Saturday, April 28, 2012

25/4 ANZAC Day. Had a nice day with the family, took the boys swimming & let Mum have some R&R with Milly sleeping.
Did a nice nasty quick session in the shed.
Deck Squats 2 x 20
Jones Crawl as it's meant to be 3 sets of 1.15% BW Deadlift 10reps & Box Jumps 25. Time 4:06min
OALCC&J 60reps with 24kg KB changing hand ever 5reps. Aims to build back up to 100reps & then move up to the 28kg. Need to make a solid goal again with this exercise to get my A into G, so let's say 50reps on the 32kg & 100reps with the 2 x 16kg.

26/4 Clear roads again so it only to 39min for the commute.

27/4 Nice commute 40min
45min KB Class. Told George to get a 20kg KB today & he said "I'll only do what you do", so I got him & myself a 24kg instead.
Around body passes 2 x 20ew
OA Swings 10es, 20es, 30es & 40es. Changing hands on the 10
Cleans 10es, 20es, 30es & 40es. Changing hands on the 10
1 Arm Leg Deadlift,10es, 20es, 30es & 40es. Changing hands on the 10
Jerks 5es, 10es, 15es. Changing hands on the 5
OALCC&J 5es, 10es & 5es. Changing hands on the 5. George was complaining that I was faster due to not having to lift the KB as high as him. So I made it fairer by switching or KB's to 28kg, as he's 20kg heavier than me. Didn't make any difference, if anything he was slower.

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