Wednesday, December 21, 2011

16/12 Commute 42min
23 deck Squats & 2 x 5 Pistols es

17/12 Just the deck Squats 24

18/12 Had 1hr free early this morning & decided to head out on the single speed for a spinning session around the river & to see if there were any trails like off the Yarra. Did mamage to find 4 short sections of trail, but nothing like on the Yarra. Will have to do some more exploring. 59:52min 24.7km
Deck Squats 25
Pistols 5 x 5es
Front squats 5 x 10 technique work

19/12 Bit of a longer commute today getting off 3 stations early 54min. Only made 4min difference in the time I got home, but not as nice of a ride.
Deck Squats 26
Pistols 2 x 5

20/12 Commute 39min
Deck Squat 27
Pistols 2 x 5

21/12 Deck Squats 28
Pistols 3 x 5
OALCCJ 25es 24kg

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