Wednesday, May 25, 2011

19/5 commute 66min
PM was down the hall, just did the 30m drills tonight, here are some of the exercises we did
Dragon Lunges
Jump Lunges
Backwards lunges
Board Jumps
Duck Walks
Bear Crawls
Crab walks
Spider Lunge

22/5 In the Alleyway with the Battling rope as my friend 45min

23/5 Commute 64min
45min KB class. I decided that this is Squat & OA swing week. Tonight was a warm-up
2 x 20es OA swings, 19 squats, 18es OA swings, 17 squats........... 1 Squat

24/5 commute 64min
45min KB class
OA Swings 20, 19, 18........1, 20, 25es with 20 squats peformed b/w each set of swings
20 cleans es
20 1 arm/leg deadlift es

25/5 commute 64min
45min KB class
Same as yesterday

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