Sunday, January 23, 2011

20/1 Nice easy commute today & feeling good 64min

2 x 20 deck squats
Alley Drag session again for the 5 sets of 4.
Big difference tonight as it was hot, which made the tyre softer and more grippe, so more work.

23/1 Flynn's Birthday so no chance of a ride today.
6 of us hit the alley way for 4 sets of dragging with a lighter weight in the Sled & a smaller tyre tonight
Set 1, 4wd Tyre at 48kg
Set 2, Sled at 70kg
The Tyre was way harder that the sled so we dropped it's weight
Set 3, 4wd tyre 33kg
Set 4, Sled at 70kg
The tyre at about 40kg should be about the same as the sled at 70kg for future reference depending on temp.
Renegade row/push-up 3 x 5es 40kg KB's

Good to see Steve Caddy show up & smash himself for fun.

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