Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4/5 Nice easy commute 70min
45min KB Class 2 x 16kg
Swings 5 x 10
Snatches 5 x 5
Cleans 5 x 20
Jerks 4 x 5
Lunges 3 x 5es
1 Leg deadlifts 3 x 10es

5/5 Just the commute today 70min

7/5 Took Flynn & Riley to the BMX track & spent 1hr running around the track helping Riley keep up with his big brother

8/5 Could feel that running from yesterday, but as I had to work the commute helped to loosen me up 70min.

PM Battling rope session with rope doubled over
This is some of what we did
Up & Down 2 x 50
Alt arms 2 x 50es
Grappler throws 2 x 30es
Spin outs 2 x 50
Spin In's 2 x 50
Jumps 2 x 50
Jump Lunges 2 x 25es
Back up & down 2 x 50
In & Out 2 x 50
Up & down 2 x 50
Grappler Throws 2 x 30es
Jump 2 x 50
Jump Lunges 2 x 25es
The body will take a few days to get over this

9/5 Commute 67min
45min Kb Class 16kg
2A swings 100
Cleans 3 x 20es no rest
Lunge 5 x 10es no rest
Tabata Rack squats
Tabata Jerks
Tabata snatches

10/5 Legs are a bit flat today with a 72min commute
KB class 16kg. The workout today was 20sec work, 10sec rest for 35min. KB was not to be put down.
Did a mix of
2A swings
1Arm/Leg deadlifts
Shoulders are still suffering from Sunday, what fun.

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