Thursday, December 29, 2011

29/12/11 Back to work for a couple of day, so a nice spin on the single speed 41min
Deck squats 34 & 35 as I was slack yesterday & did the catch-up set

30/12 Commute 40min
45min KTB class, the last one for the year.
20, 19, 18, 17,............1es 1 Arm swings with rest being 1 push-up between sets
OALCCJ 50es. I did say 50 total but one person didn't listen very well & kept going, so everyone had to join in
1 Arm/Leg deadlift 20, 10es, just to round it out to 600reps
Deck Squats 36.
Now I've got 2 weeks off, will try to keep the training going.

On New years day there is an interesting race in Forest that I've decided I'll do. 3 trips down the Red Carpet, best 2 count for time. Decided to keep to the stupid idea of racing on New Years Day & race single speed with 33 x 16 & skip the shuttle bus to the top of the climb & ride instead. I've got leg, so I should use them. Probably do some extra riding on the trails as well. Should be a fun way to start the year.

Happy new year

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