Thursday, December 29, 2011

29/12/11 Back to work for a couple of day, so a nice spin on the single speed 41min
Deck squats 34 & 35 as I was slack yesterday & did the catch-up set

30/12 Commute 40min
45min KTB class, the last one for the year.
20, 19, 18, 17,............1es 1 Arm swings with rest being 1 push-up between sets
OALCCJ 50es. I did say 50 total but one person didn't listen very well & kept going, so everyone had to join in
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 20, 10es, just to round it out to 600reps
Deck Squats 36.
Now I've got 2 weeks off, will try to keep the training going.

On New years day there is an interesting race in Forest that I've decided I'll do. 3 trips down the Red Carpet, best 2 count for time. Decided to keep to the stupid idea of racing on New Years Day & race single speed with 33 x 16 & skip the shuttle bus to the top of the climb & ride instead. I've got leg, so I should use them. Probably do some extra riding on the trails as well. Should be a fun way to start the year.

Happy new year

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23/12 Easy commute 38min
45min KB Class. Still trying to bring this class up to speed with technique, lots still to do
30 Deck Squats

24/12 Getting ready for Christmas so just time for the 31 Deck Squats

25/12 Christmas day involved lots of cooking for 21 people & lots of time playing with the kids. Was a great day & didn't get any of that storm that struck Melbourne. So after all the eating & entertaining of people I did manage to get my 32 Deck Squats done.

26/12 Managed to get out for a short ride, when the kids were having some down time. So headed out on the single speed to do some exploring around the local area. Found a great dirt climb not to far from home , that will be great for some hill repeats. 60min
Deck Squats 33

27/12 Flynn & I headed up to the school today with the Sled for a bit of a drag.
Did 3 sets of 4 x 30m with 20sec b/w 30m & 2min b/w sets using the rings first set with 65kg & then added Flynn to the Sled for 84kg. Did the drags on the grass, which gives so much of a better work-out.
Flynn also did a set, just with the sled.
Deck Squats 34

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and are ready for a big year ahead


Thursday, December 22, 2011

22/12 Commute 42min easy
Deck squats 29
Pistols 2 x 5es
Front Squats 2 x 10 20kg, 2 x 10 40kg
With Christmas in a few day I am feeling good about trying to do something everyday.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

16/12 Commute 42min
23 deck Squats & 2 x 5 Pistols es

17/12 Just the deck Squats 24

18/12 Had 1hr free early this morning & decided to head out on the single speed for a spinning session around the river & to see if there were any trails like off the Yarra. Did mamage to find 4 short sections of trail, but nothing like on the Yarra. Will have to do some more exploring. 59:52min 24.7km
Deck Squats 25
Pistols 5 x 5es
Front squats 5 x 10 technique work

19/12 Bit of a longer commute today getting off 3 stations early 54min. Only made 4min difference in the time I got home, but not as nice of a ride.
Deck Squats 26
Pistols 2 x 5

20/12 Commute 39min
Deck Squat 27
Pistols 2 x 5

21/12 Deck Squats 28
Pistols 3 x 5
OALCCJ 25es 24kg

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15/12 Commute 39min of fast spinning
22 Deck squats
Pistol's 3 x 5es Have decided to get back to doing these again for some extra fun with the deck Squats. Will see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14/12 Carolyn's birthday, so a nice family day. Deck Squats 21

Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12 Nice commute today, except the calf was a little sore from the cramp on Saturday. 42min.
17, 18 & 19 Deck Squats. Bit of a catch up with all the riding over the weekend

13/12 Calf's a bit better today 39min Commute & 20 Deck Squats
45min KB class of fun.
With the big weekend on the bike & that virus I had, has put me at the lightest I've been in 5 years at 60.1kg. Is this good is yet to be seen.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big weekend on the bike

10/12 Race day at the Gazebo 3hr out at the You Yangs was a little warmer than expected , hitting 35C in the sun at 11am. Should have brought more fluid as it was only meant to reach 28C.
There was a great turn out of 125 riders for a spin on the flat course. This course is not one for the single speed & I knew it was going to hurt. As I was still only feeling about 90% after that virus, I took the start at a moderate intensity & slotted in with 2 other single speeders into the first of the single track in about the top 40. The tracks were dry, dusty & very loose in places. The course was good for a singles speed but on the fast sections spinning at 195rpm to reach 42kpm hurt too much to do more than once. Held it together pretty well until the 2:30hrs, when I ran out of fluid & the battle began with some cramps. Felt a lot better on the bike than I had any right to, I managed 6th in B grade or 25th overall. Was happy as I was the fastest of the single speeds. It was fast with 69km with 574m climbing covered in 3:00:59hrs. Gears would have made a big difference, but I had a great time racing the single speed, so I thinks I'm going to stick with this set-up for the series.

11/12 Back out on the Single speed again today for a ride on the fun trails between Bells beach & Anglesea. The trails were in great condition with just a few puddles from Saturday nights rain. Ended up doing 2:30hr of playing, with only one of the climbs bringing me to a grinding halt, which I expected as I usually climb it in 26x32 & it's hard to get up it in this gear. Felt good after yesterday, but the climbs today did rip the legs apart.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

8/12 Nice commute 39min. Converted the Mountain bike back to Singlespeed, as I'm thinking of race it like this for this weekends Gazebo 3hr on Saturday. Not coughing as much of a Lung up today, hopefully I should be almost right by Saturday. Big thing I've noticed, is even though I'm still eating fine the body has been stressed with the Virus as I've lost almost 2kg in 10 days.

Deck Squats 15

9/12 Commute 40min & 16 Deck Squats
45min KB class. Did the same work-out as on Tuesday, they weren't happy with the rest option.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

28/11 Easy commute 41min
5 Deck Squats

29/11 - 3/12 Sick with a narsty Virus. Couldn't do anything, a walk around the block required a 3hr nap to recover. Been 15yrs since I've felt this bad

4/12 Did a small work-out & deck Squat catch up
Deck Squats 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11
Squats 44kg 6min 60reps. Bar stayed on back whole time
20min spin on the bike coughing up all of both Lungs

5/12 42min Commuted only coughing up 1.5 lungs today
Deck Squats 12

6/12 42min commute & only 1 lung coughed up, so I'm getting better
Deck Squats 13
45min KTB Class with all rest taken in push-up position
Around body pass 2 x 20
OA Swings 30es
Snatch 8 x 8es
Cleans 4 x 15es
OA Jerks 6 x 8es

7/12 Short work-out
Deck Squats 2 x 20 & my 14 for the day
Cleans 6 x 10 40kg.
Legs still haven't recovered from the squats on Sunday, so they hurt today. Body about 85% of normal function

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forest Festival

It looks like I chose the right race to do with the weather conditions not being the best on Saturday.
Stage 1 was meant to be a 15km loop with about 11km of single track. Thought they would send us up the road & then onto the fire Rd before we hit the single track, to spread the field out on the Rd climb. This didn't happen, 200 riders after about 300m when into this narrow path with room for one rider. Didn't get the best of starts & got stuck in heavy traffic which ended up taking me the next 20min to get a clear trail with very little points to pass. The next problem was that I didn't know the course & so was holding back a little towards the end when I came insight of the finish tent & crosses the line with 11.6km showing on the speedo with 260m of climbing. This put me in second. Just before the end of the stage it started raining lightly. So headed back to the car to get dry & warm. Then the rain set-in.

Stage 2 was the 5km hill climb which was again short at 4.2km. Sitting around for 2:15hr watching the rain come down didn't help the legs at all, just couldn't get going all stage. Just felt like there was nothing in the legs at all. Came 6th on a stage that should have suited me.

Stage 3 was the timed descent back to the start of the climb. With dead legs just couldn't get going & had no flow and only managed 5th on the stage. Was a little cautious due the the crash a couple of months ago, because that's still rattling around in my head.

So I was 4:50min off 1st & 1:50 off second.

It to the car we headed back home & it to the flooding all around Geelong. Water was everywhere & it was nice to know my day was over unlike those doing the Garmin 24hr.

Stage 4 was a 50km loop with around 35kmor more of single track. The decision was do I ride for 3rd with 4th only about 30sec behind, or do I go for the win. Well no question I went for it. I kept within striking distance of Tim who was leading for 30km and then lack of training & racing started to take it's toll. At the 2hr mark I was done & struggled on to the finish, dropping 6min on the riders I was riding with, for a time of 2:45:37hrs. Just couldn't get the HR up with it dropping 15 - 20bpm.

So in the end I ended up in 4th, which considering the amount of training & racing I've done is a good result. Next year the results will be different.
It was a great race, well done to Norm & the crew for putting it on. We did get rain, but it just made things more interesting & the trails held up well.

26/11 1:11:57hrs 448m climbing, 3 deck squats

27/11 2:45:37hrs 831m Climbing, 4 deck Squats

Thursday, November 24, 2011

24/11 Easy 38min commute just ticking over
1 Deck Squat

25/11 42min commute 3 x 3min at race pace to blow the cobwebs out for the next 2 days of racing
2 Deck Squats

I'm looking forward to the race. Have no real expectations, has I haven't been training as much lately. It will be interesting to see how racing on the Tubulars go over the weekends as I'm keeping the Tufo XC2 Plus tyres on & it looks as if we are going to get wet & muddy. At least I'll get to sleep this year, not like for the last 8yrs at the 24hr.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jeff's shed training session Rosanna 3/12/11

Hi Everyone,
                   I'm running a training session at Rosanna Parklands, Bachli Ct, Rosanna 2:00pm Sat 3/12. A mix of KB, Sled, MB and other training. Hope to see you there.

21/11 Early start & a nice easy commute 42min

22/11 Commute 40min easy
50mi KB class, lots of technique work tonight as I had 4 beginners. Worked with time 40 sec work 10sec recovery with a bit more time b/w exercises.
Around body pass 3 x's ew
OA Swings 6 sets
Cleans 6 sets
Jerks 4 sets
LCC&J 4 sets
Rack Lunge 5 sets
Snatch 2 sets

23/11 Day off, tidying things up around the home & getting the bike ready for the weekend, making sure everything is running smoothly. Did a quick 75 deck squats for a bit of mobility.
Thinking about a Deck Squat challenge like the Burpee challenge. Start with 1 on day 1 then 2 on day 2 etc to 150 days & 150 deck squats . Miss a day & make up the next day.
Here's the bike I'll race on this weekend, except 2 x 10 for the race.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

14/11 The legs not feeling the best today, so very easy on the commute 44min

15/11 Commute 42min
KB Class
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
Snatch 8 x 10reps es 15sec rest B/W sets
LCCJ 8 x 8reps es 15sec rest B/W sets
OA Swings 8 x 10es 15sec rest B/W sets
Jerks 8 x 8es 15sec rest B/W sets

16/11 Did more of a technique session
Deck Squats 50
OH Squats 20kg 3 x 10  working on improving bar position over head
BB Snatch 30kg 3 x 5
Cleans 50kg 3 x 5
Front Squats 50kg 3 x 5
Done in 20min

17/11 nice commute 40min

18/11 Commute 44min with a nasty head wind on the way home
KB Class, A pure technique session today, as the AM class needs this more than the training

20/11 Headed out at 6:10am on the road bike as I needed to be home by 8am, so managed a nice ride out through Ceres for 1:47min. Didn't feel that great today so was a bit on the slow side.
Well I've entered the Forrest Festival MTB race net Sat & Sun. 4 races over 2 days will be interesting. It's been a while b/w races & training hasn't been what I'd like, but it's time do do something different. Not doing the 24hr which I've done for the last 8yrs straight on this weekend will be a shame. First race on the hardtail with the Reynolds Tubular wheels will be interesting. I finding the tubulars amazing to ride on. The comfort is fantastic & the grip & corner like nothing else, also being 820grams lighter than my other wheel set-up does help how the bike feels. 9.5kg with a strong 2 x 10 is good.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sat 12/11/11 Busy day with the kids, off to kids party's in Geelong for Flynn. So we headed down to eastern Beach for the Milly & Riley to have a good play.
After dinner had an option for a quick session
2 x 20 deck Squats
5 x 10 Squats 42kg 15sec rest B/W sets

Sun 13/11 Headed out with David on the road bike at &:00am down to Ocean Grove for a 8:00am bunch ride. Been a while since I've been on the road bike & legs weren't feeling to bad at the start. David wanted to do 40min tempo on the way down. I was fine for about the first 15min and then those squats started to take there toll with the HR elevating above what was wanted so I dropped back into the draft to try and save something for latter. After 50min of solid riding we meet up with the bunch, which David said takes it pretty easy for the first half of the ride. Small bunch today of 16 riders & they did take it easy for about a third of the ride with the pace increasing slowly as we went along. When we reached Portarlington, the pace increased again as we headed south beside the bay. Fantastic views flashing past. Was doing high cadence work & was feeling good. Then we turned & the pain began. Rolling pace line was set & speed went from 35 to 45+kph.  Haven't done this sort of riding for year. When we hit the high 40's riders started missing turns & disappearing out the back door. Was still rolling turns & was hurting but managing until we hit a small climb. But when you are over threshold & hit a climb at this intensity I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. 2bpm off max (183) was the result with the bunch slowly getting away. I was ready to concede defeat, but David dropped back to help me get back on over the top & extend the pain. After a couple on min's sitting on I was ready to go again until the next small rise which ended up with the same 183 HR & me a dribbling mess & David dropping back to extend the joy. Lucky for me the pace dropped back & we cruised the end of the ride with the group. The only problem was that I still had another 30km to get home. The last 30km wasn't pretty with the legs asking me to stop all the way home.
In the end it was a great ride & with the Forest Festival 2 weeks away just what I needed, but should have been doing it for the last month or so would have been good. 124km 3:57hrs.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, I had a bit of a stack & got to have a good look at Geelong Hospital on Fathers day, much to the displeasure of the family. Was having a great morning MTB ride in the You Yangs. Did all the hard rocky stuff & was playing in the Plantation area & screwed up a jump, which resulted in me going over the bars at 40+ kph. Made a mess of helmet sunnies & face (12 stichers). Good thing that nothing was broken. This has lead to a quiet few weeks. I did manage to do the Amy Ride & caught up with the Guys riding for Baum. It was good to catch up with Neil, Steve, Jim & David. Turns out that not doing anything for 2 weeks & then heading out for a 120km ride is no easy. For the last 40km cramps were waiting to pounce, so I had to ride carefully. Was happy with how I rode considering.

With the move I've been exploring some new areas for riding. Des who I work with spends a lot of time at Torque & was telling me about some of the trails that he runs on around there & a MTB trail network down by Anglesea, so I've been exploring. Looks like I've got a great spot for riding, with lots of different trails which keep adding together. I'll head down there again on Sunday morning a see if I can add it all together to come up with a fun ride

Monday, August 15, 2011

11/8 Nice commute today, got off at South Geelong & rode around the river for most of the way home. 42min

12/8 Weights session
Deck Squats 1 x 40
OH Squats 10 x 10 20kg
Front Squats 10 x 10 50kg
Milly came out to watch dad train. Wrists still not use to these movements yet, which is more limiting than the weight. Will keep working on it.

14/8 David from Baum told me about a nice road ride around my area, so I decided to check it out today.
Headed out to Ceres through the hills & turned to Moriac & looped around back home. Nice ride even with the fog that left me wet. Took 1:40hr, for my second time on the road bike this year.

15/8 Commute 42min. Must be something about Geelong on a Monday night on the way home as the idiots were out again in their cars slowing down & tooting horns. I guess they just don't have a life.
45min KB class. Lots of technique work with a newbie

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

7/11 Busy weekend with cleaning up the old house, so not much training done, just a light session on Sunday.
30 Deck squats
lots of mobility as i haven't been moving enough
OH Squats 3 x 20 20kg
Front Squats 3 x 10 50kg
Single leg Step-up 3 x 10es 40kg

8/11 Nice commute 41min except for the idiot who throw water at me on the way home after work.
50min KB class

9/11 No idiots today 41min
50min KB Class
16kg kb

round body pass 50 ew
push up prone brace for as long as it took to hurt the others
50 1a swings each hand
prone brace for as long as it took to hurt the others
50 cleans each hand
v sit for as long as it took to teach Tuan to listen
50 jerks each hand
push up prone brace down to elbows and back a few times for more fun
50 lunges each leg
prone brace to push up
50 deadlifts each leg
v sit

10/11 I'm have fun doing the commute on the MTB, a bit wet today but not to bad 41min
50min KB class nice session with the 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
OALCCJ 10 x 5es
OA Swings 4 x 10es 1 x 20es
Felt good, need to do some heavier session soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2/8/2011 I admit it I've been slack with keeping up with the blog, but we have shifted to Highton (Geelong) 2 weeks ago, so it's been a bit of a crazy time getting everything organised. It's a bit far to work for a commute, so it been on the train with a ride to the station & then from the station to work. The basic ride gives me about 35min time on the bike for the day. I've now worked out that if I get off a Station earlier, I get an extra 10min riding, so I plan to do this most days on the way home mainly on the late shifts. I've still been taking the KB classes at work & have done a couple of session at the new house. So much harder when I don't have others to share the fun with. So lets catch up from Sunday
31/7 Decks squats 2 x 20 & then some mobility
Overhead (OH) Squats 3 x 10 20kg Shoulder flex is the limiting factor here (Rugby injuries)
Front Squats 3 x 5 50kg
Back Squats 3 x 10 50kg
Fitting in around work around the house
1/8 Commute 43min
45min KB class
2/8 Commute 44min
50min KB class
2 x's through circuit 1:30min each side 42min straight
Around body passes
OA Swings
Nice challenge

I'm Back

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2/5 Nice commute 64min

Rosanna Scout Hall with Helen.

normal warm up
dragon lunges
spider lungey
side cossack lunges x 2 because they hurt me
backwards lunge x 2

Bag Push across the hall 20 times for Helen. We stopped when Helen finished
circuit of hell 10kg tyre tube

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

26/5 Nice commute 65min
Was down at the Scout hall again & did pretty much the same as last Thursday

29/5 Alley way fun
SledgeHammer & tyre 10 x 30sec on 20sec rest
Tractor Tyre Jump in / Jump out 10 x 30sec on 30es rest
Battling ropes 10 x 30sec on 30sec off
Tyre Flipping 12 x 30sec on 20sec rest

30/5 Commute 64min
50min KB class 20kg
45sec Left, 45sec Right, 45sec rest 3 x's
Around body pass

OA Swings
Reverse lunge
1 Arm/leg deadlift

31/5 Commute 62min felt good today
50min KB Class 16kg
2min work changing hands every 10reps 30sec rest
Around body pass

OA Swings
Reverse lunge
1 Arm/leg deadlift
2A High swing rows

1/6 Short commute today only 40min
45min KB class 16kg
Technique session, nice & easy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

19/5 commute 66min
PM was down the hall, just did the 30m drills tonight, here are some of the exercises we did
Dragon Lunges
Jump Lunges
Backwards lunges
Board Jumps
Duck Walks
Bear Crawls
Crab walks
Spider Lunge

22/5 In the Alleyway with the Battling rope as my friend 45min

23/5 Commute 64min
45min KB class. I decided that this is Squat & OA swing week. Tonight was a warm-up
2 x 20es OA swings, 19 squats, 18es OA swings, 17 squats........... 1 Squat

24/5 commute 64min
45min KB class
OA Swings 20, 19, 18........1, 20, 25es with 20 squats peformed b/w each set of swings
20 cleans es
20 1 arm/leg deadlift es

25/5 commute 64min
45min KB class
Same as yesterday

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spending to much time with house stuff. Hopefully it is almost over for now.
16/5 Nice commute on the SS 74min
45min KB class, played with the 20kg
10min LCCJ 123reps
8min Snatches 100reps
8min Cleans 160reps
Jerks 3 x 10es

17/5 On the commuter today for a bit of a change in pace. 64min
45min KB class with rests in Squat or lunge for 30sec + 16kg
3 x 20 around body pass
3 x 20 OA swings
3 x 20 Snatch
3 x 20 cleans
3 x 15 Jerks
3 x 15 LCCJ
3 x 20 OA Swings

18/5 On the commuter again today 65min
45min KB class 16kg
Around body pass 50ew
OA Swings 50es
Snatch 50es
Cleans 50es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 50es
OA Swings 50es

Sunday, May 15, 2011

12/5 Just the commute for me today 70min of fun

15/5 No extra's today on the commute 70min
PM in the Alley way for sled work with the rings attached doing 50m drags
Hands to shoulders
Over 1 Shoulder es
Cross body to opp shoulder es.
Side stepping es.
& repeated some of the moves

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11/5 Leg felt really bad on the commute to work, just couldn't get going. By home time they felt a lot better, for some reason. 73mincommute. 5min slower going to work.
KB class 50min Rest today was taken in Prone Brace, Squat, Prone brace, Lunge left & then Lunge Right. Each was an isometric hold for 20 sec.
1A swings 5 x 20es
Cleans 5 x 20es
Jerks 5 x 10es
LCCJ 4 x 10es
Snatch 2 x 10es

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4/5 Nice easy commute 70min
45min KB Class 2 x 16kg
Swings 5 x 10
Snatches 5 x 5
Cleans 5 x 20
Jerks 4 x 5
Lunges 3 x 5es
1 Leg deadlifts 3 x 10es

5/5 Just the commute today 70min

7/5 Took Flynn & Riley to the BMX track & spent 1hr running around the track helping Riley keep up with his big brother

8/5 Could feel that running from yesterday, but as I had to work the commute helped to loosen me up 70min.

PM Battling rope session with rope doubled over
This is some of what we did
Up & Down 2 x 50
Alt arms 2 x 50es
Grappler throws 2 x 30es
Spin outs 2 x 50
Spin In's 2 x 50
Jumps 2 x 50
Jump Lunges 2 x 25es
Back up & down 2 x 50
In & Out 2 x 50
Up & down 2 x 50
Grappler Throws 2 x 30es
Jump 2 x 50
Jump Lunges 2 x 25es
The body will take a few days to get over this

9/5 Commute 67min
45min Kb Class 16kg
2A swings 100
Cleans 3 x 20es no rest
Lunge 5 x 10es no rest
Tabata Rack squats
Tabata Jerks
Tabata snatches

10/5 Legs are a bit flat today with a 72min commute
KB class 16kg. The workout today was 20sec work, 10sec rest for 35min. KB was not to be put down.
Did a mix of
2A swings
1Arm/Leg deadlifts
Shoulders are still suffering from Sunday, what fun.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2/5 Nice commute, as I missed the rain for a change 68min.
60min KB class. Played with the 16kg, doing nothing silly as the hands a still a mess after last Wednesday.

3/5 72min commute & 45min KB class. Had something nasty in mind & then 3 newbies showed up, so they got a reprieve, for now.

Riley, practicing for pit crew duties

Sunday, May 1, 2011

28/4 Still busy with all the house stuff getting ready for open for inspections & then keeping the kids out of the house so they don't destroy it, does limit any chance of doing much training at the moment. All I got time for today was the commute 67min.

30/4 Flynn & Riley wanted to go to the BMX track & race day, so I did get 30min on the bike of play riding & then another 30min+ helping Riley around the whole track.

1/5 Took the Flynn & Riley to a Skate / BMX park. It's amazing how quickly they learn. Riley went from "I'm not sure what to do" to wanting to do the big ramp in 20min. Lucky mum was at home, not watching.

PM Oval session on the Battling ropes for me

Tsunami 3 x 50
Alt Arms 3 x 50es
Grappler throws 3 x 20es
Jump Lunge 7 x 20es
Side to side 3 x 40es
Tsunami 3 x 50
Grappler throws 3 x 20es

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well I've been busy with School holidays & Easter so have update for a couple of weeks. Have not done as much train as I'd like, but need to get back to recording what I've been up to, so I'll make a start with yesterday.

28/4 Nice commute on a fantastic day for riding 68min. Wish I'd had some extra time to do some more.
45min KB class. New idea for today's session, but need to go heavier, 28kg.

1 swing es & 5 squats
1, 2 swing es & 5 squat after 1 & 2's
1, 2, 3 swings es & 5 Squats like above
etc to
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 swings es & 5 squats

which give a total of 470 swings & 275 squats

Was a challenge to do & hand lasted until the 9's on the last set & then exploded. 3 torn callous & 3 blisters. Just 26 reps of swings to many.
O.K. so I destroyed my hands in the process, but they will heal & I had a great workout & others suffered, which is all that matters.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy at home at the moment as the house has gone on the market, so training time is a bit limited to get anything extra in.
11/4 Nice commute 70min
50min KB class. Rest today was taken in either Squat, push-up position or lunge position for some extra fun.
Rest was taken b/w every hand change, set etc
Around body pass 3 x 20
2A Swing 3 x 20
1A Swing 3 x 20es
Clean 3 x 20es
Jerk 3 x 20es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 3 x 20es

12/4 just the commute today as I finished early 71min

13/4 Easy 72min commute
KB class 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
2A swing 3 x 10
1A swing 5 x 10es
Clean 5 x 10es
Jerks 5 x 5es
LCCJ 5 x 5es
Snatch 3 x 5es

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mitch Docker 15th at Paris-Roubaix

Well done Mitch for his great effort in Paris-Roubaix yesterday to come in 15th at 47sec after being in the lead group for over 160km. Check out his interview

10/4 Lazy commute 70min
PM session I just took it easy directing other & just did bits & pieces.
Some tyre drags
A couple of sprints
Dragon lunges 25m
Duck walks 25m
Cossack lunges 50m
Reverse lunges 25m
Duck walks 25m
After doing this my legs felt fantastic

Saturday, April 9, 2011

4/4 It feels like it will be a bit of a recovery weeks after yesterdays race, as the body is a little beaten up.
Nice commute 70min. 45min KB class took it very easy with the 12kg

5/4 Easy commute 70min
KB Class 16kg
Change hands on the 1min, 4min per exercise with no rest between. Fun.
around body pass

One arm swing 
Rack lunge
One leg deadlift
Squat/Lunge circuit of fun

6/4 easy commute again 72min & another 45min play with the KB with all rest done in prone brace for fun

7/4 easy commute 71min & then down to the scout hall for a session
Mobility warm up

11kg Bulgarian Bag 2 circuits of 40m
duck walk
jump lunge
board squats

weighted plate push
120m, 160m, 200m
feet on plate, reverse bridge walk 20m
wheelbarrow plate drag 20m

Bulgarian bag fun
Clean to back of neck & squat 50
Around body swing 25ew
Russian twist 25es

8/4 Milly is 1 today, so Dad spent some quality time with his daughter.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Duael

3/4 First race in 4 months & it was what we thought was a 6hr pairs race. Loved the format with you having to change riders every lap, so no doubling up & doing extras.
Woke to a nice cool morning & none of the showers that were forecast. Gavin & I headed out to Mt Macedon just after 7am, which was nice with the end of daylight savings having that extra 1hr in the morning.

We were entered in the single speed class & up against Justin & some other good teams. The course was a small bit of fire road, a bit of double track, a small bit of open single track & heaps tight single track in the bush. It was pretty flat with only 81m of climbing per lap over 7.47km. I was on some of the old Geelong course which I haven't ridden for about 9yrs.

 A couple of shots of Gavin on his last lap
     We did rock/paper/scissors for the privilege of starting, which Gavin won. So he had the privilege of starting. We didn't have the best start, as it was fast & open at the start where having gears really make a difference. Gavin came in mid pack with Justin having come through a few minutes ahead. Then for me started a blur of racing. The lap was fast & fun & with 21min + lap times it seemed that you just sat down & it was time to get up & go for your next lap. There was nothing that I didn't like about the course. Even the fire road was fun because it had big mud puddles, a hills & was short. It had 2 sets of nice switchbacks that ripped the legs apart before the end of the day. The riders were great at moving aside when they could & waiting patiently until it was safe to pass. The pit's were friendly. It was just a great days racing. As time went on we slowly got closer to the front & moved into third & then second, back to third & then all of a sudden there was less than 50mins of what we thought racing left & there was 15sec between 1st - 3rd & the race was on. Gavin did another great lap & I went out & hit the fire road still seeing the other 2. Caught Jarrod on the first climb & was slowly bringing back the other guy when we hit the single. Next thing I know here he is on the side of the track trying to fix his rear wheel that had slipped. So I smashed myself & got back just before the 6hr mark to send Gavin out for his last lap. I thought my day was done as Jarrod who was now second came in after the 6hr mark, so I headed out to the start of the single track to hassle Gavin & tell hill that Jarrod had made it in on time & Justin was chasing, which didn't make him happy. Then I told him that he hadn't. Rode back to transition for Chris to say to me "so it looks like you'll get another lap in", I go "what" & he says "single speed class isn't 6hrs, it's a pro class, so it's 6:30". I quickly roll down to where Justin is sitting icing his knee & tell him if he wants that second spot he needs to get back on his bike. Gavin comes across the finish line ready to celebrate to seeing me waiting on the bike ready to go again, with a very surprised look on his face. I didn't need to go out & do this lap, because we couldn't be beaten, but that was beside the point. I was here to do the best I could & not stop when it was convenient.
In the end we did 18laps ahead of Justin & Jarrod in second on 17laps. Gavin rode strong & didn't miss a beat, just what you want when racing.
   Did I go as hard as I could Except for the last lap, my other 8 lap time were within 24seconds period. I Started cramping a bit on lap 6 & a lot on lap 7 which was my fastest lap of the day. In 3:17:20hrs of racing, I spent 1:20mins in zone 1 & 3:06:33 in zone 4.
   In the end we had a fantastic day & Justin who was the fastest won the draw & walked away with a brand new set of Reba 29" forks in a redraw with Nick leaving early with nothing. I happy with the bragging rights until next time.
Thanks to Ann-Michel for bring along the yummy food & you missed out on a great race Neil. Hope you are feeling better Steve.
30/3 Takeing it easy on the commute, because the legs don't seem to want to work very well today after last nights KB session. Don't seem to know why 70min
45min KB class, just easy for me today working with a newbie
31/3 Legs still seem a bit slow for the commute 72min
PM training back at the Scout hall
Deck squats 2 x 20
Circuit 3 x's
Walking lunge 20m
Duck walk
20m Jump lunge
20m Board jumps
10kg plate push 2 x 80m, 1 x 120m
Bulgarian bag fun circuit
Swing to shoulders &  jump squat 30, 25, 20
Around body swing 20, 15, 10ew
By the time we finished my legs had started working again, which will be nice for the Duael this weeked

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29/3 Nice commute 66min KB Class Fun circuit 30 goblet squats 30 backward lunges 30 jump lunges 30 jump squats Around Body passes 2 x 20ew Fun Circuit OA swings 50es Fun Circuit cleans 50es Fun circuit 1 Arm/leg deadlift 2 x 25es 2A swings 50es Missed doing the fun circuit. It's interesting as I seem to get faster with each set.
23/3 Nice pleasant commute 68min 50min KB class Had fun playing with the 24kg 24/3 No riding no training 26/3 Got a chance to get out for 60min on the single speed, so I headed out & did a quick loop of Han's track. First time for this bike on this track & it's been about 8weeks since I rode it last. Was very surprised to see that I was only 25sec slower than the Anthem & that was with time lost putting a foot down on one of the switch back climbs. I'm looking forward to racing it next weekend with Gavin at "the Duael" 27/3 Down to the Oval for tonight's session Battling ropes Tsunami 4 x 50 Jump Lunge x-over 4 x 15es Snake 4 x 50 50m Tyre dragging Superman Arms to shoulders Arms behind Backwards walking Chest press walk Squat/row/walk Nothing left after this, I smashed myself

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21/3 To busy to get any extra time added to the commute 66min
KB class 50min 16kg just a bit of fun

22/3 Still didn't have any extra time today 67min
KB class 55min. Still getting to many people with another 3 newbies showing up. Already had the session planned, just had to move around the exercise order, which dropped the intensity a little bit.
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
OA Swings 50, 40, 30, 20, 10es
Cleans 10, 20, 30, 40es
Lunges 30, 20, 10es
Jerks 10, 20es
Snatch 10es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 20es

Monday, March 21, 2011

20/3 Got up early & did some extras on the way to work, along the Yarra. Had the light on for most of the ride with it getting so much darker. Nobody else to be seen. Nice time of the day 1:45hrs

Deck Squats 2 x 20
Step-up lunge 3 x 10es 2 x 24kg
Rack squat 3 x 10 2 x 24kg
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 10es 2 x 24kg
Plate pass Prone brace 3 x 4ew with 4 x 5kg plates
We did this while Ann-Michel, Gavin & Tim had a battle with the tyres. Was fun to watch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

14/4 Labour day holiday, time to play with the kids.

15/4 Nice commute on the Yarra trails 1:25hrs
PM KB class. This class is pretty much full every week now, so when 4 new people show up, I decided not to take the easy approch to easing them into it. 16kg
3 x 20ew Around body pass
3 x 20 2A swings
3 x 20es OA Swings
3 x 20es Cleans
3 x 20es Rack Lunges
3 x 20es Jerks
3 x 20es One arm/leg deadlifts
I expect to only see 1 of them to come back. Considering 5 of the regulars were away & we were still overbooked, that's a good thing.

16/4 Just a cruise for the commute 68min
KB Class, easy session playing with the 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
2A swings 3 x 20
OA swings 3 x 10es
Cleans 3 x 10es
Jerks 3 x 5es
LCCJ 3 x 5es
One arm/leg deadlifts 3 x 10es

17/4 Nice commute attaching all the climbs, long or short 66min
PM Circuit, moving to next station when the last person finishes the exercise. 21 reps the first time through & 14reps the second time through

SB Weighted bridge 48kg
2 Stage squat 42kg
Single leg step-ups 40kg
Explosive step-up to full Squat
Sandbag Burpee with press 25kg
Sloshball Cleans 35kg
Then to finish off Plate push with 15kg plate & 25kg sandbag 5 x 4m each way.
Good fun punishing session

Monday, March 14, 2011

13/3 Got out on the Yarra trails early today for a short ride on the SS for a nice pleasant 1:35hr.

PM 24kg KB easy session
2A Swings 5 x 20
Rack lunge 5 x 5es
Goblet Squats/Bulgarian goat belly swings 5 x 5/5
X-Over Step-ups 5 x 5es 48kg
Renegade row/push-up 5 x 5
Well it was easy except for the X-over step-ups.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

8/3 Hit the yarra trails on the Single speed again for the commute. Great day, but only time for a little extra. 1:25hrs
PM KB Class
Another fun session with the 16kg. Still getting to many so will have to keep increasing the intensity.
Around body pass 2 x 20ew
Snatch and Jerks 1es, 2es.......10es
swing and clean 1es, 2es........10es
Goblet squat & Bulgarian Goat Belly Swing 1es, 2es......10es
1 Arm/leg Deadlift & Jerk1 Deadlift 1es, 2es..........10es

10/3 Easy commute 70min
Deck squats 40
3 Stage Squats/1 Leg Step-ups 3 x 10/10es OSBB 48kg/2 x 24kg
SwissBall Squat to bridge 3 x 20 OSBB 48kg
1 Leg Deadlifts 3 x 5es OSBB 48kg
Floor Press Floor wipers 2 x 10
The higher reps gave so much more pleasure.

Monday, March 7, 2011

7/3 Got some time to hit the Yarra trails in on the commute today. It's about the best I've seen them so far this year with all the extra rain we've been having. It's fun getting back on the single speed MTB as it's been almost 3 years since this bike was last built up. 1:25hrs
Warm night for the KB class, so I went a little easier
Around body passes 50ew
OA Swings 50es
Snatch 2 x 25es
Rack Lunge 2 x 25es
Jerks 25es
Cleans 50es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 50es
a nice 650reps.
More fun planned for tomorrow night!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

3/3/11 Easy commute, just saving some energy for the fun to come. 70min
Deck Squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squat/1 leg step-up OSBB/2 x 24kg KB's 2 x 5/5es, 6/5es, 7/5es.
Bulgarian Split Squat 2 x 24kg 3 x 10es
Weighted Squat to Bridge on Swissball + TheraTube, OSBB 3 x 10
Floor press/Floor wipers OSBB 2 x 5

The extra reps on the 2 Stage squat really made the step-ups harder
Added TheraTubing around knees for the Weighted Squat to Bridge, to cause great Glute activation.

5/3/11 Finally got the Single speed MTB up and going, so I went out for a quick spin to check it out. 30min. Gavin & I have entered as a Single speed pair for "The Duael" on 3rd April so I need to spend some time on this bike.

6/3 Deck Squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squat/Single leg step-up OSBB/2 x 24kg 5/5es, 7/7es & 10/10es
Bulgarian Split Squat 2 x 24kg 10es, 15es & 20es
Weighted Squat to Bridge + TheraTube OSBB 10, 15, 20
Floor Press/Floor wipers OSBB 10reps
The extra reps made it so much more fun.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2/3 Easy commute on the MTB today, just rolled along 70min
KB class 24kg
Another chellange meet today with the 24kg, to do 500 OA swings
OA Swings 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for 550reps, one small tear in hand & one nice big blister on the other hand.
This was harder than the 1000 straight with the 16kg. Now that's a goal for the 24kg.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

28/2 Took the Yarra trail detour on the commute today, even though they are still a mess from all the rain we've been having. I was nice to get off road. 1:25hrs.

PM 16kg KB
Nice easy session tonight, working with a newbie
Around body swings 3 x 20ew
1A swings 3 x 20es
Cleans 3 x 20es
Jerks 3 x 10es
LCCJ 3 x 10es
Snatch 3 x 10es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 25es

1/3 Easy commute 68min

PM 16kg KB the "Jerk + workout
Easy, 10 Jerks each side & then 10 Jerks es b/w every hand change & exercise change
Around body pass 20ew
Snatch 10es
Lunge 10es
Clean 20es
Squat 10es
1A Swings 20es
1 Arm/leg deadlift 20es
2 Arm high swing/row 2 x 20

Ended up doing 340 jerks & lifting over head 400 times. Shoulders feel great.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

24/2 Felt good on the bike today. Must have been energised from yesterday, 65min commute.
Deck squats 2 x 20
3 Stage squat, Explosive set-up to Squat & Box Jumps 3 x 5/5es/10 OSBB
The box jump were very hard, straight after the other 2
Bulgarian Split squat/Bulgarian jumping split squat 3 x 5es/10es 48kg
Weighted Bridge 3 x 10 OSBB
Feet on KB Bridge 3 x 10
Push-ups 50

Truck Tyre work
4 sets of 30m each drag
Hands at shoulders
Hands behind
KB swing fun 24kg
100, 80, 60, 40, 20

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23/2 Felt bad on the commute in today, no energy & flat. By the time I headed home I was feeling fantastic. Must have been the energy giving KB work-out. 68min

40min KB class 16kg
Good solid warm-up
1A Swings 1000 with no rest, 28:27min
Did the first 200 changing hands every 25 & the rest of the way changing hands every 20. This ended up being more of a mental than physical challenge & for the second 500 I was swing the KB higher than in the first 500. So what next, I think it's time to build the swing up with the 20kg & next time use this. My hands were fine with the 16, but I know the 20 will be a different story. I've still got to do the 500 with the 24kg sometime.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22/2 Nice easy commute today, just rolled in on the MTB 68min
45min KB class
Ended up doing the same session as yesterday again, except we went to 25 1a swings & push-ups. for 975reps. Hurt more the second day through. Tomorrow I hope to do a challenge for that KB group, as long as only the regulars turn up, will be fun.

Monday, February 21, 2011

20/2 Got out on the Yarra trails today & they are still showing the signs of the flooding from 2 weeks ago. It was very messy. 1:25hrs

PM Just Tim & myself tonight, so I made Tim go heavy for a 2KB session, I just played with the 2 x 20
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Single leg step-ups 3 x 10es
LCCJ 4 x 5
1 Leg deadlift 3 x 10es
Renegade Row/push-up 3 x 10
Get-up sit-up 3 x 5

21/2 Did a little extension to the commute today, feeling really good. 1:25hrs
45min KB class 16kg
1a swing 1es, push-up 1
1a swing 2es, push-up 2
1a swing 3es, push-up 3.........................................
1a swing 24es, push-ups 24

for 300 1A swings es & 300 push-ups.
Was taking 20sec rest when the last person finished each set. Feeling good, with no pauses in push-ups.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

17/2 Legs feeling really flat today so just went easy on the commute & dropped the jumping from the afternoon weights. 70min

Deck Squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squats & single leg step-ups. 3 x 5/5es OSBB/40kg
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 10es 48kg
Renegade row/push-up 4 x 10
Dragon Flags 3 x 5

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16/2 Just another easy ride. Need to find more time to get out and smash myself. 67min
45min KB class 28kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
1A swings 3 x 10es
Snatch 3 x 5es
Jerks 3 x 5es
LCCJ 3 x 5es
Switch swings 3 x 20
Felt very heavy today. The sets of 50 straight have extracted a price.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14/2 Still taking the riding easy with just the commute 67min
45min KB class
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
1A Swings 50es
Snatch 50es
Jerks 100 changing on 25's
Rack lunge 50es
LCCJ 100 changing on 25's
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 50es
Need to work on length of snatch sets, as the hurt

15/2 Only rode 1 way today as Carolyn had a meeting in the city, so I needed to bring the kid's in with me & start late. 33min ride home
45min KB class
Around body pass 50ew
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 50es
Snatch 50es
1A swings 50es
Cleans 50es
1A switch swings 50es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 50es (had to do this again due to the sounds of joy when we did 50es, first time around)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

13/2/11 A nice cruise on the bike today 67min

PM KB Session 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
1A Swings 200reps changing hands every 10
Lunges 3 x 15es
Cleans 3 x 15es
LLCJ 3 x 5es
Goblet squats 20

Saturday, February 12, 2011

10/2 Nice commute today 66min with-out the rain that was forecast, doesn't mean that it wasn't extremely humid.

PM Sweat feast
Deck squats 2 x 20
3 Stage Squat & explosive step-up to full squat 3 x 5/10es 60mm Diameter OSBB bar. My grip strength is getting better at holding onto this bar.
Bulgarian Split Squat/Bulgarian Split jump squat 3 x 5es 56kg/10es B/W
LCCJ 2 x 24kg 5, 5, 4
1A Swings 1 x 50es 24kg
Dragon Flags 2 x 5
Dragon Flags with scissor kicks 5 for fun

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8/2 Legs a bit heavy today on the commute 68min
50min KB class with 16kg
100 Around body passes
The rest was done with hand changes every 10reps
500 1A Swings
100 Snatches
100 1 Arm/Leg deadlifts
200 cleans
for a nice easy 1000reps

9/2 Felt flatter on the bike today than yesterday, but for some strange reason I was faster 64min
45min Kb Class 28kg
Did a session working on technique with a heavier KB. After this I've decided I need to play with the 28 or 32kg be a least once a week as I wasn't that good today & it couldn't have had anything to do with the 1800reps I did in the 2 days before.

Monday, February 7, 2011

2/2 Not much go on the bike today, so took it very easy. 70min commute
45min KB class. Easy session with the 24kg, low reps.

3/2 Easy commute again today, with plans for fun tonight. 68min
Deck Squats 3 x 20
3 Stage squat with explosive step-up to full squat OSBB 3 x 5/10es
Bulgarian split squat with Bulgarian split jump squat 3 x 5es48kg/10es
Plate pushes. 15kg plate & 23kg sand bag 2 x 12 x 4m
then just the plate 12 x 4m
Dragon flags 2 x 5 with 2 x 16kg KB for support. A lot harder this was as the KB come off the ground & move around.

6/2 Down the Oval for some fun
6 x 30m Sled drag 70kg walking backwards
6 x 30m Truck tyre drag
Sledge hammer Tractor tyre hits & flips 5 x 20es hits 4 x 10 flips
The oval was still a bit damp, which made the Truck tyre & sled stick & grip more while reducing grip under foot, which ='s more fun. Ann-Michel did most of the drags with the rope attached to the top of the tyre. I then showed how to get the front of the tyre not to dig into the ground by flipping it over. I did most of these Bear crawl style, just to keep moving.

7/2 Nice commute today 63min

45min KB class 16kg
80 around body passes
200 1A swings
100 Snatches
100 Jerks
200 Cleans
100 1Arm/Leg deadlifts
20 2a high swing rows
800 reps

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

31/1 Hot & humid today, so didn't push hard, just a nice cruise 68min
45min KB class, worked on technique due to temp & a newbie.

1/2 Started latter than normal today which was nice except for a couple of things. 39 degrees in the shade & 43 on the bike in the sun. Left with plenty of time so I could take it easy in the heat. This plan didn't work, as at 5:30min from home that dreaded feeling of a squishy rear tyre came about as tightly sealed air was released into the atmosphere. Then there is the question do I fix this or head home & swap bikes. I decided that I was going to have to fix it a sometime so it might as well be now. Fixed it now became a hard ride to make up time in the heat, & does the wind help me, no it shifts from a N to NW just to add to the fun. 66min commute

50min KB class. Like last Monday all rest in Push-up brace position. Ann-Michel was complaining about sore abs from last Thursday still, so this turned out to be the perfect workout for her.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

26/1 Australia day, time to spend with Family

27/1 Easy commute on the 1 x 9 65min
Deck Squats 3 x 20
Shin Jumps 10 & 20. Haven't done these for quite a while. Kneel down & Jump to feet
3 Stage Squat & Explosive step-up to full Squat 5 x 5 & 10es 43kg
Bulgarian Split Squat 48kg 5 x 5es
Dragon Flags using 2 x 24kg for support 2 x 5

30/1 6:30am, DOM's hasn't gone away, so out for a ride with Gavin along the Yarra Trails out to do Han's Loop a couple of times. As it was going to be very hot wanted to get the ride done early. Great morning ride with the trails in good condition. I just need to spend a bit more time on the bike as the 1 x 9 handle a lot different from the Anthem.
It was hot, but not as hot as predicted which left 4 of us training together, so we did a body weight session.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Box Jumps 10 & 4 x 20
Prisoner Step-up/Lunge 30es, 20es, 10es
Depth Jumps 3 x 10
Air Roller jackknives 3 x 30

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

24/1 Nice ride today even with a little bit of DOM's 65min
45min KB class.
I was nice today & gave everyone lots of rest (in prone brace position) b/w sets. So 560 reps & 14min resting

25/1 Felt good today rolling into work 64min

50min KB class tonight. I had fun
Around body pass 3 x 20ew
Circuit with 10 reps each side, 5x's through
1 Arm/Leg Deadlift
Nice way to get some good volume

Sunday, January 23, 2011

20/1 Nice easy commute today & feeling good 64min

2 x 20 deck squats
Alley Drag session again for the 5 sets of 4.
Big difference tonight as it was hot, which made the tyre softer and more grippe, so more work.

23/1 Flynn's Birthday so no chance of a ride today.
6 of us hit the alley way for 4 sets of dragging with a lighter weight in the Sled & a smaller tyre tonight
Set 1, 4wd Tyre at 48kg
Set 2, Sled at 70kg
The Tyre was way harder that the sled so we dropped it's weight
Set 3, 4wd tyre 33kg
Set 4, Sled at 70kg
The tyre at about 40kg should be about the same as the sled at 70kg for future reference depending on temp.
Renegade row/push-up 3 x 5es 40kg KB's

Good to see Steve Caddy show up & smash himself for fun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19/12 Nice commute today as the legs are getting better, can't say the same for the rest of the body with the shoulders tight from yesterdays KB workout. 65min commute.

45min KB class. Time to do this session
1000 1A swings 16kg
Broken down this way. 1min rest every 100reps
10 x 10 1A swings
2 x 50
100 left hand
100 right hand
2 x 50
2 x 50
4 x 25
4 x 25
10 x 10
10 x 10

The 100 straight each hand, was the hardest part of the session, will need to do more of these.
My hands were fine, but not everyone was so lucky.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18/9 Legs still very heavy from Sunday, but did seem to have a bit more snap on the ride today 65min
For those who went eating & drinking at the tennis, you missed out on a fun session.

45min KB Class 16kg of fun
Around body pass 2 x 20ew
1A Swings 6 x 20es, no rest
Jerks 6 x 10es, no rest
Cleans 6 x 20es, no rest
1 Arm/Leg Deadlift 5 x 10es
Snatches 1 x 10es
For a sweet 800reps.

My KB participants have been talking about what they expect & want to do on Wednesdays session, so my spies tell me. They are in for more than they expect or want, but it will keep me happy because I've wanted to try this for a while, I just didn't have an excuse. (as if I really need one)

Monday, January 17, 2011

17/8 Well Sundays session did catch up with me today, not DOM's just legs are exhausted with no real snap, so it's just an easy commute 66min.
45min KB class easy with the 16kg
Around body passes 2 x 10ew
The main session tonight was 10 to 1's es no rest this = 55reps each side
1A Swing
Most of the session was fine, but not the Lunges on today's legs.
16/1 Commuted to work on the MTB today & did some extras on the Yarra trails & was in for quite a few detours due to the rain, 5 in fact. 5 times the trail disappeared into the high flowing Yarra or a newly formed pond. Apart from this excess water in places the trails were in pretty good condition, considering how much rain we have had over the last week. No one else was seen on the trails for the whole ride. 1:50hr

PM Same session as Thursday night dragging the tyre except it was dry, so the tyre gripped heaps, which meant out came the extra 15kg & it still felt 50% harder, which means it was more fun. The sled went from 94kg to 118kg for Gavin's & Helen's enjoyment.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

13/1 Felt a lot better on the commute today, but the Humidity is still hard to deal with. 64min
Deck squats 2 x 30
Truck Dragging time. Attached the rings to the truck tyre for fun & add 15kg Bulgarian bag to the tyre to give it a weight of 71kg, then do 20 x 25m ish sprints alt 4 different hand positions.
1 Superman
2 Hands at shoulders
3 Hands stretched out behind
4 Going Backwards (To destroy the Quads)
With the Alleyway wet I managed to run / stagger these. When it's dry this will destroy, as it was by the end I was getting that running on empty feeling.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10/1 Nice commute on the single speed 64min
45min KB class with good rest tonight 16kg

11/1 Another fun commute in the rain 64min
45min KB class, a bit more intense tonight with 4 x 9min work & 1min rest

12/1 High humidity, headwind & rain = slow ride 69min
45min KB class. People should be careful with what the say, was the lesson for today's class.
Barbara asked to do Snatches early, so we did. 2 x 16kg used
Snatches 22 x 5
Was going to be 20sets, but on set 19, Mark goes that's 18 only 2 to go. So if he wanted us to do an extra set I needed to raise him one.
Jerks 5 x 10.

Monday, January 10, 2011

6/1 Easy commute on the MTB & the adjustment to the front chain ring seem to have fixed the problem & no more chain suck. 66min

Deck Squats 2 x 20
Step-ups 3 x 10es 40kg
KB Rack Box Squats 3 x 10 40kg
KB Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 10es 40kg
Renegade row Push-up 3 x 10 40kg

8/1 When for a run with Flynn on the bike & Riley in the pram 3km.

9/1 PM weights in Alleyway
Sledge rope Drags & Ring Superman Drags back 15m ew, 70kg, 47kg, 24kg x 5
Tyre Drags 10 x 120m
Battling ropes
Up/Down 3 x 50
Alt arms 3 x 50es

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4/1/2011 Cruised into work on the 1 x 9 just getting use to the bike, a nice pleasant ride 65min
First KB class for the year, so we just worked on the basics & i played with the 16kg.

5/1 Put a 33 tooth chain ring on the front that Gavin had lying around, as the 32 I had on was pretty much destroyed & was also ramped, which was causing to to come off now & again. The only problem I found on the ride in with it was that as soon as I put any power down I ended up with chain suck. So after the commute it ground down some of the edges slightly & hope that it will fix this issue. 72min
45min KB class. Decided to drop the reps & go a bit heavier today. 24kg
Around body passes 3 x 10ew
1A Swings 3 x 10es
Cleans 3 x 10es
Jerks 3 x 5es
LCCJ 3 x 5es
Lunges 3 x 5es
Nice & easy start for the year. Aim is to build back into doing this sort of session with the 32kg

Monday, January 3, 2011

4/1/2011 & back to work

Riley's gone big wheels

Well it's been a lazy week and a half with very little training, just time for the body to catch up on some rest & play with the kids.
23/12 Easy commute 67min on SS
Deck squats 2 x 20
OSBB 3 Stage Squat, Jump Squat & explosive step-up to squat 5 x 5, 10, 10es 41kg Bulgarian Split lunge, Bulgarian Jump split lunge 5 x 5, 10es 48kg
Renegade Man maker 3 x 5 32kg

26/12 15min run just to keep moving

29/12 KB rack squats 24kg, 32kg, 40kg & 48kg 5reps of each

3/1 Ran into Gavin yesterday and we decided to head out for a ride. I'd put together an old steel bike that hasn't been used for 6 or so year for some fun. Used bits and pieces & ended up going for a 1 x 9. Was feeling crap after not doing anything much & just couldn't get into the grove, but still had fun heading out to Han's loop. Gavin rode much better than me today, but it was fun to get back onto a hardtail as I haven't ridden one since 2007. My riding definitely been getting lazy just riding on a duallie.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year. For me it's time to get back on track & suffer.