Tuesday, July 24, 2012

24/7 Nice day for the commute, felt a bit flat on the way end but by the end of the day after KB I felt fantastic, which was a nice way to finish a long day.

Kb Class. Had big ideas for todays session, which I wrote out on the white board. I ended up not being able to do the session as I had 2 beginners. So I ended up with a long technique session instead. All exercises were done on the Left arm before changing to the Right arm. With 3 x 20ew Around body passes as part of the warm-up, this gave 1000reps. Ben & John completed it with the 20kg for 20,000kg.

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Steve Caddy said...

Evil Ann-Michelle just came over to meet Mae and encouraged me to do this and now, after my grip dying at the 6-rep round on the second hand and falling back to a 12kg bell, I'm typing this with FUCKING CLAWS ... DAMN YOU JEFF!

Hope you're well.