Sunday, September 2, 2012

31/8 Pouring down rain made me cut the commute short today 45min
45min KB Class
Around Body Pass 3 x 20
OA Swing 20, 15, 10es
Snatch 20, 15, 10es
Clean 20, 15, 10es
Jerk 20, 15, 10es
OALCC&J 20, 15, 10
One Arm/Leg Deadlift 20, 15, 10es

2/9 Fathers Day early ride. Headed down the Coast nice & early for a 1:25hr ride. Lovely morning & home in time to have a great day with the Family.
My Left Tricep was feeling a bit funny from an old Kayaking injury (21yrs ago) from all the jerks, so I'm going to back it off & build back up again. Will get into it easy tomorrow.

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