Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuffed up

4/2 Easy 70min ride

5/2 easy 70min ride
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Pistols 10kg 3 x 5es
Box Jumps 1 x 30, 2 x 16kg 3 x 20
Step-ups 1 x 20es, 2 x 20kg 1 x 10es, 2 x 24kg 2 x 10es
GS (Girevoy Sports) Jump squats 53kg 3 x 250
Aquabag Hang cleans & MB Slams 2 x 30/20
Got a bit lazy tonight with my warm-up set of box jumps & wasn't focusing. The picture below is what happens when you get lazy with your concentration. As a result I still have a sore swollen shin 7 days later.

6/2 easy 70min ride

8/2 When out the back of Eltham for a road ride in the hills & saw smoke everywhere from the fires, Road where closed so decided to keep closer to home & repeat lots of short climbs. 3:48hr with 1936m climbing.
2 x 20 deck squats
Step Ups 1 x 20es, 2 x 24kg 4 x 10es
OALCCJ 4 x 10es 24kg
OA Swings 3 x 20es 24kg
2A swings 3 x 50

9/2 70min easy ride
2 x 45min KB classes with lots of lunges 20kg & 16kg

10/2 70min ride

11/2 70min ride
I've entered the 6hr enduro this weekend at the You Yangs, all the money from the event is going to the Fire victums. http://entryzone.bighillevents.com.au/

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Training hard in the heat

29/1 Hot day again 45 degrees so easy 35min ride
5 of us trained today & had a lot of fun with those who haven't been training to much lately
Deck squats 2 x 20
12kg Pistols 3 x 5es
Box Jumps 1 x 30, 2 x 16kg 3 x 20
GS Jump Squats 53kg 3 x 200
finished with circuit of 3 x Aquabag hang cleans 30, 20kg MB slams, 8kg MB Push-press Box jumps

Steve Enjoying the slams with Justin waiting

Neil becoming friendly with the 20kg

Who's melted into the floor

30,31/1 not good days as Riley picked up a bug & given it with love to Mum & Dad
1/2 Still flat so went easy today
Deck Squats 3 x 20
24kg work-out
OA Swings 3 x 20es
OA Cleans 3 x 15es
OALCCJ 3 x 10es
Snatch 3 x 10es
O Leg Deadlift 3 x 10es
2/2 Easy 2hr MTB ride
3/2 Easy 65min on the road bike
Flynns first day at school, & Riley wanting to know why he can't go

4/2 easy 70min on the bike