Friday, April 30, 2010

Been doing some Tai Chi almost everyday but not too much else. Will change next week when I'm back at work.
25/4 Ride up to Kinglake with the Bundoora bunch ride. Good solid hit out up the climb with most of the time spent over threshold
Deck Squats 20
32kg KB
2A Swings 3 x 30
1A Swings 3 x15es
Cleans 3 x 15es
Rope Partner work supersetted with 35kg Sloshball cleans 20reps
10 sets

29/5 Deck Squats 2 x 20
2A Swings 1 x 15 40kg 2 x 15 48kg
1A Swings 3 x 5es 48kg
1Leg step-up 3 x 5es 80kg
1 leg Deadlift 1 x 5 80kg Glutes were smashed
Deadlift 10, 20 80kg
OSBB 1A Snatch 3 x 10es 24kg
Get-up Sit-up 2 x 5es 16kg 1 x 5es 20kg

Thursday, April 22, 2010

20/4 just time for a quick ride to pick Riley up from early learners 55min

21/4 10 x 5 80 deadlifts

22/4 Deck squats 2 x 20
6min OALCCJ 88reps Very happy with this at 24kg
Step-up 3 x 5es 80kg
Jump Squats 3 x 30 52kg
Forward backward lunge 3 x 5es Aqua Bag, 35kg sloshball, 25kg Sloshball
Rope up & down 4 x 50

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Baby

On Thursday 8/4/2010 Milly Patricia Williams joined our family at 11:44am. She was 2.540kg & 48.5cm long. She's been home for a while now & the boy's are loving having a little sister. Carolyn & Milly are both doing well & now our house seems to be getting a lot of pink all of a sudden. I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes.

4/4 just time for a quick ride & who should demand to come but Riley. So it was out on the commuter with the bike seat on the back with 60min worth of Wow Dad, Look Dad, Hi, Faster Dad. Lots of fun.

5/4 Quick KB work-out 100 Snatches with 24kg

6/4 300 OA Swings 24kg & 50 Push-ups

8/4 I need to let off some excess energy after the birth of Milly
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Box Jumps 3 x 50
Slosh Ball Shouldering 3 x 15es
Slosh Ball forward backward lunge 3 x 5es
Rope up & Down 2 x 50
Rope Grapler throws 2 x 203s

10/4 Deck Squats 2 x 20
Rope workout
 Up & Down 3 x 50
Grapler throws 3 x 20es
Jump lunge 3 x 15es
Side to side 3 x 25es
Double in & out 3 x 40
Alt arms 3 x 30es
double Grapler throws 3 x 10es

15/4 Deck squats 2 x 20
Step ups 56kg 2 x 10es, 64kg 10es. Fun doing these with 102% BW I'm looking at an aim of using 2 x 40kg KB's
Jump Squats 43kg 3 x 30
Slosh ball forward/Backward lunge 3 x 5es
Slosh Ball Cleans 3 x 30

Friday 16/4 out with Riley again for a quick spin 50min

18/8 Road ride today with Neil & Gav. 3:05hrs out the back of Eltham to St Andrews doing all the fun climbs. Some of us had some leg issues, some of us just haven't been on the road bike for a long time & for another it was the first ride on a new bike on roads they didn't know existed. So this made for great fun & hammered legs. It shows that I need to spend so more time on this bike when a 92kg Brick is climbing better than me. Give me a few weeks.

Training tonight was not going to be pretty after this mornings effort & it wasn't 24kg KB
Deck Squats 20
0A Swings 100
Snatch 50
Lunges 50
2A Swings 50
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 60
2a High Swing Row 20
4 x Rope Double Up Down 50 Super-setted with MB Slams 15kg 20