Sunday, June 24, 2012

19/6 The long commute in the rain today 61min. Left work early for Flynn's concert, so KB's for me today.

20/6 Quick session
Deck Squats 30
Shin Jumps 3 x 10
OA swings 300reps, changing hand every 25

21/6 Commute 63min

22/6 Commute 58min. Flynn had a swimming carnival today that I came home early for. Would have been fine except for the nasty head wind that I had to smash myself against getting home in time.

24/6 6am ride this morning as I needed to be home by 8am. Did the loop down to Torquay & around. Nice ride but the road from Geelong to Torquay towards the Torquay end is a mess & not much fun to ride on.

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