Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23/12 Easy commute 38min
45min KB Class. Still trying to bring this class up to speed with technique, lots still to do
30 Deck Squats

24/12 Getting ready for Christmas so just time for the 31 Deck Squats

25/12 Christmas day involved lots of cooking for 21 people & lots of time playing with the kids. Was a great day & didn't get any of that storm that struck Melbourne. So after all the eating & entertaining of people I did manage to get my 32 Deck Squats done.

26/12 Managed to get out for a short ride, when the kids were having some down time. So headed out on the single speed to do some exploring around the local area. Found a great dirt climb not to far from home , that will be great for some hill repeats. 60min
Deck Squats 33

27/12 Flynn & I headed up to the school today with the Sled for a bit of a drag.
Did 3 sets of 4 x 30m with 20sec b/w 30m & 2min b/w sets using the rings first set with 65kg & then added Flynn to the Sled for 84kg. Did the drags on the grass, which gives so much of a better work-out.
Flynn also did a set, just with the sled.
Deck Squats 34

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and are ready for a big year ahead


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