Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10/1 Nice commute on the single speed 64min
45min KB class with good rest tonight 16kg

11/1 Another fun commute in the rain 64min
45min KB class, a bit more intense tonight with 4 x 9min work & 1min rest

12/1 High humidity, headwind & rain = slow ride 69min
45min KB class. People should be careful with what the say, was the lesson for today's class.
Barbara asked to do Snatches early, so we did. 2 x 16kg used
Snatches 22 x 5
Was going to be 20sets, but on set 19, Mark goes that's 18 only 2 to go. So if he wanted us to do an extra set I needed to raise him one.
Jerks 5 x 10.

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