Wednesday, March 14, 2012

13/3 Nice 36min commute, just a bit shorter today, as I was late getting home
KB class
Had 3 newbies today so I worked with them on technique
This is was the main group did
2 x 20es Around body pass
200 OA Swings, changing hand ever 10
200 Cleans, changing hand every 10
KB Complex
OA swing, Clean, LCCJ, Snatch & OH Lunge 2 x 5es 1 x 10es

14/3 A bit of running around today. Managed to get to the new Iron edge showroom to check it our & pick up a couple of things. A very impressive space. Had a play with the new "Log", Loved the hand position. May have to invest & will be making work buy one.
15min smash
2 x 20 deck squats
30 The Bastard.
I know I was going to do 50, but decided to see how fast I could push of 30, HR was through the roof.

So we are on again this Saturday at Bachli Ct, Rosanna Parklands 1:30pm. At least the weather is looking a lot better than 2 weeks ago.

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