Saturday, April 21, 2012

15/4 Headed out for a run with Riley in the pram before the others were up this morning. Ended up running down to the river & back through the hills. Time wasn't flash, due to the 30kg+ of pushing, but it was a nice morning & managed to be my longest run in over 8yrs. 7.5km

Did a bit of a gym session in the after noon. Did the Gym Jones Crawl for the first time 3 rounds of
10 Deadlifts at 1.15% of bodyweight & 25 Box jumps. Was slowed down by having tight glut from this morning run, so decided to increase it to 5 rounds.
Deck squats 2 x 20
Jones Crawl 5 rounds 10:41min
OALCC&J 4 x 5es 24kg
BB Overhead walk 100m 20kg

16/4 Nice commute with glutes not helping at all today 41min

17/4 Commute 37min
45min KB class
2 x 20 Around body passes
100 OA Swings
100 Snatches
100 Jerks
100 Cleans
100 OA Swings
100 One Arm/Leg deadliest
20 Snatches
nice easy 700reps

Deck Squats 2 x 20
OALCC&J 6 x 5es 24kg
BB Overhead walk 100m 20kg

19/4 Commute 40min

20/4 Commute 44min alt route with a couple of extra hills
KB Class & Technique session.
For the class today I had 1 newbie & 1 who had done half a dozen classes else where & 9 regulars, so I wrote the session on the board to let the regular get started & the one who had done classes elsewhere also started with them. After 10sec of watching there technique I had to stop them as it was dangerous. Hadn't even been taught how to hold a KB. So I did technique work with 2 & then did a technique session with a new staff member for another hour, 4 hours later.

21/4 Riley & myself hit the shed for a session.
Deck squats 2 x 20
Jones Crawl 6 rounds 10:32min, & this was with spending time teaching Riley how to do his box jumps. With a bit more work I want to aim seeing how fast I can get out 10 rounds.
BB Overhead walk 120m 20kg

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