Saturday, April 9, 2011

4/4 It feels like it will be a bit of a recovery weeks after yesterdays race, as the body is a little beaten up.
Nice commute 70min. 45min KB class took it very easy with the 12kg

5/4 Easy commute 70min
KB Class 16kg
Change hands on the 1min, 4min per exercise with no rest between. Fun.
around body pass

One arm swing 
Rack lunge
One leg deadlift
Squat/Lunge circuit of fun

6/4 easy commute again 72min & another 45min play with the KB with all rest done in prone brace for fun

7/4 easy commute 71min & then down to the scout hall for a session
Mobility warm up

11kg Bulgarian Bag 2 circuits of 40m
duck walk
jump lunge
board squats

weighted plate push
120m, 160m, 200m
feet on plate, reverse bridge walk 20m
wheelbarrow plate drag 20m

Bulgarian bag fun
Clean to back of neck & squat 50
Around body swing 25ew
Russian twist 25es

8/4 Milly is 1 today, so Dad spent some quality time with his daughter.

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