Monday, October 25, 2010

24/10 1:25hr spin on the Mountain bike, just an easy ride on some of the local trails

Decided not to go down the oval but we started with a lap of the big block 950m dragging a tyre or doing farmers walks.

2 x 16kg KB's was my medicine. Made it 500m before my first rest as shoulders were screaming & then another 4 stops to complete the block.

Jim showed up & I'd heard a whisper about how he hated the rope the other week, so guess what we were going to play with.

Rope Up & Down 50 supersetted with Sloshball cleans 20 x 4 sets
Rope Side to side 50es supersetted with Sloshball Burpees 10 x 3 sets
Rope Grappler throws 25es with Shouldering 5es x 3 sets
Rope jump up & downs 30 with Shouldering 5es x 6 with rope 3 with Sloshball
What fun

25/10 Nice commute on MTB 70min. Felt great on the way home
45min KB Class
Around body pass 60ew
1A Swings 50es
Rack Squats 10es
1A Cleans 40es
Rack Squats 10es
Snatch 30es
Rack Squats 10es
1A Jerk 20es
Rack Squat 10es
1ALCCJ 10es
Rack Squat 10es
1A Swings 10es
Rack Squat 10es
1A Cleans 20es
Rack Squats 10es
1Arm/Leg Deadlift 30es
Rack Squats 10es
Nice easy 700reps

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