Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28/7 Did the commute on the MTB for some extra trail time 1:25hrs
50min KB Class. Didn't push them as hard today as yesterday
1A swings 2 x 15es 1 x 30es
Snatch 2 x 15es 1 x 30es
Cleans 2 x 15es 1 x 30es
Jerks 2 x 15es
1ALCCJ 2 x 15es
Rack Lunge 2 x 15es
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 2 x 15es

29/7 easy day on the bike 35min
KB class
Good warm-up swings, cleans, hand to hand swings
20min 1ALCCJ changing hand every 10 reps. 289reps
27/7 Still a bit flat today so crusied the Yarra trails 1:40hr for my commute

45min KB class. Did a GS workout tonight, with longer rest than normal with the 16kg
Good mobility warm-up & a mix of swings

All sets done with 1 hand change. rest B/W sets 2min
Snatch 6min, 4min, 2min
OALCCJ 6min, 4min, 2min
Cleans 6min

Sunday, July 26, 2009

23/7 70min commute
PM workout
2 x 20 deck squats

Step-up Lunge 4 x 10es 24kg Bar
Box Jumps 4 x 20 20kg
Superseted the above exercises

Agility band Sprints 4 x 10

GS Jump Squats 53kg, 2 x 200, 1 x 300

25/7 Hoped on the trainer & did 65min of 'Have Mercy' DVD Couldn't get the HR up today, the legs hurt, but the power was there so I kept going.

26/7 Got out on the MTB for 90min around the Yarra trails. Legs still a bit flat, but a great ride

PM was time to punish myself & others with a fun circuit. To many rounds last week so more exercises this week. got through 4 complete rounds & 1 extra run

Run 500m
KB Double Lunge 10es 2x16kg
KB Double Cleans 10 2 x 16kg
The Bear 5 24kg
Chin-ups 10
Ring Push-ups 10
Sandbag Snatch 10 23kg
MB Slams 10 20kg
AR Jack knives
Step-up lunge 5es 12kg medBall
Farmers walks 80m 64kg

First time this weekend that I've managed to get the HR high & keep it there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

21/7 1:30hr, longer commute on MTB
50min KB class. Had a newbie, so not as hard as yesterday.

22/7 65min commute on Single speed. Was going to do some extra's on the way home, but as it was raining I took the soft option & rode straight home.
45min KB class. Did the 600 workout with the 16kg with only 1 hand change per exercise.

Snatch 50L/50R
Clean 50L/50R
Squat 50L/50R
1A Swings 50L/50R
Push-Press 50L/50r
Jerk 50L/50R

24:15min. Arms exploded in the Push-presses & Jerks.

Monday, July 20, 2009

20/7 Did the commute on the MTB today so I could ride some trails on the way home in the dark. Trails are in a great condition at the moment & didn't see anyone else out. 1:25hrs

KB Class. Had an expericenced group today, so I pushed them hard. Changed hands every 1min & didn't stop for the 36min set. The cleans were the rests. 16kg
2 x's through

Around Body Pass, each way
1A Swings
1A Cleans
1A Snatch
1A Cleans
1A Jerks
1A Cleans
1A Cleans

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flynn's having a play with His & Riley's KB

16/7 Longer commute today 90min

PM Deck Squats 2 x 20

Step-up lunges 2 x 15es 32kg, 1 x 15es 40kg. The 40kg set sucked.

Sandbag Snatch 24kg 2 x 30

2KB Jerks 2 x 20es 20kg

Renegade Man Maker 1 x 11, 1 x 10, 2 x 16kg

18/7 Had time for a quick play & DOM'S had set in so Deck squats 3 x 20.

I then had a play with my 24kg Old-School Bar from http://www.kettlebells.com.au/store/old-school-barbell-40-mm.html Weighs about 24kg. Step-up lunges 3 x 10es & OA Jerks 4 x 5es

Sunday 19/7 1:47min ride in the hills. Felt crap but rode well & so was happy

PM Did a 40min Circuit. Did 6 complete rounds & 1 extra run HR was 165+ for whole session

Run 600m

Chin-ups 10

Push-ups 10

KB Cleans 10 2 x 16kg

KB Lack Lunges 10es 2 x 16kg

MB Slams 10 20kg

AirRoller Jack Knives 10

The Bear 5 24kg

After this it was time for Nachos & Tour Highlights

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

14/7 commute 63min
50min KB Class. Had 3 newbies so did lots of technique work today

15/7 Commute 67min
50min KB Class. Had fun & started with the KB Triathlon. 4min Jerks, 4min LCCJ, 4min Snatch.
Followed up with Renegade Row Push-ups, Double Cleans & some swings.

Monday, July 13, 2009

13/7 65min on single speed

45min KB Class. Went with the 16kg to try and loosen up & it didn't work
2A Swings 3 x 20
1A Swings 3 x 20es
1A Cleans 3 x 15es
1A Jerks 3 x 10es
1A Snatch 3 x 10es
1ALCC&J 3 x 10es
It's amazing how quickly the hands get soft again as I ended up with 2 small blusters. Have to go easy on the hands tomorrow which means Lot's of squats, Lunges & Presses in the class. I can hear the complaints now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12/7 63min Commute on the single speed.

Deck Squats 2 x 20
24kg KB workout tonight. The timer was set for 1min for the start of the next set or other arm.
2A Swings 3 x 20
1A Swings 3 x 20es
1A Cleans 3 x 15es
1A Jerks 3 x 10es
Snatch 3 x 5es
1ALCC&J 3 x 5es
1 Arm/Leg Deadlift 3 x 15es
High Pull 3 x 20
or 12960kg moved during session. Next time the aim will be 15000kg.
Ended up with a small tear in the palm of my hand, as this is the first time I've been able to throw the 24kg around like this, since I hurt my shoulder in Feb. It's still not right, but it's getting stronger again & I can now Jerk the 24kg almost pain free.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Haven't put much down lately as we have been on holiday, so it's been family time in the Sun up around Noosa with very little structured exercise.

25/6 Easy 65min commute

Circuit with Jim & Neil

1 x 50 Deck
circuit of 2 minutes on, 1 minute rest, for 4x's

Waterbag Hang Cleans
53kg GS Jump Squats
8kg MB Slams
16kg Box Jumps Sets 1 & 3, Step-up Lunge sets 2 & 4.

Managed to go harder every round & punch out extra reps.

30/6 20min run beside the beach, pushing Riley in the pram

2/7 30min Kayak in the channel with the 2 boys adding extra weight.

5/7 20min Run along side the Noosa river.

7/7 20min run

9/7 Back home & a chance to get on the indoor trainer so I did 60min Spin ave 105rpm

PM training with Neil
2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 16kg Box Jumps, Superseted with 3 x 10 Powerband Sprints HR just keep getting higher.
1 x 100 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 200 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 300 @ 53kg Jump Squats3
x 5 @ 36kg Renegade Man Makers
3 x 10es @ 32kg Ring Lunges

Great welcome back session.