Monday, October 27, 2008

Around the Bay photo's

27/10. 85min ride Had fun with being back to taking 2 KB classes today, used 16kg KB. Ended up doing 24min OALCCJ, 16min Rack Lunges, 16min 1 Arm/Leg Deadlift & bits & peaces of othe exercises

Climbing Oliver's

Tim enjoying Oliver's
Happy group at end of ride

Sunday, October 26, 2008

26/10 easy 70min ride
Took weights a bit easier tonight as am still not feeling the best. Just trained with 24kg KB. Changing hands on the 1min.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
OALCCJ 4min, 4min, 2min, 100reps
1 Arm Cleans 2 x 2min 60reps
1 Arm/Leg deadlifts 3 x 2min 108reps
1 Arm rack Lunges 3 x 2min 74reps

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Easy week

Time for an easy week before the the next block of training for the Kona 24hr at Forest.

20/10 Ride 70min easy & took 45min KB class, went easy with the 16kg

21/10 Ride 70min easy & 45min KB class, did a 10min 1ALCCJ with 16kg

22/10 ride 80min & stretched the legs out a bit

23/10 ride 70min easy
2 x 20 Deck squats
1ALCCJ 10min 20kg changing hand on 1min about 120reps
53kg Jump squats 3 x 100 Felt really good today, lots of speed
28kg KB Snatch 2 x 10es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 2 x 10es

24-25/10 Sick. Flynn managed to bring another nasty bug home from pre-school & gave it to Riley & myself. Starting to feel better

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Around bay & Riley's Birthday

19/10 Was up at 4:30am getting ready for Around the bay, Melbourne - Serento - Melbourne. Was on the bike at 5am heading to work to meet the 3 others I'd be riding with. Chris & Paul were there on time, but as usual Tim took meeting at 5:30 & leaving at 5:45am to mean show up at 5:50am. So it was away with dodging taxi's through the city & rider's everywhere. Was a nice uneventful ride with no misshap, which is always good with around 20,000 cyclist on the road. Ride time for the offical ride was 6:15hrs & for me I ended up with 7:15hrs & 222km & a massive 1100m climbing.

18/10 We had a party for Riley's birthday on Sat afternoon, which we spent with family & some friends. Check out the Cake Carolyn made, which kept me fueled for Around the bay.

16/10 Riley Keeping an eye on Neil at training
2x 20 decksquats
OALCCJ 10min 16kg 167reps
Jump squats 43kg 3 x 100
Made Neil & Alex do 3 x 15 Jump snatch Lunge

Check out more Photo's from last weekend

Monday, October 13, 2008

Canberra for the 24hr

10/10 after an easy week of training it was time for a 24hr race as a pair with John giving me 4 weeks notice that we were racing. So into the brickman's Ute for the 8hr drive to Canberra. Troy from BMC saved us a spot as we were late getting away due to John's dad having some heart problems on the Thursday night. George told John to get out of here & go race, with the Doctors agreeing ever thing was O.K. So we arrived at 6pm & set up 100m from transition with the food area straight behind us. Giant Supplied us with a nice big 3 x 6m tent with sides & back which was our home for the next 48hrs.
Our nice new home.

8:30pm after some food, it was time to put on our nightlightning lights & we headed out for a night laps on the red lap. These lights never let us down in all the night riding & racing we do. This is a great fun lap which take 10km to climb 280m & then descends back to the pits 3.5km away. Legs felt great.
John hitting it out on the prologue, before his flat

Top of the climb on the prologue

Estimated times & messages

Ute packed for the trip home

John did the prologue & was second away. Was riding great until he flatted within 10m of catching the rider in front within 2km of the finish.

Let the 24hr begin. John started & as usual I found myself going out at the pointy end of the race for my first look at the 15.4km blue lap with 330m of climbing. This was a lot tougher lap as it was more technical & rocky with fun jumps. Glad we were on our Giant Anthems as they just ate up the rough stuff at speed. We set into our race rhythm & just started ticking the laps over.

On my third lap I managed to puncture my tyre on a rock, but thanks to running Geax Sagauro's with Pit Stop sealant, the 5mm cut sealed & I was able to keep riding. Back at the pits I just topped it up with air & it was fine for the rest of the race.

In the end after 24hrs of racing we came in second, which was a fantastic result with minor preparation. 450km of racing with 9430m of climbing between us. Thanks to Craig at Bicycle Inc & Giant for supplying me with such a sweet ride & to nightlightning for letting us see so well in the dark.

Are we ready for our next 24hr in 7 weeks time? you bet ya!!

Lap 31 Time 51:05 Speed 15.62 Jeff Williams

30 50:45 17.97 John Claxton

29 44:24 17.97 Jeff Williams

28 51:17 17.78 John Claxton

27 42:09 18.93 Jeff Williams

26 49:16 18.51 John Claxton

25 43:51 18.20 Jeff Williams

24 52:21 17.42 Jeff Williams

23 44:00 18.14 John Claxton

22 52:07 17.50 John Claxton

21 46:07 17.30 Jeff Williams

20 51:43 17.63 John Claxton

19 43:51 18.20 John Claxton

18 56:19 16.19 Jeff Williams

17 44:28 17.95 John Claxton

16 55:28 16.44 Jeff Williams

15 46:46 17.06 John Claxton

14 53:46 16.96 Jeff Williams

13 45:01 17.73 Jeff Williams

12 52:24 17.40 John Claxton

11 42:09 18.93 Jeff Williams

10 49:09 18.56 John Claxton

9 40:41 19.61 Jeff Williams

8 47:49 19.07 John Claxton

7 41:08 19.40 John Claxton

6 48:07 18.95 Jeff Williams

5 38:15 20.86 John Claxton

4 46:44 19.51 Jeff Williams

3 38:11 20.90 John Claxton

2 45:11 20.18 Jeff Williams

1 35:54 22.23 John Claxton

Also Congratulations to Mitch Docker for signing for the next session with Skil-Shimano, He may be back to do some training with us after the Herald Sun Tour.

Monday, October 6, 2008

5/10 Did 14 x 20sec sprint on my 30min commute home from work & then took a training session down the oval & I just played with the 12kg & ran a few laps of the oval. Everyone else got smashed.

6/10 70min easy ride today & took 2 x 45min KB classes. Went real easy myself & only picked up the 12kg. Easy week just keeping the body ticking over

7/10 90min ride with 3 x 5min efforts at race pace. Didn't do the KB class today as I made Jai take the class & I just observed. 4 days to race day & feeling good.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

30/9 45min KB class
Did 90min riding today with 60min night ride around the Yarra on the way home from work

1/10 easy 70min ride

2/10 easy 70min ride
2 x 20 deck squats
OALCCJ 10min 16kg changing hands every 5reps 147 total, went easy for first 5min with 60reps & pushed hard for second 5min 87reps. Getting so mush fitter with this as HR didn't get over 130bpm due to the light weight.
30kg Jump squats 3 x 100

3/10 Did the same ride as last Friday & was 9min faster & felt as if I went a lot easier. What a great morning even if I was on the bike before 6am
Nature on the side of the road

Heading up Flat rock rd. Great training for the MTB as the gradient is always changing
Took Flynn Rock climbing in the afternoon & he managed to climb the 25m wall & can't wait to go again

5/10 Went out early this morning to get some night riding in, 45min before the sun came up around the Yarra Trails. A nice 95min Before work.
So Everything is starting to come together for next weekends Scott24hr with Team mate John. Both our Giant Anthem's are ready to tear the track apart. Ascend is supplying us with the energy food for the Race & Nightlightning are taking care of our lights for the little hours. Now it's time to sharpen up with some short sprints this week, to bring some fire into the legs.