Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2/2 Easy commute 38min

3/2 Commute 38min
50min KB Class
Did the same session as Tuesday, but this time I managed to take part. 2 of us did 7's as well to get 1001reps

PM Gazebo 3hr at You Yangs
Flat, Fast with a nice long slightly down hill piece of fire road, not very 33 x 16 friendly. This was so painful it was great fun. I decided the only thing to do as I was so under geared was to attach, see how many I could destroy early on & try to survive. This worked great in the single track & the slight uphills, but on the fire roads they kept closing it down. Did manage to sit 1st - 3rd for the first 1:30hrs & then redlining I managed to clip a tree & took about 1min to find my Sunnies in the waining light. Legs were spinning so fast for the whole race, it felt like cramps could take hold at anytime during the last 1hr.
Ended up coming in 5th, 1 place better than last round. Average speed was almost 2kph faster. Happy with how I went.

5/2 Head down to Forrest to ride some of the Otways. Leg's were fried from Friday night, so just cruised around & enjoyed the ride. 2:15hrs 38km

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