Monday, August 15, 2011

11/8 Nice commute today, got off at South Geelong & rode around the river for most of the way home. 42min

12/8 Weights session
Deck Squats 1 x 40
OH Squats 10 x 10 20kg
Front Squats 10 x 10 50kg
Milly came out to watch dad train. Wrists still not use to these movements yet, which is more limiting than the weight. Will keep working on it.

14/8 David from Baum told me about a nice road ride around my area, so I decided to check it out today.
Headed out to Ceres through the hills & turned to Moriac & looped around back home. Nice ride even with the fog that left me wet. Took 1:40hr, for my second time on the road bike this year.

15/8 Commute 42min. Must be something about Geelong on a Monday night on the way home as the idiots were out again in their cars slowing down & tooting horns. I guess they just don't have a life.
45min KB class. Lots of technique work with a newbie

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

7/11 Busy weekend with cleaning up the old house, so not much training done, just a light session on Sunday.
30 Deck squats
lots of mobility as i haven't been moving enough
OH Squats 3 x 20 20kg
Front Squats 3 x 10 50kg
Single leg Step-up 3 x 10es 40kg

8/11 Nice commute 41min except for the idiot who throw water at me on the way home after work.
50min KB class

9/11 No idiots today 41min
50min KB Class
16kg kb

round body pass 50 ew
push up prone brace for as long as it took to hurt the others
50 1a swings each hand
prone brace for as long as it took to hurt the others
50 cleans each hand
v sit for as long as it took to teach Tuan to listen
50 jerks each hand
push up prone brace down to elbows and back a few times for more fun
50 lunges each leg
prone brace to push up
50 deadlifts each leg
v sit

10/11 I'm have fun doing the commute on the MTB, a bit wet today but not to bad 41min
50min KB class nice session with the 24kg
Around body pass 3 x 10ew
OALCCJ 10 x 5es
OA Swings 4 x 10es 1 x 20es
Felt good, need to do some heavier session soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2/8/2011 I admit it I've been slack with keeping up with the blog, but we have shifted to Highton (Geelong) 2 weeks ago, so it's been a bit of a crazy time getting everything organised. It's a bit far to work for a commute, so it been on the train with a ride to the station & then from the station to work. The basic ride gives me about 35min time on the bike for the day. I've now worked out that if I get off a Station earlier, I get an extra 10min riding, so I plan to do this most days on the way home mainly on the late shifts. I've still been taking the KB classes at work & have done a couple of session at the new house. So much harder when I don't have others to share the fun with. So lets catch up from Sunday
31/7 Decks squats 2 x 20 & then some mobility
Overhead (OH) Squats 3 x 10 20kg Shoulder flex is the limiting factor here (Rugby injuries)
Front Squats 3 x 5 50kg
Back Squats 3 x 10 50kg
Fitting in around work around the house
1/8 Commute 43min
45min KB class
2/8 Commute 44min
50min KB class
2 x's through circuit 1:30min each side 42min straight
Around body passes
OA Swings
Nice challenge

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