Sunday, May 1, 2011

28/4 Still busy with all the house stuff getting ready for open for inspections & then keeping the kids out of the house so they don't destroy it, does limit any chance of doing much training at the moment. All I got time for today was the commute 67min.

30/4 Flynn & Riley wanted to go to the BMX track & race day, so I did get 30min on the bike of play riding & then another 30min+ helping Riley around the whole track.

1/5 Took the Flynn & Riley to a Skate / BMX park. It's amazing how quickly they learn. Riley went from "I'm not sure what to do" to wanting to do the big ramp in 20min. Lucky mum was at home, not watching.

PM Oval session on the Battling ropes for me

Tsunami 3 x 50
Alt Arms 3 x 50es
Grappler throws 3 x 20es
Jump Lunge 7 x 20es
Side to side 3 x 40es
Tsunami 3 x 50
Grappler throws 3 x 20es

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