Sunday, September 9, 2012

7/9 Shocking day for weather, so the commute was cut short. High winds, damage to the railway lines lead to a 22min commute day to miss the mess.

KB Class
Around Body Pass 2 x 20es
OA Swings 200 changing on 20
OA Swings 100 changing on 10
Clean 150 changing on 15
Jerk 50 Changing on 5
Snatch 50 Changing on 5
One Arm/Leg Deadlift 100 Changing on 10
OA Swing 60 Changing on 30
750reps of fun

9/9 When for an early run with Riley in Pram. Hit some hills & managed to total my legs for a nice 42min. Was a lot nicer than expected this morning & by taking Riley with me there is no slacking off, as he just wants to go faster.

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