Saturday, May 5, 2012

29/4 A nice cool morning for a ride. I decided to head out in a different direction today, as I needed to be home by about 9am. So I jumped onto Colac Rd to then do a loop through Torquay. As I reached Bunnings 5 riders headed out of the car park, so I joined them. It ended up that they were heading down to Lorne for a ride. Time didn't allow for me to join them for the whole ride, but Angelsea was an option. So ended up being a 63km 2:09hr 503m climbing ride on a nice fresh morning. They leave most Sunday's  at 7:00am, which might be a nice option.

30/4 Shed fun
Day off & a little free time for a short session
Deck Squats 50
Did the Jone's Crawl again. Decided to change it around a bit for fun. Bar 72kg. Weight 62kg
30 Deadlifts / 75 Box Jumps 3:48min
20 Deadlifts / 50 Box Jumps
10 Deadlifts / 25 Box Jumps
Timed the first part. Felt a lot harder this way, but was faster. The next 2 sets were way harder to get through. Touched the ground on every Deadlift, but didn't rest the bar on the ground.

1/5 Back is worse for wear after yesterdays session. Way harder on the body. Nice commute 41min.
 For tonight's KB Class we did a new session
Around body passes 2 x 20ew
OA Swings   Set 1.  30, 20 & 10es
                      Set 2. 10, 20 & 30es
Cleans    30, 20 & 10es
Jerks       15, 10 & 5es
Lunge     15, 10 & 5es
Snatch     15, 10 & 5es

3/5 Just the commute 42min in the rain

4/5 Cold 41min commute
Nice wake-up KB class
Around body pass 2 x 20
OA Swings Superset with Lunges 15, 10, 5es
Clean SS with Jerks 15, 10, 5es
Snatch SS with Lunges 15, 10, 5es
OALCC&J SS with Lunges 15, 10, 5es
OA Swings SS with 1 Arm/leg deadlift 15, 10, 5es
Nice way to start a cold Friday morning

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