Saturday, April 28, 2012

25/4 ANZAC Day. Had a nice day with the family, took the boys swimming & let Mum have some R&R with Milly sleeping.
Did a nice nasty quick session in the shed.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Jones Crawl as it's meant to be 3 sets of 1.15% BW Deadlift 10reps & Box Jumps 25. Time 4:06min
OALCC&J 60reps with 24kg KB changing hand ever 5reps. Aims to build back up to 100reps & then move up to the 28kg. Need to make a solid goal again with this exercise to get my A into G, so let's say 50reps on the 32kg & 100reps with the 2 x 16kg.

26/4 Clear roads again so it only to 39min for the commute.

27/4 Nice commute 40min
45min KB Class. Told George to get a 20kg KB today & he said "I'll only do what you do", so I got him & myself a 24kg instead.
Around body passes 2 x 20ew
OA Swings 10es, 20es, 30es & 40es. Changing hands on the 10
Cleans 10es, 20es, 30es & 40es. Changing hands on the 10
1 Arm Leg Deadlift,10es, 20es, 30es & 40es. Changing hands on the 10
Jerks 5es, 10es, 15es. Changing hands on the 5
OALCC&J 5es, 10es & 5es. Changing hands on the 5. George was complaining that I was faster due to not having to lift the KB as high as him. So I made it fairer by switching or KB's to 28kg, as he's 20kg heavier than me. Didn't make any difference, if anything he was slower.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

23/4 Took it nice & easy on the commute today as I'm not feeling the best after yesterdays run. Seem to forget how much harder running is on the body than cycling. Got out of work a little earlier than expected today, so on the way home I did a bit of exploring of the back streets through Geelong, found a couple of hills & a bit of fun. 50min

24/4 Traffic is mayhem in Melbourne at the moment with Elizabeth St half closed. My normal easy 7min cruise from the station to work ended up being 12min of traffic war, with cars driving in all the bike lanes & generally making a nuisance of themselves. Had one of our members drive to the gym today because it was raining & it took them 55min instead of their normal 25min walk. 45min commute because of traffic.
45min KB class. Been talking to Ben about increasing form the 20 to 24kg KB & he did it tonight, so I ran a nice session to ease him into it.
Around body pass 30ew
Now the session was 45sec Left, 45sec Right & 45sec rest
1 Arm/Leg deadlift
1 Arm/Leg deadlift
High swing row
Just enough that Ben didn't want to do anymore

Sunday, April 22, 2012

22/4 Was going to head out for a road ride this morning, but with the rain I couldn't be bothered. So I put on the runners & went for a run instead. Ran down to the Barwon River & headed along the river bank for a few km's, before heading home through the back streets. It's so much quieter down here with 2 runners, 2 cyclists & about 15 cars seen on a 9.5km run. I'm enjoying doing a little bit of running for a change, but am running a lot slower than I use to. Might keep it up, but need to look at a goal if this is to continue.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

15/4 Headed out for a run with Riley in the pram before the others were up this morning. Ended up running down to the river & back through the hills. Time wasn't flash, due to the 30kg+ of pushing, but it was a nice morning & managed to be my longest run in over 8yrs. 7.5km

Did a bit of a gym session in the after noon. Did the Gym Jones Crawl for the first time 3 rounds of
10 Deadlifts at 1.15% of bodyweight & 25 Box jumps. Was slowed down by having tight glut from this morning run, so decided to increase it to 5 rounds.
Deck squats 2 x 20
Jones Crawl 5 rounds 10:41min
OALCC&J 4 x 5es 24kg
BB Overhead walk 100m 20kg

16/4 Nice commute with glutes not helping at all today 41min

17/4 Commute 37min
45min KB class
2 x 20 Around body passes
100 OA Swings
100 Snatches
100 Jerks
100 Cleans
100 OA Swings
100 One Arm/Leg deadliest
20 Snatches
nice easy 700reps

Deck Squats 2 x 20
OALCC&J 6 x 5es 24kg
BB Overhead walk 100m 20kg

19/4 Commute 40min

20/4 Commute 44min alt route with a couple of extra hills
KB Class & Technique session.
For the class today I had 1 newbie & 1 who had done half a dozen classes else where & 9 regulars, so I wrote the session on the board to let the regular get started & the one who had done classes elsewhere also started with them. After 10sec of watching there technique I had to stop them as it was dangerous. Hadn't even been taught how to hold a KB. So I did technique work with 2 & then did a technique session with a new staff member for another hour, 4 hours later.

21/4 Riley & myself hit the shed for a session.
Deck squats 2 x 20
Jones Crawl 6 rounds 10:32min, & this was with spending time teaching Riley how to do his box jumps. With a bit more work I want to aim seeing how fast I can get out 10 rounds.
BB Overhead walk 120m 20kg

Friday, April 13, 2012

10/4 Commute 53min, did a detour for some extra km's
45min KB class
Had a newbie, so while I played nice with technique with them, the rest didn't have such a restful time.
Used a fun finisher at the end of the session tonight.
The circuit of fun. 16kg KB
2 rounds
30 Squats
30 Reverse lunges
30 Jump Lunges
30 Jump Squats
It's called the circuit of fun, because I enjoy listening to everyone complaining for the next 3 days.

12/4 Commute 41min

13/4 Commute 41min
KB class was meant to be when the last person finishes their reps we move straight onto the next exercise, but people (mainly 1 person) weren't listening & taking to long to get started & them weren't completing the correct number of reps. So after 10min of trying I gave up, got the timer out & set it for 2min, no rest.
Cleans 2min es
Jerks es
Cleans es
Switch swings
One arm/Leg Deadlifts es
High Pulls
Switch Swings
Jerks 20es to finish with.
Maybe they will listen better next week (don't think so).

Monday, April 9, 2012

A quick catch up

26/3 Commute 40min

27/7 Commute 35min
45min KB Class 1min es continuous
Around body pass
One arm/leg deadlift
Seated Twist

Did 30min technique work of snatches & overhead squats just with the 20kg bar

29/3 38min commute

30/3 36min commute

31/3 Training in the park at Rosanna 1:20hrs

2/4 We went down to Apollo Bay for a few days & I decided to go for my 2nd run this years along the beach & up trails. 32min of fun running just like I use to do back in NZ

3/4 Headed out the back of Apollo Bay on the MTB for 1:25min of solid climbing.

6/4 Not much time as I have 4 days of painting to do around the house. Did manage to squeeze this in.
2 x 20 Deck Squats
50ew Bulgarian Bag Swings
5 x 5 Front Squats OSBB 41kg
3 x 200 GS Jump squats OSBB
20es OALCC&J 24kg

9/4 Need to finish off the painting today, so I headed out for a quick 5km with Riley taking a ride in the Pram. The Phil & Ted's is no where as good as the old one we use to have for running with, as it tends to want to drive itself at speed, does make for a good workout though.
After painting squeezed in a quick session.

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 Front Squats OSBB 41kg
3 x 200 GS Jump squats OSBB
20es OALCC&J 24kg