was time to pick up time. There was a big cross wind all the way do to Frankston & we ave aboy 36kph. On the way back we caught up with some other riders and were going well until Tim decided to put in a bit of an effort coming into Blackrock, exploding the group & the wrighting himself off for the rest of the ride. From Elwood he cramped all the way back to the city. Good ride but too many traffic lights.

PM Did this circuit through almost 1.5 x's in 45min
24kg KB
Snatch 20es
clean 20es
OA swings 20es
2A swings 40
8kg hammer, hitting tyer 100 x's over each shoulder
The Barstard with 23kg sandbag 15
300m OH lockout jog with Aquabag 18kg
OH medicine ball slams 20 x's each with 20kg, 15kg & 8kg
5kg hammer, hitting tyer 100 x's over each shoulder

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Been a very stressful week with Riley getting Pneumonia, & spending 6 days in hosiptal. On average I was spending 21hrs per day at the hosiptal which was very draining. Did exercise to keep the body going to give it some balance to all the sitting around. It's amazing to see the recovey, from I don't want to move just hold me, until yesterday it was don't hold me I've got to much to catch up on. So all's well now

5/9 2 x 16kg Jerks 2 x 5, 4min 40, 5 x 1min 15rpm
53kg Jump Squats 1 x 200

6/9 ride 60min

7/9 deck squats 2 x 20
Each set starts on the 60sec
2A swings 32kg 2 x 20
1A swing 32kg 1 x 12
1A cleans 32 1 x 12
Snatch 28kg 2 x 121
A swing 28kg 4 x 12
1A clean 28kg 4 x 12
Rack lunge 28kg 3 x 12
1 arm/leg deadlift 3 x 12
2A highpulls 3 x 12

8/9 Ride 90min10/9 ride 1:45hr

Monday, September 1, 2008

27/8 Ride 70min
Alt rack hold 1min with OH lockout 1min 2 x 12kg
5min 2 x 16kg Jerks 1, 3, 2, 1min with 1min rest b/w sets 10rpm

28/8 ride 70min
2 x 20 deck squats
Jump squats 1 x 100 53kg, 2 x 100 63kg Moving up to bodyweight made this a lot harder
Cleans 2 x 24kg 3 x 10
Snatch 24kg 3 x 10es
OALCCJ 24kg 3 x 10 no rest

29/8 ride 70min

31/8 2 x 20 deck squats
worked out with 32kg
2A swings 2 x 20
Snatch 2 x 10es, small tear in palm
0A swings 5 x 15es
Rack lunge 3 x 10es
1 arm/leg deadlift 3 x 15es

1/8 1hr ride to work along Yarra trails
1:00pm KB class 60min with 24min of OA jerks, Lots of fun
5:30pm KB class 45min. It's strange but jerks are really hard tonight. Must mean that I need to do more.
1hr ride home in the rain. Decided not to ride the Yarra trails in the rain so did an extra 30min of hill repeats in Ivanhoe.
John & myself have decided with only 5 weeks to go to do the Scott 24hr, as a pair. This means I'm going to need to boost up my weekly mileage & do the extras.