Sunday, March 18, 2012

15/3 Commute 41min

16/3 Commute 37min
KB Class all changing hand on the 1min
10min LCCJ
10min Swing, clean, LCCJ, Snatch & Over head lunge
10min Change exercise every 2 min. Swing, snatch, Clean, Jerk, One arm/leg deadlift

17/3 Had a nice turn out in the Rosanna Parkland's for the session. Ended training everyone for 75min, putting people in mini groups & setting them challenges.

18/3 Headed out on the road bike for 60min in the hills, before the kids got up.
During a quiet time in the afternoon I grabbed the 2 x 16kg KB's and did "The Bastard"

2 x 20 deck squats
50 The Bastard
Set the stop watch to see how fast I could push them out. 19:38mins.
Only time I had any resting was in the push-up position on the KB's. Was lot's of fun. My adductor & going to know about this for days.

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